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This is what Amphetamines does to people
Representative Colby Schwartz Secret Life, Part II
Oklahoma’s Pill Popping Legislator
A few weeks ago we ran the story about Rep. Colby Schwartz’s double life as told to us by a very long term girlfriend.     Schwartz put forth a public image of a God fearing middle class person, holding office and voting with the RINOs, active in church, with a devoted family.   But hidden behind the mask of normalcy was an alleged sordid second life complete with a sexual addiction, prescription drug abuse, and an apparently insatiable sex drive that totally dominated the man’s daily routine according to his instant messages to his ten year long affair partner.
We briefly covered the reports of prescription drug abuse in the previous story and a medical doctor on our email list asked for more information on what kind of pills Rep. Schwartz was said to be abusing.  We were asked to get that information so he could comment on how the drug/alcohol combination would affect Rep. Schwartz’s behavior.  Remember that according to his former girlfriend, this guy was doing most of this insanity during the day and would go back to the Capitol afterward and cast his vote.
The next interview with the victim told us of Rep. Schwartz’s choice of drugs.   The victim didn’t hold back on the details despite the discomfort that most of us would feel discussing such a sensitive subject with a stranger.  Rep. Schwartz was like most sex addicts; after a ten year run he needed to boost things up a bit to get his thrill.   He preferred that the woman was high on ecstasy and weed prior to sex and we were told that his drug of choice was a prescription medicine known as Adderall, a powerful  amphetamine , to get high.    Amphetamine’s street name is Speed.
Side effects of amphetamine are cardiovascular in nature such as an erratic heartbeat or it can cause anxiety.  Sexual side effects in males may include erectile dysfunction, frequent erections, or prolonged erections. Other potential side effects include abdominal pain, acne, blurred vision, excessive grinding of the teeth, profuse sweating, dry mouth, loss of appetite, nausea, reduced seizure threshold, tics, and weight loss.
Amphetamine is a close relative of Methamphetamine but there are some differences according to the research we did online:
1.      Methampetamine is more lipid soluble. this mean it will cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly and enter cells faster than amphetamine will (this is the same difference between heroin and morphine)

2. Methamphetamine is more stable than amphetamine. This means that it takes longer for the body to break it down (MAOs have a harder time acting upon it)

3. Methamphetamine binds to its targets a bit stronger as compared to amphetamine because more lipid soluble compounds of the same class tend to have stronger binding

4. Methamphetamine is metabolized into amphetamine. As you can guess this increases its strength a lot, because some of the Meth is converted into an active drug instead of being inactivated.

We were told that once Rep. Schwartz was high then the trysts would occur.  Afterward she said that Rep. Schwartz would take Zanax, a powerful sedative, to come down off his high so he could return to work or return to his family.   Xanax (Zanax) is a tranquilizer used in the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety or the treatment of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is marked by unrealistic worry or excessive fears and concerns. 
The victim described how the Adderall would “amp up” Rep.  Schwartz and how Rep. Schwartz was “infatuated” with *nal sex to the point where the victim questioned Rep. Schwarz’s sexuality and wondered if he was really a closeted homosexual.  The preference continued on with three way partners. 
The victim has offered to interview with the media and says that she is disgusted from the lack of response:    “I just can’t believe nobody believes me or wants to expose him and make him be accountable for his actions, just because he has money or has been so called "trustworthy"!!”
 The emotional toll continues on the victim and Rep. Colby Schwartz’s son and the victim is ready to drop anonymity:    “I wish the damn news channel would just interview me, and I’d show my face too, because I am his damn victim, hell the emotional toll it took on me as well was suffering, but they all act like if they pretend it doesn’t happen, its no big deal! ugghh.. ..”
The victim went on to describe the horrible effect that meeting Rep. Colby Schwartz had on her life:  And then of course because I’m just an average overweight girl, society will assume it’s not true and I’m just wishing, but what they don’t know is we met and started in my early 20's and I was still 135 and young and vulnerable after my divorce, and the way he "turned me out" caused me to turn down very dark roads and become self destructive sexually..;..    I know he’s just laughing it off since nobody is interested in my story.
