Hi Cat Lover,

If you did not get a chance to attend Dr. Jones'
Veterinary Code webinar/seminar yesterday (on
Aug. 23), you can still get the video and the
ebooks by going here:


It was supposed to go 90 minutes, but he over-
delivered and the class went for 2 hours. Dr.
Jones revealed some extremely interesting and
helpful information about dog and cat care, that
you likely will not hear anywhere else. In fact,
some of this information is actually critical to your
cat's future well being.

Here is the email I just got from him this morning:


It's a little long to put here, so I put it on my web site.
When you are done reading that, go to his website to
get the video and the ebooks:


It's not expensive at the regular price (29.97) -
but until midnight tonight (Eastern) it's only
19.97... don't miss this extremely important


Since the petfood recalls in March, Procter
& Gamble's shares in that segment have been down,
running one to one and a half share points lower
since the four weeks ended February 24, the last
period unaffected by the crisis. Those share losses
combined amount to more than US$20 million
in sales since the recall and US$70 million in
annual sales if they're sustained, according to

"Unfortunately, even though these wet and semi-moist
products are a small, less than 10% of our product
line, we frankly got hit pretty hard," stated A.G.
Lafley, P&G CEO and chairman. Even though P&G's
larger dry food business was unaffected by the
recall, many have speculated, due to dropping
sales and shares, that P&G may sell their Iams
and Eukanuba brands.


School to teach people how to think like a cat:

The Meow Mix Acatemy, which will be located in
New York City at Union Square East and 15th Street
starting August 21, will offer classes and guest
speakers to help people connect with their pets,
while raising money for animal shelters. The Acatemy
will feature a faculty of feline behaviorists, cat
therapists, veterinarians and pet psychics - and a
curriculum that will educate students about everything
cat-related. Special seminars will also be held at
the Acatemy, featuring guest lecturers Warren Eckstein,
Carole Wilbourn and Dr. Alison Abramson, DVM.

For every student who visits The Meow Mix Acatemy,
one pound of Meow Mix cat food will be donated to
a cat shelter. In addition, 100% of proceeds from
sales at the Acatemy bookstore will be donated to

Following the Acatemy event in New York, the school
will go on an 11-city national tour, stopping in
Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Tampa,
Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento and
San Francisco, where the tour will conclude November 4.


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