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Trump Continues to Resonate with American Citizens


Republican front runner Donald Trump continues to dominate the field after a controversial debate where the moderators worked hard to diminish his standing.  Polls showed Trump maintaining his impressive lead while other candidates such as Bush and even Rand Paul show negative movement in their poll numbers.

Personally I have never been a Trump fan; he is abrasive, bombastic, cocky, and what is it with that hair do?   But the guy took a modest inheritance and parlayed it into billions, is beholding to no special interest groups, and just says what he means regardless of the blowback from the liberal media and the special interest controlled Washington pundits.

Trump’s stand on illegal immigration is the key to Trump’s popularity.   A recent story posted on garnered thousands of comments with literally a handful, as in single digits, of negative comments.  Usually the news comment sections are hotbeds of liberal commentators the excoriate anyone that brings conservative views to the debate but the usual political correctness grain is completely absent and it is the bleeding heart apologists for the foreign invasion that gets  shouted down in the online comment battles.

Halfway There


Here in Oklahoma we have always battled the supporters of special interests, State Chamber owned politicians such as Leslie Osborn or Earl Sears fought hard to defeat conservatives such as former Representatives Randy Terrill, Mike Ritze, or John Bennett.    Indeed the main reason that Terrill was arrested and sent to prison wasn’t over a quid pro quo for a retiring legislator; he was targeted for his HB 1804 that stiffened penalties for illegal immigration.


Earl Sears and Leslie Osborn are going to have a long list of excuses for the “need” of allowing illegal aliens to work and live in our state.   Here are some of them:

  • ·         Leslie Osborn says businesses need cheap labor:   False, these uneducated, unskilled, and impoverished illegal aliens are not an asset to the state.   They are an asset to the bottom line for restaurants, construction companies, and hotels.   They dominate the low wage jobs and make more jobs fall into that sector due to their willingness to work for very little money.


  • ·         Earl Sears pontificates that the illegals do work that Americans refuse to do:   False, Americans refuse to work for $7.00 per hour because they can sit on their fat butts and draw unemployment and welfare for years at a stretch.  And why not?    Wages have not risen with inflation and the minimum wage no longer allows anyone to pay for life’s necessities.   Average wage in 1970 was $10,000 per year, a loaf of bread was $0.25 and a pound of hamburger was $0.70.   In 2013 average wages have risen four times, a loaf of bread had increased eight times, and the hamburger had risen nearly seven times.  Housing and cars went up ten times.  But look at those on the bottom rung of the job ladder; most are making minimum wage which has increased only four over the 45 year period.  So the same relative wage buys half the bread, half the hamburger, a third of the rent, and a third of the cost of a car.  The rest is made up by subsidies and food stamps.


  • ·         Leslie Osborn says that the illegals are employed and contribute to the economy:   So do the workers on the lowest rung of the job ladder and if they break the law the legal system wrings every penny they have out of them and their families.   No one else gets rewarded for breaking the law so why should illegal aliens?


  • ·         Earl Sears tells us that these poor people just want a better life:  And the rest of us don’t?  How do illegal aliens acquire the right to use illegal tactics to obtain a better life?    Other countries refuse to allow illegal aliens to break their laws by overstaying and competing for limited jobs.


  • ·         Leslie Osborn thinks it will cost billions of dollars to round up the illegal aliens:    Nope, follow the existing law of HB 1804 and eliminate the jobs, housing, public services, and benefits.    Just like rats in a chicken coop; remove the food and the rats self deport. 


  • ·         Earl Sears scoffs, saying it is too difficult to find the illegals: No need to, when one of them shows up in a hospital, emergency room, school, or in the presence of a law enforcement officer they can be detained in a low cost compound until ICE shows up to take them to the border.  Good enough for POWs and soldiers, good enough for illegal aliens.  Put them to work while they are waiting, growing their own food, picking up trash on the side of the road, sorting garbage for recycle materials, or cleaning up pollution.  Once they have worked off their sentence for being in the country AND state illegally then deport them.


  • ·         Leslie Osborn tells us that profiling is racist and illegal:   And she only plays the race card because she has no other arguments.  All countries control their borders regardless of race, if you are as citizen you belong, if not you need to get permission to come in.  All countries allow immigration but restrict it to those that are bringing benefits and not bringing more poor mouths to feed, disease, crime, or poverty.   Leslie is simply trying to create hate and divide people using liberal buzz words.


  • ·         By now Earl Sears is at a loss for words so he gets Charles Ortega to help.  Ortega says we are a nation built by immigrants, that all of us descended from immigrants:    And that is true but immigration was controlled and legal.   People had to follow the law and were checked for disease.    Becoming a criminal by breaking the law to enter is proof that the immigrant is immoral and of bad character.


