Relax and Grow RICH January 2008 Newsletter   

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EFT for Pets

Tip of the Month 

Your beloved pets deserve a better life in 2008, too!

If you were your pet, what would you like to be different in the new year? 

Many pets would love their human companions to:

  • Take them for more walks or rides in the car
  • Give them more attention and love
  • Play with them more often
  • Tell them how much they are loved and appreciated
  • Use EFT to help them feel healthier on all levels!


Have you used EFT on yourself and not received the results you wanted?

Wondering how to use Surrogate Muscle Testing like Colleen does?

Colleen will be conducting tele-classes soon to answer your questions about EFT and do FREE muscle testing readings for individuals who attend the tele-classes.  


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DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


If you apply this newsletter's techniques to yourself or others, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any side effects and/or outcomes.

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to my Worldwide Subscribers!

Was 2007 a year of pure heaven?  Or do you plan to make life GREAT in 2008?  If you're like most of my inspired and inspirational readers, you want to make one or more changes to body, mind or spirit this year. 

 What's stopping you from creating a GREAT 2008? 

Plenty of goal-setting and New Year's Resolution information is available on the Internet.  My Yahoo search on "New Year's Resolutions Advice" found over 15 million websites offering tips to help you write and stay on track with your 2008 resolutions. 


Hmmmm…could a fear of failure be keeping you from taking the first step to manifesting one RICH dream in 2008?


Many of us have set New Year’s goals or made resolutions then never followed through.  We may now think, "Why bother?  I probably won't succeed this year, either and I don’t want to feel bad or guilty about it."   Cancel, cancel, cancel!


Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons people don’t set goals or make resolutions to help them move forward in their personal or professional lives.  Are you going to stay FROZEN in FEAR or tap into the joys of success?  Since you subscribe to this newsletter, I suspect you’ll select the latter.   Let’s get started!


Try these three setup statements on your EFT sore spot or karate chop acu-point to BLAST that fear of resolution failure!


“Even though I’m afraid to make even one New Year’s resolution because I’ve done it in the past and failed, I now tap away this fear and believe that my past does not equal my present or future!


“Even though I’m afraid of failing to follow through so I don’t want to make any 2008 goals or resolutions, I choose to know that I’m more motivated and wiser than I was in the past.  I DO have what it takes to make achievable goals this year!”


“Even though I feel extreme resistance and fear to setting 2008 goals or resolutions to create what I want this year, I now tap away this fear that I might fail.  I now release all judgment on myself about not achieving goals in the past and realize that by using EFT, I have EVERYTHING I need to create the life of dreams starting NOW!”


Got Tail-enders?


After reading the above setup statements, did a negative little voice inside your mind say, “What a load of crap!  This will never happen!”


Gary Craig calls these negative mental feedback responses “tail-enders” as they usually occur after a setup statement or reminder phrase.  Quite often, tail-enders come from the EGO (Edging God Out or Evil Genius Organization inside us all).  The EGO knows that as you release your fears and regain your self-confidence, it loses power and control over you.


Empower yourself with these tail-ender blasters!


“Even though I’m afraid that I’m not more motivated and wiser than I was in the past, I release this stupid fear and choose to believe that I learn something new each day. I CAN change my life and I do so NOW.”


“Even though I am afraid I don’t have what it takes to make achievable goals this year, I know that as I focus on what I want I create that energetic process to make my dreams come true.”


“Even though my EGO says I don’t have EVERYTHING I need to create the life of dreams, what if the EGO is wrong as usual, and I chose to follow my heart and soul to success in 2008?  I now take action and make my life GREAT in 2008!


Are you feeling empowered and ready to be RICH and GREAT in 2008?  With EFT in your motivational toolbox, there's no stopping you now!

Have a joyful month and keep on tapping!

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV