MobileMapper 100

The MobileMapper 100 was announced by Ashtech at the ESRI User Conference earlier today.

Wow, it is an over-the-top big deal.

My first impression? Anyone who is seriously collecting GIS sub meter data in the field needs to update, As-Soon-As-Possible.
The MM100 performs like a ProMark 500 in a smaller package than the MMCX.

I have placed lots more information including pricing, availability, specifications and observations on the [ MM100 Big News Page ] which I promise to update regularly.

ArcPad 10 Released by ESRI

Okay, this is the number 1 question posed by our customers "How do I update my MM6 to the latest ArcPad version 10." Here is what is known as of 8:55 PM MST on Tuesday July 13, 2010:
If you have a MobileMapper 6 receiver with ArcPad 8, ArcPad 10 is now available from ESRI. Originally intended to be a minor upgrade (8.1), this incremental revision was rebranded to 10 to show a focus on improvement and a commitment to the ArcPad mobile product line.

Important Note: If you have a MobileMapper CE or CX then your receiver WILL NOT run ArcPad 8.0 or ArcPad 10, so don't bother trying to load it. You are stuck with your current version.
Anyone can go to the ESRI web site and download the 20-minute timed trial version:
If you have not yet registered your ArcPad 8.0 for your MobileMapper 6, you should immediately do so here:

If you have a MobileMapper 6 receiver with ArcPad, and you are a registered ‘in-contract’ user, then you will/may/should automatically receive codes for activating ArcPad 10 directly from ESRI. If you are out of contract, then ESRI will charge you to come back into contract. Call ESRI directly 1-888-377-4575 to get hooked up.
Let me answer these questions that I expect you will ask:
1.      If you purchase a MM6 in the future and it has ArcPad 8 bundled, will ESRI upgrade it to ArcPad 10?
As of 9:55 pm on Tuesday we have no answer.

2.      Are MM6 receivers currently available with ArcPad 10 from any Ashtech dealers or the factory?
Currently No. It is believed that the Ashtech factory is currently shipping ArcPad 8 and no MM6 receivers with ArcPad 10 are available pre-bundled. Part numbers for the MM6 with ArcPad 10 do not exist, thus dealers can't order them.
When more ArcPad 10 answers are available, I will send another note.

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