Mixing methamphetaminesot amphetamines with powerful sedatives is dangerous.  The street name for these types of drugs is uppers and downers and mixing the two drugs can cause death.   We found medical professional online talking about mixing the two drugs:
Methamphetamines are psychostimulants — drugs that trigger the release of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain. This cascade of neurotransmitters helps to induce intense feelings of euphoria, which is what brings many meth users back again and again. Like all stimulants, meth arouses the central nervous system, increasing heart rate, and elevating blood pressure and body temperature. But methamphetamines can be highly addictive, and with repeated use or high dosage can cause nausea, tremors, dizziness, hyperthermia (dangerously high body temperature), heart failure, and stroke. Because it's a stimulant, meth can also cause anxiety, which would explain why abusers would want to take an anti-anxiety drug to "level off" or "come down." Complicating matters, methamphetamines are often manufactured in underground labs without any quality control. Strength of dosage and inclusion of other drugs varies widely from batch to batch, even if the supplier remains the same, so it's hard to tell just how much of the drug is being taken.
Xanax, on the other hand, belongs to the family of benzodiazepines, a group of drugs that works to slow the central nervous system down. Benzodiazepines can also be habit-forming, especially when taken for a long time or in high doses. But quitting taking them cold-turkey can cause intense side effects, so if abusers have been taking it for a while or in large doses, they might want to check with their health care providers first about how to safely taper of their usage.
Taking benzodiazepines while on stimulants can be an incredibly risky habit. One drug is telling the body to speed up heart rate and elevate blood pressure, while the other is telling the body to do just the opposite. Under this kind of stress, the body can react in unpredictable and dramatic ways.
Now, to compound matters Rep. Colby Schwartz was also drinking heavily during the encounters.  We found a good source online about mixing alcohol and Zanax:
Xanax and alcohol are both Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants. (The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord.) They work by slowing down the brain, and subsequently, many other body systems. Xanax and alcohol both affect the crucial area of your brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, temperature, and many other vital functions. When Xanax and alcohol are taken together, the additive effects can lead to dangerously slowed breathing and heart rates. 
While this holds true for all depressant drugs—Valium, Klonopin, Ambien, and Sonata—Xanax is by far the most dangerous when used in combination with alcohol because it is more fast-acting than the others.”
Taking alcohol with Methamphetamine was just as dangerous according to the same online source:
“Stimulant drugs such as cocaine, Ritalin, or meth can have detrimental effects on your body when combined with alcohol. In fact, mixing stimulants with alcohol is more dangerous than alcohol consumption alone because stimulants give users a false sense of sobriety. You might feel that you are not as drunk as you actually are and then drink beyond your physical limit. Or worse, stimulants can even hide the signs of an overdose. This delusion causes individuals to consume much more alcohol than normal—until it’s too late.”
So Representative Colby Schwartz was messing with some very lethal combinations of drugs and alcohol, most likely driving while impaired, and most likely casting votes as a legislator while under the influence of illegally supplied drugs.   His alleged drug use also explains his reputation for being secretive and somewhat of a loner at the Capitol.
We are continuing to add to the ongoing saga of Representative Colby Schwartz’s bizarre second life of sexual and drug addictions and will update as the information comes in.
ElectBranantheBigot.Com Website Generating Controversy
The website had only been up a few days before it generated publicity including an article by the Oklahoman.  Half political hit piece, half political inoculation, the article gave the web address while doing its best to trash the leader of the Sooner Tea Party, claiming that he “admitted” that the Sooner Tea Party had made the website.  Admitted?  Hell, our phone number is listed on the front page.
Then on Saturday the Oklahoman’s liberal editorial section took another slap at the website, again giving the web address while being hyper critical of the political tactics while attempting to minimize the damage to the Branan Corporation Commissioner campaign.  Which tells you that they are very worried about Cliff Branan’s ugly words about constituents “tramping” through his office and “rattling” his secretary.  Ironically there was a political cartoon bemoaning the loss of the Freedom to Speech by liberal groups just below the editorial.
And our favorite online source of political and social information, the Red Dirt Report, mentioned the new website in an article on undue influence by hidden campaign donors.   The article is critical of Senator Cliff Branan’s attack on a TV ad that is running against his bid for the Corporation Commission seat. 
The website continues to climb in Google ranking, already it has hit the #6 spot for the search terms “Cliff Branan bigot”  and the #4 slot for “Branan bigot”, with the Oklahoman stories or copies of the same story posted on other news sites leading the search results.  A story about the website is currently in the #8 slot for the Google search “Cliff Branan”.
The website is generating email responses and one of them stood out:
“I sent the following email to Branan's office and called seeking an explanation for his vote on SB.906 which would eliminate the Electoral College and make the election of the President based on the popular vote giving all the power to the high population centers of the country.
