The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has just ended. Hillary Clinton has officially become the first woman nominated for president by a major political party. We have gathered together videos and transcripts of some of the most significant speeches, for your convenience.
Our reporters covered the events around the city during the day and reported from the Convention floor in the evenings. There were meetings and events from morning until night. It will take some time to publish articles about the exciting organizations that gave presentations. This issue of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice will focus on the Convention. In our next issue we will return to our regular wide range of articles.

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Meet the Democratic Convention Delegates
The story of a convention is the story of the people from all walks of life who make up the convention. Follow us on a guided tour of their stories through our interviews of the delegates. 
Doc Jess interviewed many delegates, and Ken Myers interviewed prominent delegate State Rep. Mark Cohen, who has represented Philadelphia's Oxford Circle neighborhood since 1974, including two years as Democratic Whip.
  • Mark Cohen:  Longest serving representative in the history of Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. Last April, Cohen lost the Democratic primary to Jared Solomon.
  • Jordyn TannenbaumCollege student passionate about LGBT rights.
  • Rachel Gonzalez: Possibly the youngest delegate, this 17-year-old student will not be old enough to vote until October.
  • Anna Payne: Young professional concerned about universal health care, since she has Cystic Fibrosis. CHUCK PENNACCHIOStephanie Markstein
  • Stephanie Markstein West Chester's Democratic chairwoman sings, composes and teaches yoga.
  • Chuck Pennacchio: Veteran political activist ran against Bob Casey in the 2006 Democratic primary.
  • Sabrina Fedrigo: College student never thought she would be politically active.
Stay tuned for more...