  • ·         Leslie Osborn says we must be Christians and benevolent:   But these aren’t refugees washed up on shore after a ship wreck.  They broke the law coming here outside the legal immigration system and if they brought children or had children while continuing to break the law then the kids should blame the parents.


In the coming presidential election corrupt politicians like Leslie Osborn and Earl Sears will be swept away as less corrupt politicians realize that the mood of the country has reached a breaking point and can no longer be covered up with the help of the liberal and special interest controlled media. 

Trump might not be the best man for the job but he is the one that is electable because he speaks what the common citizen thinks, has his own money so isn’t dependant on special interests bankrolling his campaign, and the more the discredited media attacks him the more the average citizen pays attention to the Trump message.   If Trump gets elected he will use the bully pulpit and drag the political system kicking and screaming into the spotlight where public opinion can deal with them.  Public opinion will also deal with the liberal media as their credibility and income from advertising sinks to new lows.

The Canary in the Coal Mine is Still the Best Indicator


Back in the beginning of underground mining someone discovered that keeping small birds in cages in underground mines was an excellent way of gauging the air quality.  The birds are quite fragile so a rise in CO or methane kills them in short order, giving the miners a chance to escape before the symptoms of oxygen deprivation kills them.


A newsletter by Guthrie area Representative Jason Murphey reminded us of the use of indicators to gauge the quality of politics, not that Murphey is a delicate creature, but he has always been a politician that was adapt at gauging the mood of his fellow Representatives and quietly working with moderate Republicans to make what gains in conservative governance were possible.  So it was revealing that in his last newsletter Murphey stated publically what the Sooner Tea Party has been saying since late 2011; the tipping point has been reached and conservative values now rule the House of Representatives.


On the surface an outsider would think that a Chamber of Commerce would focus on excessive taxation and un needed regulation so their interests would dovetail with conservative values yet as we have all seen all too well the State Chamber and affiliate big city local chambers have always been the enemy of the people.  

Campaign contributions were the carrot and financing primary challenges was the stick as the State Chamber of Commerce pushed corporate welfare and raids on the treasury while simultaneously interfering in so called “social issues” such as abortion, gay marriage, animal rights, claiming that passing anti abortion legislation made the state look “backward” and “redneck”.  Pushing back against federal overreach or the erosion of Constitutional rights also earned a politician a primary challenger well financed by the State Chamber of Commerce.

Murphey’s article pointed out that the legislature ha turned into a personal vehicle for advancing special interest agendas at the expense of what the people of Oklahoma wanted.  Lowering the size of government and taxation was impossible when the pie had to be large in order to have the capacity for corporate welfare because others had to be forced to pay for the costs of government if the special interest group was to evade their fair share of taxation.  Over tax and over regulate the many if you expected the connected few to have relief.  Murphey also pointed out that all of this devastated the credibility of the legislator and the effect was a growing resentment of being forced to cater to the State Chamber.


Last year it became no longer advisable for the author of a bill to let it be known that the State Chamber supports the legislation as it earns automatic opposition of conservatives due to the instinctive mistrust of anything that the State Chamber is behind.  Murphey believes this is a turning point where the lobbyists and the State Chamber will change tactics and begin to repair their loss of influence by backing away from highly targeted and opaque tax credits in favor of general tax reduction and lessening of regulation that will rise the tide that lifts all boats.

I would remind Rep. Murphey of the first absolute truth in politics; all politicians lie, the good ones lie to themselves.


The point being isn’t that Murphey is a bad man; on the contrary he is one of the handful of men that would be a benevolent ruler if he were appointed dictator of a land.  The point is that Murphey is ignoring the second irrefutable fact of politics:  all organizations are businesses that compete for power, influence, supporters, and money.


A business that doesn’t deliver value for those that pay for its services soon dies.  If you join the State Chamber or one of the affiliate local chambers you are expecting some benefits in return, a return on your business investment.  That means the connected few gain an advantage over those outside the organization or those paying the bills soon view themselves as suckers instead of players. 


Reversing their reputation would require the special interests give up all the costly benefits they have earned for their members.  This disobeys the third unavoidable rule of politics: winning an election is a not really a zero sum gain where the winner’s winnings reduce the loser’s assets.  Winning a single election out of 101 state districts might be a zero sum gain but losing the ownership of a single leg of the three legged stool doesn’t reduce the slice of the pie of the loser, it takes all of the pie away from the loser.


