May 9, 2014
FLVS Courses Will Still Be Debited
From McKay Scholarships
   Despite assurances by legislators that the deductions from McKay Scholarships for completed FLVS courses would be fixed this session, this did not happen.  As of Tuesday, April 29th, we were told it was in the conforming bill and should pass.  Unfortunately, it was not placed in the conforming bill and was not changed before the session ended.
   This means that parents of any McKay Scholarship recipient who takes a FLVS course (summer classes included) will see a deduction in their scholarship payment.  For a two semester course the deduction will be approximately $770. 
   It is important that schools make parents aware of this issue.
   The Coalition will reach out to FLVS and ask that they place this information on their website since, for McKay parents, FLVS courses are not truly free.
   We will work on trying to have the exemption language passed again next year.  Next fall, we will call for parents and schools to contact their legislators to ask them to pass this legislation.
   We want to thank Rep. Bileca for all of his efforts for our parents and students concerning this issue.
Two Other Issues Concerning Virtual Courses
1)  McKay Scholarship recipients may only take two FLVS courses in a year without forfeiting their scholarship.  Make sure that your parents understand that if their child is enrolled in two courses during the school year, the student cannot take another course in the summer. 
No course number limit exists for enrolling in other virtual school programs. So students may enroll in more than two virtual courses if they are not through FLVS.
2)  McKay Scholarship recipients will LOSE their scholarship if they enroll in a virtual school course that is a district virtual school course.  This is considered reenrolling in the public school and eligibility for scholarships is lost upon enrollment.
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