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Issue #169  August 2019
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Thanks for taking  time out of your busy day to visit with us for a bit! We've got some fun stuff for you to enjoy this time as well as a couple of "HOT" announcements concerning brand new products, one of which has just been added to our lineup and another which is coming very SOON!
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August 2019 "Eye Candy"
The bags you see below are among those that customers have shared recently on either our FaceBook business page, our Instagram feed or on our Group page on FaceBook. So thanks to EVERYONE! They were ALL great but here's a few of my favorites!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Diane Rhodes created this amazing Uptown Saddlebag for her sister who LOVED the 1st Uptown Bag that she made for her a while back.

And this is Dawn Eratt‘s 1st Sling Along and while she says that she found it challenging, she will definitely be making MORE! And isn’t this a striking color combo?
This is Risa Mitchell‘s 3rd Boho Baguette & she says that she's VERY  pleased with it! She adds that she learned a few things, made a few mistakes but that overall this has been a great experience!
Susan Hobert bought this fabric in Copenhagen in 1969 & has carried it thru many, many moves  because she couldn’t bear to cut into it unless the project was perfect for the print!  But NOW, she's glad she made the decision to use it on this Sling Along!
Debbie Harris posted these pics on her way to Michigan to gift this Sling Along to her 93 yr old aunt. She chose the green fabric because her aunt is Irish & added the gold contrast  because she’s a “golden oldie”!

And this is Carla Marett‘s very 1st Sling Along & added that she took each step in this project “one step at a time” to ensure that she missed nothing! The result? She LOVES it & will be making more!
And here we have pictures of the very 1st customer-made Bangle Buddie! Gail Peters describes her bag as fairly conservative but that she loves working with batiks!
And Dawn Eratt is back with yet another Sling Along which is destined to be another gift, but guess what? Dawn says she loves this one so much she doesn’t want to part with it, so she just might duplicate this look for herself!
This is Kirby Roswell‘s 1st Sling Along and wasn’t she BRAVE to choose vinyl for the exterior (for everything but the front pouch area)! Isn’t it fabulous? great job Kirby!

Virginia Compton says she made this, her 1st Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert exactly like the cover model. It fits perfectly into her Quattro & she plans on customizing her next one to meet her personal needs!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Trending on our Website this Month-
Just in case you missed any of our posts this past month, you can easily catch up with the rest us because they're ALL listed below!
And now... Check out the "Oldie but Goodie" from our Archives
8/16/2018- Eight Ways to Improve Your Fussy-Cutting
TWO for your Viewing Pleasure-
Click image or HERE to see some cute kittens seeing themselves in a mirror for the 1st time (none of them are mine).
Mom's of ALL kinds get tired and sometimes don't feel like playing! Click image or HERE for a larger view.
NY Skylines- in TWO new colorways!
And for all of you who fell   in love with the green New York Skylines fabric I used on our Sling Along cover model, here's some EXCITING NEWS!
Now it's available in a stunning blue and a warm rosy pink, and if this looks just right for a project you have coming up, click HERE to see more details and to buy some for YOUR stash!
Ever since Tevas were re-introduced into my life four years ago, I haven't stopped loving them - and bringing them with me on nearly every trip I take in the summer months. So when I saw that the geniuses behind Arizona Love were wrapping "trekky" sandals in strips of colorful bandanas, I kicked myself for not thinking of the idea myself. Obviously, I had to give it a try myself. {Click HERE to read more!}
Quote of the Month-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
NEW on our Website! Solid GOLD Zippers
Ok, well maybe they aren't actually SOLID gold, but they LOOK like they are!
Our new zipper style for Fall 2019 arrived early and we couldn't be more thrilled!
This new gold zip, (which you see in the picture at right, 2nd from right), comes in our three most popular sizes, 10" and 20" closed bottom and a 22" purse style (closed at both ends with 2 zipheads).
To pick up one or a handful for your upcoming Fall projects, go HERE!
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
People of all ages become deeply connected to their pets, but in the lives of teenagers, animals often play a special role. Indeed, pets provide comforts that seem to be tailor-made for the stresses of normal adolescent development.
To start, animals don’t judge — and teenagers are generally subjected to a great deal of judgment. Adults tend to harbor negative stereotypes about adolescents, and even those who feel neutral or positive about young people often engage them with the aim of cultivating their growth in one way or another.  {click HERE to read more}
I used to be one of those “wake up at 4 a.m.” or “keep chugging ‘til 4 a.m.” guys who grinds away at work for hours while everybody else sleeps. It’s how I wrote a thousand blog posts in a thousand days. But I now understand that you can only drive in the express lane for so long before the wheels come off.
I finally found a solution that I feel has saved my career, my time, and my sanity. If you’re with me right now, I bet you need this solution too: I call it “Untouchable Days”.   
      {Click image or HERE to read more}
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click image or HERE for a larger view
Coming SOON! Our NEW Pattern for Fall 2019!
This month we've started slowly revealing what will be our brand NEW bag pattern for Fall 2019!
It's a smaller-type bag (but not TOO small), with a couple of features we've become known for, such as a secret niche area which is perfect for a smart phone as well as a nice, roomy zippered main comartment but in this cycle we're introducing a brand NEW type of hardware.... GATE RINGS!
Gate Rings are totally cool and actually function much like a snaphook in that they have a little push-lever that makes them moveable, and will allow for you to carry this little bag in THREE different ways by simply moving the rings about!
Want to see more?

Great! I was hoping you would say that! The pre-release Blog posts have already begun but you can use these hotlinks to see WAY more pictures and get much more information about this new design below!
I'm shooting for a mid-late September release for this one but first... I gotta come up with a name, so if you have any bright ideas, do let me hear 'em! And stay tuned for next month's issue of Kat Bytes when we'll surely have more info available for you!
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