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Greetings and blessings to all,

As always, it's wonderful to be back. A warm welcome to everyone, especially our new readers. Many thanks for joining us and please feel free to pass along our musings and meanderings to your family and friends.

We hope this edition finds you in fine fettle and fit as a fiddle. As for ourselves, we're happy to report that Russ' mom has arrived safely home in Barefoot Bay, Florida. Last week, a neighbor described the community as a war zone; and while mom's house is habitable, it's not what you'd call hospitable. There's a lot of work to be done and Russ' sister is going to stay for a while until mom is comfortably settled. Russ is feeling very guilty because circumstances here prevent him from lending a hand, at least for a while. We'll keep you posted.

In other news, quite by coincidence, it would appear that all of the contributors to our web site are having health problems. We've already asked you to pray for Hartson who has been fighting off a bone infection for months; now we need your prayers for Graine who is probably going to have to have knee surgery, and Aideen, our native irish speaker who recently broke her hip. As with Bridget, Aideen is on the mend but it's going to take a while. It's a shame we all live so far apart from each other - one can only imagine what a painfully funny photo the four of us would make!

Happy belated Thanksgiving Day to all of our friends in Canada and the same to our friends in the USA who celebrated Columbus Day on the same date. It was a federal holiday which doesn't mean a day off for most people - but does mean twice as much junk mail in the letter box on Tuesday. Can you believe, the Christmas catalogs have already started coming!

Enough about us....
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In news from Ireland:

Children under the age of 18 will be allowed into licensed premises for an extra hour at night during the summer months. The curfew has now been extended until 10 p.m. from May 1st to
the end of September.

Antrim - Celebrations at last for storm-hit couple
Dawn and Patrick Agnew had arranged to be married in the Bahamas, but had to flee to the Cayman Islands when their original destination was hit by Hurricane Frances. There the hotel was badly damaged so they moved on to Jamaica, where they were married before heading to the Dominican Republic to escape Hurricane Ivan. Last week the pair finally had a wedding reception for friends and family in perfect late summer weather at the Temple Golf Club in Lisburn.

Belfast - Direct flights between Belfast International Airport and Newark, NJ are to begin next May. The new service will be operated by Continental Airlines.

Cork - National title for Kinsale pub
It may be two hundred years old but the Bulman of Summercove pub in Kinsale has beaten a record number of entrants to be named as the Black & White Pub of the Year for 2004.

Kerry - Pikemen parade through streets of Killarney
Residents were recently treated to the sight of 140 pikemen in full traditional costume marching through the town's streets. The spectacle took place in commemoration of the rising of 1803-1804. Special guest at the ceremony included Jack Nolan, the mayor of Emmetsburg, Iowa, sometimes known as Iowa's Irish capital.

Laois - Portlaoise to come to life for Arts Festival
The Laois Arts Festival will be in Portlaoise from October 24th to the 31st, providing a wide range of entertainment including theatre and dance, children's activities, visual art and literary film and diverse musical performances.

Louth - Quakers Celebrate 350 Years In Ireland
The Quaker Community threw open its doors to the public during an Open Day at meeting houses in Drogheda as well as Dublin. There are around 1,500 followers of the faith in Ireland and though small in number, Quakers have made their mark on Irish society, setting up some of the country's most famous companies, including Bewleys' Café, Pyms, Goodbodies, and Jacobs'Biscuits.

Mayo - Further degeneration of famous cottage
The Quiet Man cottage is owned by a Californian who has resisted all attempts to purchase it but who seems uninterested in preserving the legendary building. Souvenir hunters are gradually removing the fabric of the cottage, with one woman having apparently boasted that she has some of the stones from the cottage incorporated into her fireplace.

