July 2017

Statue of Johanna Westerdijk

Artist Judith Pfaeltzer is working on a bronze bust of Johanna Westerdijk, which will be placed in the green, open space in front of the Westerdijk Institute on the Utrecht Science Park, August 31st 2017. Two thirds of the money needed is already collected, with gifts from the Westerdijk Fonds and a private benefactor.

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Bring Johanna Westerdijk back to the place where she worked on her research with heart and soul, as an example and inspiration for everybody with scientific ambitions.

Famous Fungi Symposium

28 August 2017

Discover the beauty and the fascinating potential of fungi
Did you know that each year thousands of possibly world-changing new fungi are discovered?

Location: Aula Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Featuring: Patricia Faasse, Joan W. Bennett, Kathrin Wittstein
Event is free: Registration is required

2nd Symposium on Plant Biomass Conversion by Fungi

28 August 2017

The symposium covers the width of plant biomass conversion by fungi, including ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, saprobes, pathogens and symbionts, and address topics such as enzymes involved in the process, (post-)genomic comparison, gene regulation and links between biomass degradation and metabolic conversion of the released monomers. Several keynote lectures by prominent scientists will be included, as well as selected talks from abstracts, and poster presentations.

Location: Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Uppsalalaan 8, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Registration Price for Industry € 100,- Price for Postdoc / Academic staff € 70,- Price for PhD students € 50,-
Maximum attendance is 120 people, so registration closes if that number is reached

Leading Women in Fungal Biology

30-31 August 2017

The most devastating disease of elms, “Dutch elm disease” was coined this name because most of the important discoveries were made by a team of Dutch women, led by Johanna Westerdijk, who was also the first director of the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (the former Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures), and the first female professor in the Netherlands, appointed at Utrecht University in 1917. This symposium is thus a celebration of her life and career, and her struggle to empower female mycologists. Speakers at this symposium are restricted to female mycologists, although males are encouraged to attend. The symposium consists of seven sessions, covering fungal applications, medical mycology, ecology, evolution, genomics, plant pathology and biodiversity. Each session consists of talks, with numerous leading female speakers from around the world presenting keynotes, and additional presentations selected from submitted abstracts.

Location: Utrecht University, Koningsbergergebouw, Budapestlaan 4, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Registration € 150.- (includes coffee/tea, lunches and fungal BBQ)

Cryptic Speciation in Classifications

30-31 August 2017

The symposium discusses speciation in fungi, and naming entities below the species level. In the past, these were dealt with as formae, formae specialis, varieties, races, subspecies and pathovars. Given novel information about hybridisation, disposable chromosomes, toxins and gene flow, the question now arises how to recognise and name species and intraspecies variation. The symposium includes keynote lectures by prominent scientists, as well as selected talks from abstracts, and poster presentations.

Location: Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Uppsalalaan 8, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Registration € 40.-



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