Welcome to the sixth RopeMarks newsletter.

We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.


We are a little behind schedule due to a recent HDD crash. While writing this we are still working hard towards a full recovery, responding to your mails and requests will be a little slower than usual.



We had a very sexy collaboration with CarmineWorx and the English Jezebelle, we let the preview do the talking for us:

p: CarmineWorx | m: Jezebelle | r: RopeMarks



The historical movie theater Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam hosted RopeMarks' rope bondage for the Premiere of the new 50 Shades Darker (sequal to 50 Shades of Grey) movie. We adding a very stylish twist in line with this sensual movie and the location.

This was a no pictures event, so please enjoy the looks of the majestic Tuschinski

m: DutchBlueBird | r: RopeMarks


Also, we performed during the 15nth anniversary of Mrs.Manita's Fetish and BDSM party on the ShowBoat.

To quote Mrs.Manita "[After at least 15 year of anniversary perfomances] Once again you've managed to top yourself!"

p: Cor, EricFoto, RosaPictures | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks



Our upcoming workshops so far include:


If you are interested in the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching



Want to hear what past participants have to say, hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Read some of our testimonials. They are a brief list of feedback from RopeMarks Ryū students and participants.



To participate in one of our other upcoming workshops or masterclasses, visit this link for an overview of our planned events




Updated on RopeMarks, "RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary"

The RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary is a brief dictionary of names and terms accompanied by photos that have come down to us from history, from hojojutsu terminology and from well known nawashi/kinbakushi that have become fairly standard


Updated on RopeMarks, "RopeMarks publications"

Our cooperation with amazingly skilled photographer TheBlackSheep received a publication in the Bedeseme magazine. The beautiful tied models for this shoot are Louisa L'Amour and Nereida DeadlySin.


Updated on RopeMarks, "RopeMarks shows"

Several photos and video of past performances have been added to the site.


Updated on RopeMarks, "RopeMarks publications"

Our cooperation with amazingly skilled photographer TheBlackSheep received a publication in the Bedeseme magazine. The beautiful tied models for this shoot are Louisa L'Amour and Nereida DeadlySin.


Now live on Club RopeMarks, "On top of her world"

The sweet Luisa, a petite bondage-minded beauty from Portugal, so cute you just want to put her in the inside pocket of your coat and take her with you!

Since that is not an option we went for the next best thing, we noticed a blanket chest that she would fit in that we would love to transport her in, take her with us and take her out when we desire.

Before we did that we put her on her blanket chest, on top her to be new world and expose her in all her beauty...

p: TheBlackSheep | m: Louise L'Amour | r: RopeMarks
Go to this update on Club RopeMarks


Now live on Club RubberRestrained, "The initiation of Xenia"

Please welcome new "face" Xenia.

Maybe she caught us in a bad mood, maybe her beautiful looks and pleading eyes made us do it, whatever it was, we did not hold back.

We dressed Xenia from head-to-toe in latex, corsetted her already tiny waist, hooded her beautiful face and corsetted her neck and added a gag. To top this outfit of, we put her in a pair of ballet boots. Xenia is a beautiful rubber-sight.

Next we tied her gloved arms in a self embracing bondage, slapped a wide leather collar around Xenia's already tight neck corset... and made Xenia balance on her ballet boots, supported only by ropes attached to the wide leather collar.

Predicament... stress... anxiety... fear... we had a good time!

You can watch Xenia's struggle, balancing on her ballets... and failing, hanging by her neck, trying to get back on her feet, gasping for air and see the white of her eyes slowly turn red.

p: Haas&Co | m: Xenia | r: RopeMarks
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Official RopeMarks merchandise has become a fact.

We have choosen Red Bubble as our supplier and you can get our merchandise through our online shop or directly at our Red Bubble store.

We've made a large variation of RopeMarks merchandise available, you can get t-shirt's and other apparel, mugs, phone cases, art work, pillows, and so much more.

Shop RopeMarks | RopeMarks Red Bubble store



The best place to know where we are and what we are up to is our online schedule. We keep it as up to date as possible.


If you run into us, come and say hi, if the opportunity is there, offer us a drink and chat :)


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