News from all over:
Tallahasee, Florida - The Tallahassee Celtic Festival in Partnership with the Emerald Isle society, brings to the Festival the first ever Irish Bowling Contest! Derived from the ancient sport of rolling stones between two villages pubs and the accompanying socializing and wagering on the contestants, this year's inaugural contest will take place on the large fields adjacent to the Sponsors Tent. For dates and details, please click

London, England - Log from 18th century prison ship sells for €156,000
The battered and water-stained document, recently discovered after two centuries, reveals the aftermath of a mutiny on the 654-ton Marquis Cornwallis, which set sail from Cork with 244 Irish men and women prisoners on August 9, 1795 and eventually arrived in New South Wales on February 11, 1796. The revolt, a month out of Cork, was inspired by the mutiny on Lieutenant William Bligh's Bounty six years earlier and prompted by harsh treatment meted out to the prisoners, who were chained, often behind bars, in cramped conditions below decks where they frequently fell victim to scurvy, dysentery and typhoid.

Chile - - Bono was awarded the Pablo Neruda Medal of Honor by the Chilean government for his contribution to music and to humanitarian causes. 100 people worldwide have received the award to mark the centenary of the birth of Chile's poet and diplomat, Pablo Neruda, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

From the mailbag:
Kevin Moloney writes: Can you please help me find the title and the words to this poem. When I was a young boy growing up in west Waterford, I had to memorize it, but the words escape me mow. The first stanza went like this:
"The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long
And there comes a sort of sadness in the robin's evening song,
A feeling of contentment settles down upon us all
When the busy days are over and the leaves begin to fall."

JD writes: on October 18th, I'll be making my - what is it, 20th trip to Ireland. Trouble is, I'll be there during the World Series. I'm leaving out of Boston and will be staying in Cork. Does anyone know of anyplace in Cork (ie, a hotel or pub), that will show the World Series? I'm hoping the Red Sox make it, but don't want to miss the Series. Also, any other Bostonians out there who will be in Ireland at the same time? Maybe we can lobby a hotel to carry the series, if enough of us get together?

Paul V Gernon in Bolton, England is looking for Gernons anywhere, but particularly in Co. Louth.

Last week, Pauline in England told us about a hilarious message on a California school answering machine. Turns out, it's one of those suburban myths. Oh well, it was still good for a giggle.

Links of the week

Yearning for the taste of genuine Irish brown bread?
Food Ireland is now stocking McNamees Wheaten Bread, an award-winner that is already on their top ten selling list and is currently at number four - a huge achievement for a new product. For more details about this item and the hundreds of other authentic foods from Ireland, please click http://www.foodireland.com/Merchant2/agent.mvc?AG=Haggerty&SC=SFNT&S=FI

The Flight of the Earls web site has been revamped to include extracts from the soundtrack as background music on the homepage.

Another poem from Jack & Vivian's Irish Page:
The poem is called Bád Sí or the Faerie Boat and it's by the great modern day poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill Click the link here:

Scary images from haunted houses to grotesque gargoyles
Over the last eleven years The Marsden Archive has become widely recognised as a unique picture library specialising in the fantastic and the supernatural.

Text Twist - another great time-waster from Hartson - thank you!
A fun word game, you are given six random letters and then you have to come up with as many words as you can from those letters.

This is what a computer SHOULD do! (Thanks to Penny R)

Non-partisan match guide
With the US presidential election just three weeks away, here's an interesting link that enables voters to compare their personal beliefs against the candidates :

Our on-going gift to AG in California and all friends to animals, please click this link today and everyday. It only takes a second to feed an animal. Thanks!

It only takes a second to hungry people, too:

Enough of the blather- on with the update...