 Now like it or not, they bought the House of Representatives in the past and saw it yanked from their hands.  The State Chamber still owns the Senate and the Governor but a two legged stool is of no use and ownership of the House is required to pass corporate welfare.


Put yourself in their shoes, in their minds what they had bought was stolen and the value of their investment wasn’t merely diminished by one third; their investment of millions of dollars in donations and effort was wiped out.  The one thing that they can do is to fight to keep what they have because they can use two legs of the stool to force conservatives to compromise in return for good legislation being passed.  The State Chamber can also use their remaining ownership of the Senate and Governor to ensure that the existing corporate welfare isn’t repealed. By staying the course the State Chamber can’t cut themselves a bigger piece of the pie but they can preserve their current portion of the pie unless the corporate welfare legislation has a sunset provision.


Murphey is right about declaring the independence of the House of Representatives and if a conservative Speaker is elected the House will continue to grow in power and influence over the Senate and over the Governor.  The House does hold the power of the purse strings but they gave that power away a decade ago and currently allow the Governor and the Senate to write the budget and then the House negotiates from a position of weakness.  A strong Speaker will reverse that if he can bring together the conservatives from both parties and remain true to representing the common good of the state and more importantly allowing the Representatives to actually represent their own constituents.


They say that it is bad politics to tell people that there is no magic bullet, that hard work and sacrifice will be needed to push back the forces of tyranny.   Winston Churchill didn’t do that, he promised blood, sweat, and tears if Britain was to survive.   And the people rallied behind him and prepared to fight on the beaches, in the towns, and in the hills if necessary. 


The Sooner Tea Party has been saying from the beginning that only a club would do the work needed to get the state ready for what will certainly come.   Brutal, vicious, blood spattered hard work taking down the corrupt and forcing those sitting on the fence to choose sides.  We were told that confrontational politics would not work and we proved them wrong. 

 The 50,000 emails released from the Fallin records proved that Obama care failed because of the no mercy tactics of the Sooner Tea party. 

The 8,000 emails released from Fallin’s email records proved that Fallin was for the JRI program until her aides convinced her that the Sooner Tea Party would paint her as weak on crime if she supported the program so Fallin killed the JRI program. 

The American Indian Cultural Center was never defeated until the Sooner Tea Party stood alone, abandoned by OCPAC and Charlie Meadows, and the death kneel of the Cultural Center was given by Speaker Hickman this very year, throwing Oklahoma City the baby and the bathwater while daring them to fail to catch  both.


While we wish Representative Murphey was correct, that the State Chamber and other special interests will see the light and quietly do the right thing, we also understand that irrefutable laws of politics count more than one’s good wishes.   The only thing that will bring down corporate welfare and advance good legislation and follow the popular desires of Oklahomans is to continue to club without mercy, to expose the corruption and personal failings of the compromised legislators, till we have an independent Senate that will join with the independent House and override corrupt gubernatorial  vetoes.


The war is not over but we are halfway there.


Cecil the Lion


Oh, it has been a busy past few weeks and we have neglected an important story making headlines this summer, Cecil the lion. 

 Cecil of course was taken by a big game hunter under dubious circumstances, however the fact  remains that Cecil was a lion and to prosecute a sill dentist for wasting his furry behind is pretty ridiculous.  And what is it with dentists anyway?  Mine seems fairly normal, but there are some pretty insane dentists with too much cash in their pocket such as Eli Jarjoura in Oklahoma County who likes to play Batman after buying his reserve deputy position from Sheriff John Whetsel.


The locals in Zimbabwe are not missing Cecil the lion.  Lions kill their cattle and eat their school children while the kids are walking to school.  And all this fuss isn’t about a predator, it is about making hunting illegal so that they can eventually make eating meat illegal and turn all of us into vegaterians.


Anyway, so that Cecil did not die in vain here is a good crock pot recipe:


  • 1 hind leg of Cecil, shank removed
  • Salt
  • 6 to 8 garlic cloves, peeled and cut into thick slivers
  • 1/4 cup squash seed oil or other flavorful oil
  • About 1 cup of red wine, stock or water
  • 2 tablespoons minced sage
  • 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper

Shockingly there was not a single recipe found online for Cecil the Lion recipes so we had to improvise a bit.  Go figure…




Four to One Odds on Brinkley

Never Facing a Jury


Actually we just made that up, the odds of now resigned Senator Rick Brinkley ever facing a jury over criminal or civil charges for his nearly two million dollars embezzlement is nearly zero.  Late last week Former Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee delivered Brinkley’s resignation letter to the current Pro Tem Brian Bingman, signifying that the State Chamber of Commerce has  brokered a deal with the Better Business Bureau and cleared the way for Brinkley to escape justice.


