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Tide Cleaners Offers ICR Members Hassle-Free Rewards!
We value our customers so much that all ICR members receive a monthly special through our rewards program! In the month of September, we are extending our 25% off discount on alterations. So, bring in items that need alterations of repairs. You can read more about it by clicking here.
Tide Cleaners Backed by the Power of Tide!
From classic powder to powerful liquid detergent and the convenient, compact Tide PODS®, Tide has always been the industry leader in innovation. In fact, more than 40 million American households trust Tide®, making it the country's number one detergent. Now, partnering with GreenEarth®, all Tide Cleaners are using Tide Detergent and Tide Plus Downy to give your clothes a more powerful clean.
Back-to-School Backpack Care
It's about that time of year again, another summer has flown by! Though the temperatures won't show it, summer-holiday break is winding down and is nearly time for your family to ease back into the school routine.

Back-to-school shopping has become as much of a national shopping event as the notorious Black Friday. School supplies, clothes, new tech gadgets - these things really add up! Understandably, school supplies, like clothes, need replenishing if you've got rapidly-growing kids in your house. However, there's one school supply that likely doesn't need to be replaced every year: the backpack.
Allergy Battle Starts with Uninvited Roommates: Dust Mites
Sneezing, watery eyes, post-nasal drip, runny nose, congestion… Does this sound like a commercial for an allergy medication? The truth is, anyone allergic or sensitive to dust or dust mites are familiar with these symptoms. Nothing about allergy season is fun, especially when it affects you year-round. Did you know better laundry practices may help? Rather than managing the symptoms with medications, kill the allergy at its likely source: your bed.
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