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Last week I attended the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacist meeting in Las Vegas. There were over 20,000 attendees and it was the largest pharmacy meeting in the world. As I interacted with pharmacists, residents, students, and vendors the value of RxEconsult became even clearer. Several hundred posters were presented covering subjects such as reversing anticoagulation, optimizing pain management, patient counseling, reducing healthcare cost, medication adherence, and much more. Pharmacists were showcasing their knowledge, tackling difficult healthcare questions, and offering solutions. As I viewed posters and listened to presenters I had only one question--what happens to all this knowledge and work after the meeting? Most posters are published as abstracts in the society's journal but the complete poster is probably never seen again after the meeting. Even when published as an abstract only a small number of people will see the abstract. Why should all this work be buried? Everyone should have access to this knowledge. That is when it occurred to me that the perfect solution already exists. It is RxEconsult! All posters, presentations, papers, projects, can be published on RxEconsult as articles for everyone to access.
When you publish your work on RxEconsult you significantly increase your visibility and opportunity to collaborate with others because we will promote your article through several channels, promoting you in the process. Moreover, by sharing your knowledge you help others who are looking for solutions to everyday health problems. If we all share our knowledge we will move healthcare forward. This is the value of RxEconsult and the opportunity the platform provides. What are you waiting for? Turn that poster, slide deck, presentation, project into an article and start sharing your knowledge! 
Thank you for your continued support,
O. Ogbru, PharmD
CEO | Founder
New Features of Version 2.0
We will review a new feature each week.
ARTICLES (Revisited))
Articles are the main promotional tool on the web. Write a good article and people will read, share your article, and want to know more about you. Articles are a great way to share knowledge and demonstrate your expertise. Anyone can share their knowledge on the web. Articles are also the main knowledge sharing and promotional tool on RxEconsult. This is why we devoted a lot of effort to redesigning the article listing page and article detail page. We added thumb nail pictures and summary of each article to the article listing page. We added vibrant pictures on article detail page and moved the share icons so they are more visible. 
Your articles are now listed on your profile page and you can access and edit your articles by selecting "My Articles" from the articles tab in the navigation bar. Articles are also featured on the logged in home of every member and on the main RxEconsult home page. Visitors can also read other articles published by you by selecting your name at the end of the article they are reading. We also upgraded the text editor, improving the creation of articles. E-spotlights are promoted articles and they have a special aqua color in the listing page and home pages (more about these in the future). 
Learn about posting articles by visiting the publish article page. When you publish an article you contribute to knowledge, help people find solutions, and you increase your online visibility. Give it a try. 
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