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  Summer 2015
Dear VCC Members & Friends,
Medical Lobby Poised to Promote Mandatory Vaccination in Canada
As if today’s parents don’t have enough to worry about trying to raise healthy children in a world awash in toxic chemicals that contaminate our food, air and water, we are now threatened with mandatory medical treatment of our children in order for them to attend school or day care. In a direct attack on parents’ right to make well considered and informed health care decisions for their children, the board of directors of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) plans to pass a resolution to remove vaccine decision making from parents.

Earlier this summer, a National Post headline announced, “Doctors’ lobby (CMA) calls for mandatory vaccinations”. The article goes on to say that the leaders of the country’s largest doctors’ group are calling for mandatory vaccinations “amid concerns growing numbers of 'vaccine hesitant' parents are spurning the shots.” The resolution will be voted on at the CMA general council meeting in Halifax, August 23-26. The 80,000 member organization is silent on the issue of philosophical and religious exemptions.

Following in the footsteps of its American counterparts, the Canadian Medical Association is moving to align its policies with the American Medical Association (AMA) and its numerous allied medical trade groups which have adopted hardline resolutions to eliminate parental choice from vaccine decision making as recently happened in California where parents lost the right to personal belief exemptions from vaccination for children enrolled in school or daycare. Their intention is to disempower parents and make doctors the sole arbiters of who qualifies for hard to get medical exemptions, often denied even to those who are vaccine injured.
A conglomerate of medical trade groups, sponsored by Pharma orchestrated the elimination of personal belief exemptions for school children in the most populated state in the U.S.  The California SB277 debacle was led by Vaccinate California and California Immunization Coalition, a project of the Immunization Action Coalition that is funded by Astra Zeneca, BioCSL, Merck, Novartis Vaccines, Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur and CDC. The American Academy of Pediatrics and California Medical Association, which are also funded by pharmaceutical companies, were among the supporters of SB277, as well as Biocom that represents Pfizer, Merck, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi, Monsanto and Kaiser Permanente.  Other proponents of forced vaccination included an additional long list of medical trade and government employee associations that receive state and industry funding along with the Secular Coalition for America, which is an anti-religious belief lobbying organization with 50 state chapters. They are now aiming to impose their mandatory vaccine agenda across the country.

A June 2 CMA announcement titled,“CMA to take on ‘alternate universe of facts’ hindering vaccination”, declares its intention to take on a “high-profile stance in support of strategies to improve immunization rates”. Outgoing CMA president Chris Simpson finds it hard to understand why people in the “anti-vaccination” movement ignore medical advice, preferring instead to rely on an “alternate universe of facts”.

Perhaps Dr. Simpson and Co. are themselves the bastion of this “alternate universe of facts” in their steadfast refusal to address the health injuries caused by vaccines.  Perhaps they’re unaware of Canada's dual reporting system which obfuscates the real picture of vaccine reactions and injuries occurring in Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) operates one of these databases which has recorded 87,911 adverse vaccine reports from 1992 to 2012 and is estimated to represent only 1-10% of adverse events. This data is kept behind closed doors and is inaccessible to the public. Where is the CMA's concern about the large Canadian study which found that 1 in 186 children ended up in ER after MMR vaccine and recorded several deaths during the study period?
Vaccine Adverse Events - New Report

Vaccine Choice Canada has just released an updated Report on the Canadian vaccine adverse events data bases that raises important questions about vaccine safety. It should give serious pause to CMA members forwarding a mandatory vaccination agenda.  Our report is an analysis of recent adverse events reports from both the Canada Vigilance (CV) data base, and the PHAC data base known as CAEFISS. The increase in serious adverse events (SAE) is especially noticeable in reports for babies under 2 years old. The highest number of SAEs were tagged to pneumococcal C and meningococcal C vaccines, both of which are administered in multiple doses to infants under (or at) 1 year of age. The most common types of adverse events were neurological and immune system disorders.