"How could the "national popular vote" people convince the more sparsely populated red states to give away their voice in the Electoral College?   Would you please explain your vote on SB-906? I cannot imagine a good reason to vote for this bill. Please enlighten me."

Of course I never heard back from him!”
The website is funded by the Oklahoma Tea Party PAC and will remain active after the primary election.  Our intention is to maintain all of the websites for decades to come so that the negative information remains on the internet and the corrupt politicians find that their reputation is forever stained by their misdeeds.
Another item of interest is where Cliff Branan has his office for his commercial real estate company... At the Chesapeak Treasury building as confirmed by mutiple online searches.  This man is running for the Corporation Commission to regulate the same people that he offices with.  If that isn't corruption then I don't know what coruption is.
Capitol Updates
Two huge issues popped up this week, an unconstitutional funding mechanism and a tax increase on military families in Oklahoma.
First was a thirteen million dollar supplemental funding appropriation for the Department of Corrections that was signed into law. The problem was that while well intentioned, the legislatin is unconstitutional:
Article X, Section 23A states that: “Any surplus which has accrued or may hereafter accrue to the General Revenue Fund of the State of Oklahoma during any fiscal year shall be placed monthly in a sinking fund in the State Treasury to be used solely for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of the outstanding and unpaid bonded indebtedness of the State of Oklahoma.”
The money for this legislation comes from surplus funds carried over from last year which by our constitution are required to go into state debt reduction.  We all remember last year’s state tax cut being thrown out due to unconstitutional legislation, well, if someone challenges this bill the Department of Corrections funding will be thrown out as well.  The legislators know better but this is their way of appearing to be  doing something without actually doing anything.  “I tried.” They will say….
The second travesty was HB 3143 which we covered earlier this year in an article.  The City of Lawton had pushed the issue to levy local taxes on military bases, claiming that the taxes were on the businesses, not on the military families that support the businesses.  Of course when you tax a business they must pass the cost of that tax on to the customers so a sales tax increases costs regardless of who actually writes the check.
HB 3143 is a raw money grab by the city of Lawton and the other cities will want in on the new taxes too next year.  The DOD contracts on the base are safe for now but the legislation allows the cities to negotiate increased taxes with the DOD on the next contract phase.  The private vendors don’t have that protection so they will be forced to increases their prices to cover the additional expense of doing business. 
HB 3143 passed the House 51 to 42.  Below are the yes votes by the men and women that voted to increase taxes on active duty military families:
YEAS:   51
    Armes              Fourkiller         McNiel            Sanders           
    Banz                Glenn               McPeak            Schwartz          
    Billy                Grau                 Mulready         Shelton           
    Blackwell        Hall                  Nelson             Sherrer           
    Brown             Inman               Newell             Shoemake          
    Cannaday        Jackson            Ortega              Thomsen           
    Condit             Johnson            Osborn             Trebilcock        
    Coody              Kirby               Ownbey           Virgin            
    Cooksey          Kouplen            Peterson          Watson            
    Denney            Martin, St.        Pittman            Williams          
    DeWitt            McCullough         Pruett            Wright            
    Dorman           McDaniel, C.       Renegar         Mr. Speaker       
    Enns               McDaniel, J.       Russ              
The legislation is now at the Governor’s desk so emails and phone calls would help convince Fallin that raising taxes on our military families is a very bad idea in an election year.
Fallin’s phone numbers are:
OKC: (405) 521-2342
Fax: (405) 521-3353
Tulsa, Phone (405)521-2342
Fax (918) 581-2835
Campaign phone donation number:  (405) 990-4703
And her facebook page where you can leave a comment asking her to veto HB 3143:
Another bit of legislation that was interesting was SB 1183 which might be related to the Brenda Reneau tragedy that we reported on in January.   SB 2283 requires that the medical examiner report the names of overdose victims to the state narcotics agency so it can track the prescription drug problem more accurately.   Brenda Reneau died in December of 2013 allegedly  because of an ongoing heart condition but several sources claimed that prescription overdose was involved and it was commonly known that Reneau had a problem with prescription medications.   Reneau was buried under a former spouse’s last name, reaching back nearly three decades despite many, many, more marriages since that time.  She voted under the Reneau name and carried a drivers license under the Reneau name.
The Last Road Trip, Is This Goodbye?
