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September 19, 2013
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 GWYDION Reveals New Album Details !
The Portugese Epic/Folk Metallers from GWYDION have revealed today all details from their upcoming album.
Being around in the music-scene as a band since 1995, GWYDION is ready to enter a new era which kicks off with the album "VETERAN" with a release date set for November 22, 2013 !
Vocalist Rúben Almeida about "VETERAN": "Fans will experience a slightly different musical-style, as the music is much more epic and "metal" than folk compared to the previous release. Since the beginning of the band, we had a very influential epic component in the songs, so naturally when we created this new album, we decided to have a strong mixture of heavy metal riffs and epic/folk songs. The new album is a story of a warrior since his birth through his training, conquests and defeats with relevance to the History of Portugal."
The band is truly entering a new era, as their previous albums were released through a label, but considering the current state of the music industry, the band decided it was time to become an independent band. therefore, a fundraising campaign is running over their website www.gwydion.org, where fans can pre-order the album and other other great additional packages ! 
The band has also revealed the abum artwork and track list for "VETERAN" today. All artwork and graphics were done by Merlijn Zeeders from Blacklake : 
Track List :
1- Timeless Conception
2- Womb Of Fire (sample available on Facebook)
3- Endurance Of The Mind
4- Math Of War
5- Trail To A New Land (sample available on Facebook)
6- Brewed To Taste Like Glory
7- Years Of Peace
8- Lured To Comfort
9- Fighting To The End
10- Path Of Shadows (sample available on Facebook)
11- Veteran 
Rúben Almeida – Vocals
Daniel César – Keyboards
Miguel Kaveirinha – Lead Guitar
Luís Abreu – Drums
João Paulo – Rhythm Guitar
Bruno Ezz – Bass
 Follow GWYDION through these sites : 
Official website : www.gwydion.org
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