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Now here's a corporate merger with a twist:
The Doris Day Animal League joined the Humane Society
of the United States last month. The two businesses merged on
Aug. 26, uniting at several levels for financial and
"clout" reasons. DDAL's director, Holly Hazard, plus
8 employees, will work with HSUS staff, primarily in their
legislative department.

Apparently both sides feel that joining forces will enable them
to do more at the federal level by combining not only forces, but funding.

Previously, HSUS merged with The Fund For Animals in 2005.


If you're not acquainted with Best Friends, they are the
largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the world. Located in
southern Utah, they occupy thousands of acres in Angel
Canyon, near Zion National Park.

It's a gorgeous setting, protected on both sides by a
mountain range and only one road in. I visited them
recently and immediately wished I could live there.

They do more for animals than just about any group I know of.

For example, they are still rescuing animals from Hurricane
Katrina in New Orleans.

The most recent and exciting project is the rescue done last
week when they flew about 300 dogs and cats here from war-torn
Lebanon. The humane society there was damaged beyond immediate
repair, especially since there is no one left to fix it, except
for a very small handful of workers.

Those folks are overwhelmed with caring for the animals that
have survived, plus feeding stranded and trapped zoo animals.
Clearly an emergency situation, Best Friends stepped in and
brought 150 dogs and 145 cats back, to their sanctuary in Utah.

After a 24 hour flight, and a 4-hour truck ride from the airport,
the animals are stressed, but OK. They will receive whatever
care is needed, and adopted out as they are ready.

For more details on this project, check out their web site
at www.bestfriends.org.


Take some time to inspect your cat's ears regularly. Note
whether there is any waxy build-up or dark granular stuff
in there, which could signal the presence of ear mites.
Clean the ears from time to time, using a cotton swab, being
careful not to dig into the ear canal. Use ear mite solution
if necessary, especially if kitty has been shaking her
head or scratching behind one or both ears a lot.


Oh boy, have I got some interesting web sites for you to visit this


This is hilarious... a homemade cat version of Shakespeare!


Allergic to cats? Well, itch no more:
The world's first specially bred hypoallergenic cats go on sale in the
US, with a price tag of $3,950.


Tammy Grimes, a Top Ten Finalist for Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award.
Vote for her by Clicking by her Photo.
(This story is about a dog and Grimes' organization, Dogs Deserve Better, but
all animal lovers will appreciate her dedication. Hopefully, some day
there will be a "Cats Deserve Better" project.)


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