The BBB alleged that Senator Brinkley began embezzling about the same time of his election five years ago, firing Senator Brinkley in April, suing him in June, with the OSBI opening a case in January of this year.    Senator Brinkley was burning through over $130,000 in salary and other compensation, plus his $40,000 in Senate pay, plus his Senate per dium, plus all the money he is alleged to have converted from his campaign fund.  


Brinkley was the defacto incoming President Pro Tem of the Senate and a fine example of Oklahoma Senators he was indeed.


The Oklahoma Ethics Commission investigated him for conversion of campaign funds into personal use, including the embezzlement of funds to a fake entity called CTW, and of using his campaign fund to repay nearly $50,000 to the Better Business Bureau in April of this year.  Senator Brinkley of course claims he made a simple mistake, grabbing the wrong check book.

Interestingly enough Brinkley was preaching to the crowd on Face boo in January, urging others to give up alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, and “spending money you don’t have” because it  would keep you from “living your best life”.    Sounds like Brinkley was a hypocrite on the last two and who would be surprised if he was a hypocrite on the other three?

Senator Brinkley agreed to forfeit his remaining campaign account , $81,265.00, after a settlement announced by the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, for violating the rules prohibiting the conversion of campaign funds into personal use.  Of course the other Senators and House members mostly all do the same, car expenses, donations to charity in their personal name, trips, meals, you name it and they use campaign donations to pay it.

Brinkley of course won’t be resigning until December 31rst so this pension kicks in.

The real shock of course was why the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce exposed his dirty laundry.   A couple of million dollars is chicken feed for these boys, a mighty cheap price for owning Senate leadership.  The reality was that Brinkley was asking too high of a price from his “patrons” or he refused to guarantee results due to the loss of the House of Representatives.    

For whatever the reason the establishment cronies did a thorough job of throwing Senator Brinkley under the bus but you can bet that a deal has already been made with the OSBI and local prosecutors to protect Brinkley from facing a jury for his criminal activity.  After all Senator Brinkley knows way too much and has likely bargained for lenient treatment in return for keeping his mouth shut.  The deal might not go down well with the new Tulsa County Prosecutor so the OSBI will have been pressured to drop their investigation quietly.



Whetsel’s Mismanagement Project

AKA the Oklahoma County Jail

By the Watchman


Soon Oklahoma County Voters will be asked to approve a one cent tax increase in order to build a new Oklahoma County Jail. If approved this will make Oklahoma City the third heaviest taxed metropolitan area in the nation. Is a new jail necessary? That is doubtful. Is one going to be built? Not if the tax payers have a say in it. Why are we even discussing this? The whole problem stems from Jail mismanagement.  That lays on the shoulders of one man only, Sheriff John Whetsel.


We begin with a building that is just now twenty four (24) years old. That’s not long in the life span of a building. Why has it deteriorated to a point of needing replacement in such a short period of time? The Sheriff will tell you overcrowding in prisons has backed up the transfer rate of prisoners, but that’s not the case at all. The truth is the facility took on more than it could handle. We need a plausible answer from the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma County Sheriff as to why they agreed to a contract to prisoners being held at the County Facility. We can think of no viable reason to grant a facility such a contract.


The first story of interest we found was this Family Holds Protest Against Conditions At Oklahoma County Jail - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Spo. Based on this story we have an individual who was sentenced six weeks earlier to a drug rehabilitation program, yet he still sat in a jail cell full of black mold and raw sewage. We all know jails aren’t supposed to be nice places, but they can and should be sanitary. These conditions are something you would expect to see in a third world country, not Oklahoma City, Ok.


The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma County Jail Safety Concerns - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |. This report dated December 11, 2014, indicates the jail is falling apart. This report might have been useful if the person interviewed was an engineer, but we call into question the actual engineering knowledge of Commissioner Raymond Vaughn. We found his biography here Oklahoma County District Three and from what we can tell he doesn’t have a background in structural engineering or engineering of any nature.


The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma County Jail Flooded Again - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |. Is anyone besides us beginning to see a pattern here? With little exception if the people that run Oklahoma County want something, they go to or their partner The Oklahoman newspaper to curry public opinion.  These are beginning to look more like staged events than actual problems. Of course no one has thought of doing an investigation of the Sheriff himself have they?