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"Real vision is the ability to see the invisible." Jonathan Swift
In honor of Oscar Wilde's 150th birthday, we'll be posting one of our favorite "Oscarisms" each week of the month.
I must decline your invitation owing to a subsequent engagement.
A passerby watched two Kerry men in a park. One was digging holes and the other was immediately filling them in again. "Tell me," said the passerby, "What on earth are you doing?" "Well," said the digger,"Usually there are three of us. I dig, Paddy plants the tree and Mick fills in the hole. Today Paddy is off ill, but that doesn't mean Mick and I get the day off, does it?"
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1. The oldest recorded vampire story comes from Ireland?
2. The crypt of St. Michan's Church in Dublin contains the almost perfectly preserved remains of corpses dating from the Middle Ages? The reason for their incorruption appears to be the limestone walls of their tombs.
3. Ireland has its own werewolf legend? These creatures were believed to be the souls of the damned who had rejected the teachings of St. Patrick.
To start off, the answers to last week's quiz:

1. Ghosts in Irish Houses by James Reynolds
2. Irish Ghosts and Hauntings by Michael Scott
3. Famous Irish Ghost Stories by Sheila Kern, Mairtin O'Griofa

A round of applause and pints to our irish bibliophiles:

If money talks, then chocolate sings.
Call someone special and tell them you love them.

Dallas Franklin
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Patricia Edwards
This site has some great Irish tunes in it, as well as explaining stories about the Claddagh. Mind you I know there's a much more romantic story on another site!

Rosetta Nybro
Irish actor Peter O'Meara (HBO's Band of Brothers & USA Network's Peacemakers) is the lead in ICHABOD, a musical filmed last May in Denver and planned for DVD release will be showing at the Denver Film Festival. If you happen to live in the Denver area, here is your chance to see it. Below is the listing of the films and there is a brief on each film by clicking on it. In the small picture you will see Mr. O'Meara.

Mike Kelly
One of my favorite sites is Ireland's Eye; it has an extensive archive of useful information including history, places to visit, Bed and Breakfasts and other places to stay, famous Irish people, how to trace your Irish ancestry, the list goes on...

Want to see your name on next week's list? Try finding the following. (We assure you, it's really easy) Who wrote:
1. The Banshee - The irish Supernatural Death Messenger
2. Bloody Irish - Great irish Vampire Stories
3. Irish Tales of the Supernatural

Hint: You'll find all the titles here:
Back in Print!!!!
The Traditional Irish Wedding. Updated, expanded and revised 2nd edition now available:
To begin with, the answer to last week's mind-mangler: There is a clothing store in Clifden. The owner has devised his own method of pricing items. A vest costs 20 euros, socks cost 25 euros, a cap costs 15 euros and trousers cost 40 euros.
Q. Using the method, how much would a pair of underwear cost?
A. 45 euros. The owner charges 5 euros a letter. We had some great answers besides the correct one; Bill Smith in NC, for example, gave us the cost for a union suit and longjohns. Thanks to all of you who entered and congrats to three subscribers who tied for first: Joseph Clifford from CA, Jim Turley from Indiana, and a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. And now for our newest noggin' nagger:
The ages of a father and son add up to 66. The father's age is the son's age reversed.
Q. How old could they be? There are 3 possible solutions.

Halloween continues to dominate our web-site offerings. Added to the home page this week are:
Republished - Article: The Dullahan - Ireland's Headless Horseman
Republished - Book Review: The Twilight Hour
Ongoing - October Trivia Contest. Roger Commiskey has generously donated. One of three new prints as an alternative prize to Bridget's wedding book. To see the prints and /or enter the contest, please click http://www.irishcultureandcustoms.com/TriviaContest.html
All entries must be in by midnight, October 31st, whatever time zone you live in.
New - Library/Books: The Supernatural - We've added another must have title for halloween: Great Irish Stories of the Supernatural
New - Sunday Blessing
New - Wednesday Quote
On-going: . Circle of Prayer; we began Novena #6 in this cycle on October 8. Please keep Mary from NY in your prayers; also Hartson & Helen, Aideen, Graine, Barbara G's mom who just had a stroke, little Sebastian, Matt Maupin still being held hostage; (it is now 6 months since he was taken); the families of those hostages who were so brutally murdered; the sons of personal friends Paul and Ashley, who are serving in Iraq, and all of our military personnel stationed in Iraq and all over the world.