By Ms PM
This is my story to my country, selfishly written, from my heart to the heartbeat of America. I ask God through His love to give me the strength to overshadow any sorrow you may feel. I will never be ashamed to ask for His help. He knows we are at a crossroad. All I wish for at this moment is for my country to feel the warmth of being loved…protected…and safe. I do feel that burden on your heart and mine aches knowing you must feel sorrow. I am so sorry for what we have let happen.
Sitting long enough and shutting out the noise of life will always allow the real thoughts and feelings to creep in. It is never a good place to be, even though it’s a necessary journey when trying to get through a difficult time. There always seems to be something to learn in these experiences even though past events have shown that a deep sorrow is at the door ready to shower me with the reality of loss because of the truth I face. It is inevitable; I must walk through what is ahead. It is truly the only way to get to a place where I can walk in the sunshine once again.
I am reminded of what it means to be grateful for a time when I had fewer burdens to carry. I now carry them with my head hung as it is and always will be my responsibility to help preserve what you proudly stand for. Words are the key that always unlock my thoughts and in turn allow me acceptance that I am lost in a time that I don’t understand nor want to. Gone is the comfortable feeling akin to walking on a tree lined riverbank with the mud squishing between my toes. For a long time my simple life just didn’t get any better than this.
I have lost my hero. My country use to fill my bucket, and at one time it was full of the good things life had to offer if I walked the right path, worked hard and was honest and fair to people. It gave me hope and was easy to understand. Like the few things I can count along my journey, the admiration, love and respect I still hold for you will leave my heart broken for a while. With all good things past, I will keep the warm feeling of a once great country tucked away inside to recall those memories that will forever put a smile on my face. I was a free bird and now locked in a cage to remember what life was like. I can’t feel sorry for me, and I can’t explain to people what it’s like to miss something they have poorly chosen to accept as freedom.
I wonder how many times I will wish I could count on the people elected to follow our Constitution and treat it as something to uphold instead of the new interpretations they want to pretend it meant all along. The countless times I will want to be proud…and know I no longer have that option…other than in my mind when the quiet allows me to think about what things were like. How long will it take for this sadness to go away? These times will be the hardest and loneliest. I always gave to my country and it always gave me a better outlook compared to other places.
I still cling to our once great spirit and it is something I will always hold dearly. If I’m lucky I may catch a glimpse of something or someone and somehow know you are still there only hidden behind the clouds of corruption. Patiently you wait for society to figure it out. You give them time as you descend from a free and just system, picked at from those that are focused on their own selfish and powerful path…and you wait. Your demise is in their hands…and you continue to wait.
My tears attempt to wash the sadness away; there are many to dilute what I feel and in time some of the saddest feelings will never be gone but washed into faint memories easier to digest. I understand that you didn’t want to leave; you were pushed away by a broken system of bad laws set in motion by the apathy of your citizens. My heart aches as I watch you slowly dissolve. We, the people, have infected you with our sickness. We, are the ones, making you disappear.
Go peacefully my dear friend and join all of those that made you the greatest nation on earth. They are our Founding Fathers, the ones that understood why you fight for freedom. You deserve nothing less and so much more than we are capable of offering at this time in our history.
You have touched me to my core in a way that many people can only dream. I love you so much that I can think of no greater gift than to miss you.  I will always love you…I will always fight for you…I will always remember what you are supposed to stand for…


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…..

Poor Charlie….ignored by the media, which little does he know how much of a blessing that is, he gets one chance in years and he squanders it by attacking the Sooner Tea Party.  We mentioned the Associate Press article last week where they quoted “Tea Party leaders” Charlie Meadows of OCPAC and Richard Engle, both of which are John Birch Society leaders with OCPAC being a thinly veiled Bircher front.    That AP story went around the country of course, spreading the misinformation and Charlie’s name but all he saw was another group getting press space so poor Charlie went ballistic on his weekly email:
 “According to a report in the paper, Al indicated this whole process was about an attack upon freedom of speech (which is correct) and an attack on him because he is an effective political activist (this is his delusion as he is not effective, never has been and never will be). Al is not effective precisely because of “his style” of “confrontational” politics.
In his e-mail, Al threatened to make Brannan a laughing stock, when in reality Al is actually the laughingstock at the capitol anytime Al blabbers on to the 50 people or so on his e-mail list about his effectiveness. With all that said there are serious issues with such a bad verdict from this trial.
I am usually hesitant to criticize a jury if I was not present to hear all the testimonies in a trial. But freedom of speech is vital for a free society and nothing Al said in his e-mail should be construed to mean anything other than a political and personal smear job, rather than violence toward Brannan or his family. I believe Senator Brannon should be nominated for some kind of an academy award for his well though (sic)out rhetoric in the trial which painted him as a victim in this political cat fight. 