Based on recently released data by the government, our updated Report reveals that in 2014 infants under 1 year of age experienced 35% of all Serious Adverse Events. This is up from 30% for the previous 3 years. Revealed also,  is that babies under 2 years of age experienced 61% of all serious events, up from 54% in previous 3 years. And finally, we see that young children, toddlers and infants (all aged less than 7 years old) experienced 72.5% of all serious adverse events following immunization in 2014 compared to 70.5% on average in the previous 3 years.  Clearly it is the youngest, most vulnerable children receiving the highest number of multiple combinations vaccines who are hardest hit by the current vaccine schedule. 

It’s not that parents are ignoring medical advice, it’s that too many families across Canada have seen their healthy children succumb to neurological and immune system injuries following vaccination - injuries acknowledged by the Public Health Agency of Canada to comprise the most commonly reported types of serious adverse events following immunization. Parents whose children have suffered adverse reactions and injuries are motivated to study the scientific literature and make their own well informed conclusions about vaccine safety.  Simply put, growing numbers of parents no longer trust the medical system and its “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra.  Parents are wary of a government health bureaucracy that buries vaccine side effects in an indecipherable dual reporting system that is mostly inaccessible to the public. Families are increasingly protective of their children, and will not be bullied into accepting the “one size fits all” bloated vaccine schedule which in Canada calls for multiple doses of 14 vaccines by age 2.
CMA ignores legal vaccine exemptions and its own code of ethics

Dr. Simpson noted that “….immunization in Canada is a complex issue and that, with few exceptions, the provinces consistently fall below national targets for vaccine coverage for six preventable diseases: invasive meningococcal disease, invasive pneumococcal disease, varicella, pertussis, influenza and rubella. Simpson said this is even true of the two – Ontario and New Brunswick – where childhood vaccination is mandatory.”

Surely Chris Simpson must be aware that legislation in both Ontario and New Brunswick, governing vaccination of children in school and daycare, provides for legal exemptions from vaccination for personal belief reasons of conscience and religion and that these vaccine exemptions have been in place for decades.  Nowhere does the word “mandatory” appear in Ontario’s Immunization of School pupils Act.  For Simpson to state that childhood vaccination is “mandatory” when it is NOT, is either an appalling ignorance of the law, or a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

The CMA’s proposed resolution to eliminate parents’ right to decide which if any vaccines a child would receive, violates its own medical code of ethics which upholds the right of the patient to “make informed decisions about their medical care” and to “accept or reject any medical care recommended”. Forced medical treatment contravenes Canadian Medical Law which enshrines the individual’s right to voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking as a foundational medical ethic.  As well, the resolution breaches the various international treatise which uphold Universal Human Rights so well articulated in this European petition.  The CMA resolution undermines the right of families to protect their children from unwanted medical interference and is an ill disguised attempt to invalidate the personal freedoms of conscience and religion guaranteed to all citizens by the Canadian Charter.
Wielding enormous power and influence over government health regulators, medical lobby groups like the CMA enjoy privileged access to mass media coverage which enables them to dominate and control the message.  They are given carte blanche to push their agenda, while at the same time marginalizing all opposition.  By endorsing mandatory vaccination policies, they have launched an all out war on our most basic human rights and personal freedoms - the right to bodily integrity, and the right to refuse unwanted medical treatments for ourselves and our children. There’s a principle at stake here that is vaster than barring unvaccinated or partially vaccinated from a public education. Medical lobby groups like the CMA may find that their ill conceived intentions could backfire in surprising ways.  
We remind the CMA that in 1996, the Canadian National Immunization Report stated, “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Three provinces require proof of immunization for school entrance: Ontario and New Brunswick for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization; Manitoba for measles. But, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.”