On-going: Free Genealogy Q & A; send basic questions to Eileen - a professional genealogist in Dublin; we'll publish answers from time to time here:

Bridget's looking into the ghost in the bottle for sale on E-Bay to see if there might be an article there. We're holding off on publishing non-Halloween material so we can keep the home page looking as scary as possible. But we will be doing the usual Wednesday quote as well as the daily headlines and history. Just so you know, we keep two weeks worth of headlines which you can see here:
And we keep a week's worth of history here:

So that's the long and the short of it except for the "essential" goings-on in our crazy calendar - many of em' frivolous, but some serious:
Oct 9: Leif Erikson Day; Curious Events Day; Fire Prevention Day; UN World Post Day; Alphabet Day (Korea); Day of National Honor (Peru); Independence Day (Uganda); Moldy Cheese Day
Oct 10: National Children's Day 2004 (Observed the second Sunday in October); National Angel Food Cake Day ; Tuxedo Day; UN World Mental Health Day; Grandmother's Day (Fl); Oklahoma Historical Day; Independence Day (Fiji)
Oct 11: Columbus Day observed - US legal holiday. Thanksgiving Day, Canada; It's My Party Day; Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
Oct 12: Farmer's Day; Moment of Frustration Day; Emergency Nurses Day
Oct 13: Columbus Day; blame someone else day; skeptic's day;
Oct 14: National Dessert Day - take an extra helping
Oct 15: Mammography Day - National US. The third Friday in October each year is National Mammography Day, first proclaimed by President Clinton in 1993
Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event this week? We hope it's a joyous occasion for you and your loved ones! Can't wait to find out what wild and wacky holidays are on tap for the rest of October? Check out:

Until next time, may God hold you and yours in the palm of his hand, but not squeeze His fist too tightly on you. And, as they say in Ireland, mind yourself.

Slan agus beannacht,

Bridget & Russ
Get down on your knees and thank God you're still on your feet
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Events & Classifieds
To avoid duplication, we list only those events not already mentioned in the Irish Heritage Newsletter - if you'd like to subscribe, just send a note to George at Steeler059@aol.com
And, if you're in Ireland, or lucky enough to be visiting, you can see what's on offer here:

New York City - October 14
Shaylyn At Town Hall New York City on October 14th - One night only. Shaylyn is a dance show that illustrates the continuing evolution of Irish Dance, its many influences including other dance forms, changing times and changing generations, while remaining true to its original form. A tribute to Irish ancestors who struggled to keep the culture of music, song and dance alive, Shaylyn brings the story of Irish Dance full circle from mystical beginnings in ancient Ireland to the position it holds today. For more details, click

Hollywood, Florida - October 16
Irish - American Ceili Club Dinner & Dancing to Noel Kingston. Details @ 954-432-8292 Visit us online:

October 16 & 17 - Denver, Colorado
Irish actor Peter O'Meara (HBO's Band of Brothers & USA Network's Peacemakers is the lead in ICHABOD, a musical filmed last May in Denver and planned for DVD release will be showing at the Denver Film Festival.

Cincinnati, Ohio - October 17
Irish Ceili - Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum; 3738 Eastern Avenue. Music provided by the Riley School of Irish Music Ceili Band. Beginning ceili dance instructions at 5:30 For more information call the Carnegie Center 513-321-6449
or the Riley School at 513-588-0036

Seattle Washington - October 29
The annual Memorial Mass in Gaelic for the deceased members of Seattle's Irish community is Friday, October 29, 7:30 PM, at Sacred Heart Church, 205 2nd Ave N (beside the Seattle Center). Mass Booklets in Gaelic and English will be provided, and musicians and singers are invited to volunteer by calling Mary Kelly at 206-528-1988. Call Catherine at 425-438-8554 to submit names of people who have died in the past year, or email CatherineM@irishclub.org.

Tallahassee, Florida - October 30, 2004 - Tallahassee Celtic Festival
Advance tickets now sale at all Blockbuster Locations in Tallahassee, Panama City, Thomasville & Valdosta. For more details, please click

Send an email to: bhaggerty@irishcultureandcustoms.com
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