JIFA Newsflash #3/18   01 March 2018
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Foreign judges on Lesotho bench slam political interference in judicial appointments
THREE foreign judges, invited to sit on Lesotho’s high court, have delivered a damning decision on attempts by that country’s prime minister to appoint his preferred candidate as appeal court president. As Carmel Rickard explains, jurist and legal academic Kananelo Mosito, who had once headed Lesotho’s apex court, was impeached for misconduct and dismissed under a previous government. When the country’s leadership changed last year, however, the incoming prime minister summarily removed the new appeal court president and installed Mosito once again. In their landmark decision, the three judges said both moves were unlawful, and strongly criticized political interference in judicial appointments. The three judges, from Namibia and South Africa, had been invited to sit in the matter to ensure there was no perception of bias or other influence, given the positions of the parties involved.
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