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You are in Lombok and wants to stir up the vibe of your place. Reach Daniel, a painter based on the island with a series of nice wall artwork behind him already.
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A bit of Bahasa

Morgan and Brice, two friends from France, are launching a new beach houses concept in front of Serangan secret surf spot, overlooking the beautiful Selong Belanak bay. Thanks to Nagaindo, a lead property company in South Lombok, now their dreams have come true. Nagaindo offer beachfront land in Serangan and it is exactly what they were looking for.

They plan to build a boutique hotel by the beach surrounded by a luxuriant garden, rice fields and stunning headlands. Design of the houses will be a mix of traditional architecture and new material with top wood from Kalimantan (Indonesia). They will also build an infinity pool and a proper restaurant. This project will be one of the few exclusive beachfront lodging in South Lombok.

Morgan, former restaurant chef and financial advisor, will take the lead and keep an eye on project cost and reporting. With their skills and strong market study, they keep the project in tight control. And yes! The beach houses are ready to be built. Construction expected to start in less than 6 months.

They believe in Lombok as being on the verge of an important boom in tourism. They are happy to welcome 2-3 more partners/investors to join the journey. They are confident to give shareholders a high dividend yield on investment.

Interested to invest? Leave a message to Morgan at and he will gladly answer you with more details about the business plan.


Indonesia, a Vibrant and Tolerant Multi Ethnic Society

For a country with the world’s largest population of Muslims, Indonesia is remarkably permissive. Night spots in Jakarta, the capital, and on the resort island of Bali can be raunchy places. It reflects Indonesia’s traditionally tolerant teaching of Islam, which rejects fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran for more flexible ones, as well as the presence of large Buddhist, Christian and Hindu minorities. That is why a national ban looks very unlikely...
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More and more signs point toward a strengthening property sector in Indonesia. In the third quarter of 2016 the property sector has seen more activity, a trend that is expected to continue into the fourth quarter and in 2017.
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Development in Lombok

Air Asia up to 3 Flights a Day from their Malaysian Hub

The project is part of Eco Regions Indonesia, a sustainable and comprehensive development program of over 20,000-ha of island forest, reefs and beaches in Lombok and Sumbawa. The master plan addresses eco-tourism development, environmental performance, the needs of the local community and sustainable economic development, with the aim to create Asia’s largest eco-region.
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This year, NTB tourist arrivals reached 3.5 million people, though. Government efforts to meet those targets and the addition of flights from home and abroad, such as from Malaysia previously with a step up from only two to three flights a day.
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Tourism in Lombok

Bau Nyale Festival Coming up, 40,000 People Flowing to South Lombok

New big sign 'Kuta Mandalika' has been unveiled on Kuta beach by SOE Minister Rini Soemarno as a symbol of accelerated development on Mandalika Lombok.
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February is the perfect time to visit Kuta Lombok. West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and Lombok district administration have confirmed that they will hold the annual Bau Nyale Festival (marine worm hunting festival) on February 16-17, 2017.
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Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara will be promoted as a destination for South Korean travelers under a cooperation program by the Tourism Ministry and the ASEAN-Korea Center. READ Lombok promotion attract South Koreans

Kuta Skyline into Servicing and Villa Construction

Nagaindo has upgraded its site Kuta Skyline in Ashtari area to Stage 2. Servicing is starting ahead of the construction of 2 villas. That includes dirt works, access road, drainage and retaining walls as well as high voltage electricity.

All factors have turned green in order for Nagaindo partners to make this move. Neighboring landmark Ashtari, its Lounge, Kitchen and Yoga activity, has seen rising numbers of visitors, closing to an average of 4,000 visitors a month in low season to 8,000 in high season. The demand for accommodation is high. Alongside an eco friendly hostel and a 6-luxury-villa-units project, Nagaindo is also supporting its clients in their construction project.

More generally, South Lombok growth has taken another step up with new signing by big hotels into the Mandalika, new international flights and a bust of private business in lead settlement Kuta. It is reflected by high occupancy rate from 50% in low season to 95% in high season. Ashtari has close to no accommodation option so the project makes perfectly sense.

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