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OUR DAILY CATS - Summer Hazards

It's finally warming up around here, though
winter weather isn't quite finished with us yet.
At least now, though, the snow that falls is
very wet (good for the yard) and melts pretty
fast (good for my back). I was getting tired
of scopping snow this year... it's been one
of the longest winters we've had here in the
middle of the U.S. in many years.

The cats are happy to be able to sun themselves
on the back deck now, and we all like the longer
days of summer.

With warmer weather, though, come certain
hazards that we need to start getting ready for.

Cat people are good about being careful with
yard chemicals, but we have to watch out for
those neighbors who neither have cats, nor care
about the chemicals they use.

Thus, we need to figure out ways to keep our
kitties from going into other yards, especially
if your cat is indoor/outdoor, or if you're caring
for strays in your area.

Indoor cats are safest, of course, so we just
need to be sure they don't sneak outside unsupervised.

If you are friendly with the neighbors, you
might ask them to warn you when they are going
to be treating their lawns or gardens, then
find ways to protect the cats... bring them in
or divert the strays somehow.

Keeping cats away from an area can be a real
challenge, though.
Here are some tips shared with me by a nice
gentleman named Paul who writes a wonderful,
Handy Andy newspaper column in Thailand:

1. Push disposable chop sticks into the ground
to keep cats from scratching and digging.
2. Spread orange and/or lemon peels around the
garden. Cats don't like citrus... as a rule...
3. Spray some commercial cat repellant around
the edges of your yard or garden.
4. Sprinkle coffee grounds or pipe tobacco around.
5. Grow some Rue, an herb most cats dislike.
6. Scatter strips of material soaked in cheap
perfume (if YOU can stand it).

If you'd like to read "Andy's" column, here is
the link:

(Look for the Ask Andy link on the left)

(Thanks Paul!)


Thanks to Lee, who sent in these important web sites
to explore for certain emergency health problems:

(Article about the toxicity of flame retardant chemicals
used in furniture; especially toxic to cats.)

(Article about marijuana toxicity in cats... it's more
common than we thought.)

Keep on hand for emergencies. However, keep in mind
that you want to be educated about cat health before
any emergencies occur. You don't want to be trying to
find something at 3 a.m. when your cat might be dying
or something. Learn where the emergency clinic is, for
example, if your area has one. Or, find out if your vet
is willing to take calls at odd hours for actual, serious
emergencies. Discuss what criteria might be used to help
you figure out if you need to make the call.
Unfortunately, in some smaller communities, emergencies
involving animals may not be considered important. Do as
much "homework" as possible to help yourself be prepared.

If your computer connection can't do videos, I recommend
that you go to the library or a friend's house to see this:


"Engineers' Guide to Cats" (destined to become a classic!)


Here is another really interesting video to watch while
you're at the library:

This autistic girl has a natural connection with animals:



How would you like to see this kitty at YOUR back door?


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