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Issue #127-----------February 2016
Hello & Welcome!
I'm so glad you decided to join me today! I've got some fun stuff in store for you, including the release of a totally fun, new zipper print!
So... do go ahead & get started while I get back to work on our new design for Spring! And do feel free to keep abreast of our progress by following our "Purse Pattern Chronicles" series on our Website (just scroll down to see applicable posts preceded by a PPC12 designation).
Can't see the pictures?-- Click HERE
 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Josee Carrier of Montreal, Canada!
Her "trim & tailored" Uptown Saddlebag was the eventual winner in a nip & tuck race in our January Handbag of the Month contest! Josee wins a $25.00 SKD virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our Handbag Gallery. Click HERE to see her beautiful entry!

BUT...it's a new month and a new year, so just scroll down to see this month's entries!
We've got EIGHT more AMAZING entries to share with you, so check 'em out then cast a vote for your favorite.

(For BIGGER images: Click on each individual pic)

Pamela Clayton of Johannesburg, S.Africa created this impressive Quattro from an ethnic material called Shweshwe.
Colorful & coordinated, this Guardian was created by Linda Socia of Los Angeles, Ca for her granddaughter who is a trail guide at a local horse stable. The Laurel Burch fabric was the perfect choice, no? Here's a peek at the fully zipped-up front.
And I'm thinking you can probably surmise that Shirley Allen of NJ created this delightful Quattro in order to enter it in the Road 2 California handbag contest. I love how Shirley used various elements in the fabric as appliques. Here's a look at the zippered main compartment & how do you like the scissor zipper pull she place on the back?
Butterflies on a Quattro? You know by now it has to be Cheryl Maass of Goodyear, AZ right. I honestly didn't know there was this much butterfly-motif fabric out there and it's ALL so beautiful! And here's a back shot.
Sandy Kiester of Kansas received her Gadabout pattern as a gift from a friend and she proceeded to make her bag out of fabric in her stash. Sandy said that the applique design is from Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs. Click here to look under the flap.
And it seems that Laurel Burch is well represented in this contest and stunningly so in this Wrapsody created by Marj Durling of Granville, NY.
And isn't this Triple Play absolutely spectacular? It was created by Diane Rhodes of Monroeville, PA. This stained-glasslike fabric is set off beautifully with Cuddle Suede at the bottom! Diane said it was her favorite Triple Play yet! Here's a look at the amazing interior & also the back.
And finally, here's another gorgeous Quattro, and since its covered with butterflies, it must have been created by Cheryl Maass of Goodyear, AZ. Click HERE for a little peek at the back.
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MANY of you have been asking for a bit of color to be added to our unique zipper line, so we're pleased as punch to announce that the new zipper we're adding to our collection for Spring 2016 is red & white ministriped and its available NOW in the following convenient sizes.
  • a 22" Purse zipper-- (closed at BOTH ends with 2 zipperheads)
  • a 20" separating zipper
  • a 12" separating zipper
  • a 20" closed bottom zipper
  • a 10" closed bottom zipper
As usual, this new zip has nylon teeth and can easily be shortened to suit your individual need. Click HERE to order it or any of the other zippers in our exclusive line.
From the Website- 
We've just started the TWELFTH cycle of one of our popular blog series, Purse Pattern Chronicles. All posts in this series are all preceded with a PPC12 notation. And if you're new here, or you missed any of our posts from last month, don't worry, they're all listed below.
And now, just for "funsies"... Check out thie "Oldie byt Goodie" from our Archives
Bobbin Around the Web- 
We met Angela Laswell Smith (at left in her Booth At Quilt Festival) when she was our "across the street" neighbor at Quilt Market & Festival last Fall. She has VERY unique and interesting project kits designed for the "super busy person who wants to be able to watch TV and work on a simple but beautiful project." I especially love her Needle Felted Bowl Kits and her Needle Felted Tree Kits make for a totally NEW take on Christmas decoration!She also has some excellent video tutorials available on her site which you can access by clicking HERE.
And while you're there, don't forget to check out Angela's Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, as well as her Blog.
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TWO For Your Viewing Pleasure-
Did you that cats were afraid of cucumbers? Check HERE to watch.
Horses do cute and funny stuff too! And HERE's a video that proves it.
In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I'd share this adorable project I found for a change purse in the shape of a heart! Click HERE for the FREE tutorial.
Quote of the Month- 
Click HERE to see if you agree with this quote attributed to Albert Einstein
Look What I Found OnLine- Lizzie B Creative
  Lizzie B Creative is run by two gals named Elizabeth... one who goes by Lizzie & the other Beth. Together they are known for their whimsical, colorful designs and projects. I love their fabric, like this floral design which was released by Henry Glass late last year, as well as their modern quilt designs like this one called "Bloomin Happy" and this one called "You are Everything". And while you're here, check out their Freebies page as well as their FaceBook page!
Techie Tutorial of the Month-  Save Time By Learning Keyboard Shortcuts
In today's fast-paced world, we're all looking for ways to get more done in less time. One way to be more efficient while on the computer is by using keyboard shortcuts to do frequent tasks instead of moving the mouse & clicking icons.
To perform a keyboard shortcut, you press two, three, or sometimes four keyboard keys at the same time. If that sounds tricky, keep this in mind: You can press & hold the Control (CTRL) key first, then press the other key(s).
(If you're a Mac user, use the Command (CMD) key instead of the CTRL key for the keyboard shortcuts below.)
CTRL+S (Save)- The first rule of computer use is to save your work often. You never know when the program you're using, or your entire computer, is going to crash. It's a good idea to use this shortcut after every few sentences you write. 
CTRL+Z (Undo)- This shortcut lets you undo a mistake very quickly. Pressing CTRL+Z several times will often undo the last several changes.
CTRL+C (Copy) and CTRL+V (Paste)- If you do a lot of copying and pasting of text, these keyboard shortcuts will really save you time. Just use the mouse to select what you want to copy, press CTRL+C, click the mouse where you want to paste, and press CTRL+V.
And if you liked these.... There are MANY other keyboard shortcuts & depending on your computer habits, you may want to learn more of them. For complete information, visit this site for Windows or this site for Mac.
New Word of the Month- Fauxpology
Click HERE to see the definition of this new word.
Cat cafés. You may have never heard of them but several opened in Canada last year, joining what looks like a global trend that’s about to take off.
A cat café is a place to observe and pet cats while sipping a coffee or tea and eating a light meal or snack. As well as regular café furniture such as tables, chairs, and couches, there are catwalks, play structures for the cats to climb, and cubbies for them to sleep or rest in.
The cat café phenomenon started in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998, and has blossomed in Japan over the last 10 years. European cities like Paris, Vienna, and London have recently joined the trend.   {click HERE to read more}
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click HERE to see a larger image!
Handbag Headlines- This is YOUR Brain on Knitting (and Sewing & Quilting for that matter)
More than half of US households craft at least once a year,but for some it becomes a daily pastime. If you're an avid crafter – knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, etc. – you've probably lost yourself in a project on more than one occasion.
This tendency to become so absorbed in your craft that you're able to forget about your worries, obligations, & even physical pains is called "flow" – and it's a key reason why crafting may be phenomenal for your mental and emotional health. That's because "getting creative" not only boosts your brain help but also your happiness!
{click HERE to read more}
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
Click HERE to see a larger image!
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
It's a GREAT day to be sewing!
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