Perhaps the real problem stems from the law itself? According to the Oklahoman, the law defining: “blackmail can involve a written communication that threatens to expose information about someone, “which would in any way subject such a person to the ridicule or contempt of society.” Is this law a joke? One of the most important functions of a society is to determine the things and people we will celebrate and to determine the things and people we will condemn.
When people are currently or have recently exhibited bad character, bad behavior or bad ideas, when those people step into the forefront of society and ask for public or personal trust from society or individuals, it is important to expose accurate information about them which may well bring ridicule or contempt from others toward them. For the law to define such information as blackmail, then in the words of former Governor Frank Keating, that “law is an ass“! “
Charlie forgets when a few years back he proclaimed that when groups get attacked that means they are relevant, writing those words about the YouTube video put up by political enemies that gave he and I credit for killing off the Capitol bond legislation in 2012.   Of course Charlie also discounted that he shared power with anyone.  LOL.  He also predicted a massive four or five fold increase in OCPAC membership after the “attack”.  Never happened, he is stuck at the same numbers he has had for years which is about the same number as the John Birch Society roster in the state.  Charlie also forgot the AP story in January where we were given credit for being a major player in the defeat of the JRI program, with the article admitting that Fallin and her staff discussed our newsletters on a regular basis.  Or the Oklahoman story the previous year giving us top billing in the groups that the Governor’s office considered when debating to kill the Obama Care health insurance exchanges and to return the 53 million in federal funds.
Charlie also left out the testimony of both Branan and Senator Shortey during the trial which established that the Sooner Tea Party newsletter was the voice at the Capitol that must be heeded.  Branan himself opened or forwarded his copy of the newsletter 23 times the week before the trial!   The six thousand names on our email lists dwarfs the OCPAC email list by an order of magnitude and the email is forwarded to many, many, more individuals.  Charlie is squawking because his method of lobbying has become obsolete and OCPAC is becoming irrelevant.
Charlie goes on to complain about being taken to task about his comments in the AP story:
One more item on this issue, the Red Dirt Report wrote an article about this taking me to task for some of the things I said about Gerhart to Tim Talley of the Associated Press. That is fine with me, I am a big boy when it comes to criticism about myself, but many of the things stated about Richard Engle and OCPAC’s past involvement with Gerhart must have come from Gerhart as himself as they don’t represent reality. 
The suggestion that Engle was forced out of OCPAC is ludicrous. The decision to no longer serve as OCPAC’s Vice President was totally Richards decision. In the future, I suggest Red Dirt Report contact me with questions about OCPAC before they speculate about what may or may not have happened. I am a strait shooter when it comes to interviews with the media, which is probably one reason I do a good number of them.     
Charlie pulls off a standard debating trick in his last few paragraphs, addressing one issue while ignoring another issue.   He basically admitted that Richard Engle was forced to resign from the OCA after getting caught lying to other board members, he couldn’t deny it so he simply refused to say anything.  His comments about Engle leaving OCPAC on is own might be true if Engle’s resignation was handled normally Engle would have been encouraged to resign after the OCA issue became public knowledge.   However Charlie didn’t address why Engle resigned and just claimed that it was Engle’s idea.
I got a phone call the morning after the trial and an offer to release three or more emails to a state senator that were actual death threats coupled with demands to pass legislation.  These emails were turned over to the OSBI but nothing was ever done about the emails.  Why?  Because the OSBI properly understood that they were political hyperbole or could be considered that, and they refused to get drawn into political infighting.  Then again perhaps one or more of the individuals were off their rocker, either way the point is that we don’t generally go after people for writing to politicians.   But I turned the offer down because the candidate has a primary coming up and I didn’t want to harm his race in any way.  After the primary or after the general election I said I would accept the emails.
One thing that can never be honestly said about the Sooner Tea Party is that we would ever hurt the movement.  We have no problem drawing our political side arm out of our political holster and blowing the political brains out of a fellow political group leader because they refuse to fight or side with the enemy.  But it will never be said that we harm a good candidate when we need as many good men and women as possible in office.
And that is the difference between Charlie Meadows and the Sooner Tea Party.   The goals of the movement trump any petty personal vendetta.  We are sure in our tactics, they depend not on public opinion or even wide spread support but their strength lies in the simple fact that politicians that are corrupt are susceptible to public exposure.


2013 Senate members and House Members
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