The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1351 - Druridge Bay,
Hare Slippery When Wet
Cub reporter Pop reporting

A minuscule sign stating 'Car Park' caused some initial confusion but as always order prevailed over chaos and eventually everyone arrived at the designated starting point.
The runners were joined by two Harriet's from north of the border (Edinburgh hash) and one hash virgin from bonny Tyneside. This boosted numbers up to six.
Likewise the arrival of the 'Adam's Family', Bedtime Story, Spare Rib, Spare Bed and new addition doubled the walkers numbers to eight.
The hare gave the virgin and the heiland lassies the low down on the NHHH secret signs, all I hasten to add, to no avail.
Then •••••••• off we went. Walkers and runners going at a cracking pace while at the same time dodging amongst the slower of the triathlons (part timers).

With Woof Woof leading from the front the pack settled into a steady rhythm.
Heading over the fields the ground was firm, the going good and spirits were high until we hit the first morley. The hare had cleverly hung back by pretending to tie his laces (a trick picked up from Babe Magnet?), so it was a long haul back. This same skullduggery happened again, impacting most on Woof Woof and Pop who were doing NHHH proud and showing a clean pair of heels to the newbies. As a matter of course we had to hit the dunes and the pristine beech where the old concrete tank traps provided excellent surfaces for daubs of flour. Startled looks and sage nodding of heads was the response of the many sun worshippers as we trundled past shouting our war cry ' On On'. A final sand dune and we spotted the OnIn and it was only a short haul before we were back where we had started.

A quick circle ensued and the RA, Counterfit welcomed the newbies, with a special hello to Bedtime Story and family.
We all trooped off to the beech where sandwiches, chicken legs and other goodies were consumed as we basked in the sunshine and soaked up the wonderful views of this delightful part of the Northumberland coast.
A well thought out hash, superb weather. A perfect way to get rid of the cobwebs.


Next Week: Poachers Pocket, Swalwell                                  Hare:  Knickerless
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