Dear MostlyFiction readers,

YES! We are posting reviews of our favorite and noteworthy books!  I am so excited to have the team together again.  It was a hard decision to stop posting new reviews... but starting again? Oh so easy... I just seemed to slip back into it like the best kind of muscle memory or habit.  I love sharing my friends reviews when they are excited about a book.  They make me want to read everything at once,

Most of these reviews are posted elsewhere -- either Amazon or Goodreads and maybe an occasional blog with permission by the blog owner --- before they are posted here.   Some of our reviewers are prolific and I am not going to pretend to be in front of them this time around.  (Trying to contain book fanatics is truly like herding cats, and I'd rather read a good book than tame a lion.)

The members of the MostlyFiction team are my friends.  We love to read and to share opinions and discoveries of literary gems and top-notch genre novels.   Our volunteer team of reviewers do so for the love of reading.  With a presence on the web for well over ten years, we have always had a small but consistent following.  I am hoping you all are still there and willing to continue this book journey with us for a while longer.
The books we've posted reviews for so far?
One thing that I keep hearing from this team... 2013 has been a great year to read fiction.  We have posted only a small sampling of these great reads so far but will contine well into 2014... after all, many of the books will come out in paperback.  
This newsletter will likely only come out once a month.  If you want to follow us more frequently, you can do so on Twitter and Facebook.  Not only will I let you know when a new review is posted... I'll also let you know if I see a great deal on a Kindle books for those books we've reviewed in the past.  Even though I favor the Kindle with these updates, usually whatever is on sale at Amazon is usually on sale for all e-books, so this information can be useful even if you are a not a Kindle reader.  
That said, I am still a great believer in physical books and I think everyone should support brick and mortor book stores as well as libraries.  But I live in (and share) a 400-square-foot home... I find places to stick books but I can never have too many... so I am eternally thankful that I can store my 700 + Kindle books (and counting) and no one has to be the wiser.  I will not live long enough to read every book I own but I sure will give it my best effort.
If you too are excited that MostlyFiction is active again... please help us out and spread the word.  Share a link to this this e-mail, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, add comments to our reviews.  
Happy Reading!

       Judi Clark
and the whole review team at  
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