The next item of interest we found was this If Oklahoma County gets a new jail, what happens to the old one? | News OK. This is a more realistic question than anyone thinks. With the alleged problem with black mold already infecting the building, demolition is the only truly viable solution, but because of that mold, environmentally friendly demolition is going to be expensive. You can’t just implode the place. Are there developers with deep enough pockets ready to absorb the cost just so they can make a profit off of some high rise apartment complex? Who else is making a profit from this?  Who is going to want to live in a former jail and will not the same “structural” problems remain once they move the prisoners out?


The next item of interest we found was this OK County hopes businesses play key role in jail tax passage | News OK. Of course they are. They want the business’ to support a new jail so they can have more tax dollars to spend. All this with the backing and urging of not only the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, but most likely the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. Putting hundreds of millions in the palms of construction companies looks good to them and bad for our wallets.


The next article of interest we found was this On OK County jail: ‘We don’t want business as usual’ | News OK. Finally someone talked to an engineer. You can see her information here  Oklahoma County - Engineering. Conspicuously missing from her job title was oversight of the maintenance of the Oklahoma County Jail. This shows a grave error in judgment on the part of all parties involved in the operations of the County Jail. It would account for the lack of proper maintenance over the years that have caused, in part, the early death of a building. We can’t help but wonder if it was intentional?


People wonder what would spark all this talk of a new county jail. This article here Oklahoma Co. Could Face Federal Lawsuit Over Conditions at Jail – CSG Justice Center is what got the ball rolling. This time we have Commissioner Vaughn in a field he’s familiar with, the Law. Once again instead of trying to fix things that have been allowed to deteriorate to this point unchecked, his solution to stop legal action from the Department of Justice is to build a new facility. All that really does is kick the can down the road. It doesn’t solve the problem. He fails to mention any updates for the juvenile facility, or building a suitable site on county property for treatment of incarcerated mentally ill individuals. It fails to take any of the recommendations of the task force into consideration except build a new jail.


The next item of interest we found was this This is a twenty four (24) page letter dated July 31, 2008 from the  U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division that outlines all the problems that had not been corrected in the jail from a 2003 inspection. So we now find that the current Board of County Commissioners and the current County Sheriff have been fully aware of these very same problems for over half of the life of the building and have taken no corrective action. From all general appearances they have even effectively kept the Oklahoma County Engineer out of the loop until they tasked her to form a working group to come up with a solution. That should be totally unacceptable to all Oklahoma County Citizens and should be found as a charge of criminal neglect against them all.


The next item of interest we found was this Smoke and Mirrors: Why Oklahoma County needs a new sheriff | Red Dirt Report . This report holds truer today than even in 2012. This report has to do with jail funding.  Sheriff Whetsel has been the Sheriff for 19 of the 24 years of the jails history. This report is written by an individual who was on one of the three task forces on Jail Funding. All three made recommendations upon their completion and the County swore that they would implement the recommendations of all three. To date none have been implemented and there are only four people to blame, the Sheriff and the three (3) County Commissioners. We tip our hats to the Red Dirt Report for this information.


We thought you would like to meet your county Sheriff. Here’s his information Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- Meet Sheriff Whetsel. This is the man that is fixing to cost you the citizens of Oklahoma County a big pile of money all due to mismanagement of the County Jail. The mismanagement comes from the fact that he holds State Prisoners there longer than necessary because he makes a profit off of them. He uses to do the same to the federal prisoners until the federal government canceled the contract due to jail conditions.

The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- Detention Services. This article indicates this to be a 2400 bed facility. We find it remarkable that the capacity of the facility has doubled since it opened in 1991. Of course he has his friends at the Courthouse protecting him.


The next item of interest we found was this Commissioners turn to business leaders to gauge support for new Oklahoma County jail | News OK. This story tells you straight out that the Commissioners went to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce to gauge how well this would be accepted by the public. We will say that businesses are part of the public, but we wonder when they plan on asking the ordinary working man out there. Shouldn’t they have a voice in this?


We next went to to see what they had on Sheriff Whetsel’s campaign records. We know he’s a Democrat and they don’t like to operate by the rules, but what we found was ridiculous. The Sep. 24, 2013 Statement of Organization filed for 2016 campaign yet no required campaign reports filed since.


Where is the ethics committee on this? Where is the Oklahoma County District Attorney on this? You can’t claim plausible deniability. It’s too obvious.


There is only one answer to this proposed tax increase to build a new jail NO. The con game the Sheriff, the County Commissioners, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce are playing on you is beyond horrendous. The lack of adequate maintenance contracts for the Oklahoma County Jail is the fault of those mentioned above. They should all be recalled and replaced. If anything is funded it should be the juvenile facility and a mental health facility. The Sheriff should be ordered to transfer prisoners to the Department of Corrections as directed by the County Courts.