By failing to mention legal exemptions vaccines in the two provinces that provide them, it begs the question; Is the CMA misleading the public, the MPs it plans to lobby in support of “mandatory vaccination”, and its own members - the doctors who are the main vaccine providers for infants and young children ? Doctors cannot obtain fully informed consent to vaccination if they mislead parents into believing that vaccines are mandatory for school and daycare. Will the CMA also mislead Members of Parliament (who may be unaware of legal exemption provisions in Ontario and New Brunswick) by promoting the misinformation (as does Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care) that vaccinations for children in school and daycare are “mandatory” in these provinces when they are NOT?

The CMA’s online advocacy, “getting involved” includes an “MD-MP Contact Program” to help CMA members connect with their local Member of Parliament, and provides “advocacy skills training.” Will the CMA urge MPs and provincial health ministers to introduce mandatory vaccination legislation across Canada (where none exists now) even though vaccination rates are high, where there is no public health emergency, and only 1.5% of children are unvaccinated?

The CMA website does not disclose the group’s funding, but was criticized in a 2009 Globe and Mail article when it was announced that “Pfizer Canada said it will provide $780,000 to fund the new ‘continuing medical education’ or CME program, designed to inform physicians of new developments in medicine and help maintain their skills. Two Pfizer staff members will also sit on an administrative board, responsible for overseeing, implementing and evaluating the program, along with two staff members from the medical association and two individuals from outside organizations.”
CMA and Ontario Ministry of Health trumpet mandatory vaccination

The CMA is not alone in trumpeting “mandatory vaccination” in Canada.  In 2012, VRAN (now Vaccine Choice Canada) filed a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman about Ontario’s Ministry of Health & Long Term Care which for many years, has withheld knowledge of the availability of legal exemptions from the public. Its immunization page does not provide access to the Act where people could read about their rights, nor to exemption forms.  On our website, Vaccine Choice Canada provides ease of access to these documents.  We presented the Ombudsman with an extensive dossier (collected over many years) of press releases, media articles, suspension threat notices to students whose vaccine records are incomplete, and information bulletins to parents, which make no mention of legally available vaccine exemptions. The Ministry’s obfuscation of this information misleads parents to believe that vaccines for school and daycare are mandatory, and prevents them from making an informed decision.

In 2014, three more vaccines were added to the ‘required’ list of vaccines for school entry which the Ministry characterizes as “mandatory” which they certainly are not.  These additional vaccines are covered by the same legal exemptions provided for in the Immunization of School Pupils Act which applies to any and all vaccines, regardless of how many are ‘required’ for school entry.

Although our complaint to the Ombudsman culminated in a meeting with representatives of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, it bore no fruit. The Ministry persists in broadcasting “mandatory vaccination” misinformation which plays out in the media, and on its website in violation of both the spirit and intent of the Act which provides for the right to personal belief and religious exemptions from vaccination for all families in Ontario.
Impact of vaccines on the developing brain

The largest and most intensive delivery of vaccines happens in the first two years of life, the most critical period of immune system and brain development upon which vaccines can have devastating impact.  In Canada a baby receiving the recommended pediatric vaccine schedule can receive up to 14 vaccines combined into 42 doses by 18 months of age.

It’s time to stop soft pedaling vaccines as benign immune stimulants whose benefits outweigh the risks.  It’s time to name vaccines for what they are, complex biochemical compounds, which by definition are drugs, with known capability of crossing the infant’s still unformed blood brain barrier. Once injected, vaccines cannot be deactivated or removed should something go wrong. They are comprised of elaborate “proprietary” formularies for which full disclosure of ingredients or manufacturing processes is never given. Vaccine formulas may include genetically engineered organisms, animal and human cell DNA, foreign protein particles, novel growth mediums, neurotoxic adjuvants, and other secret ingredients protected by the drug companies that make them and the governments that license these products.  

As explained by neuroscientist Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD in a discussion about the effects of vaccine adjuvants on the brain, “There is a huge body of research that shows, if you overstimulate the immune system at the periphery, especially in the critical stage of early development, you are going to influence the brain in a negative way, and by doing so, you can create irreversible damage. This is research that is rarely discussed, because it really shows that there is reason to question the safety of the burden of vaccines given to infants. The backbone of this research was done 30 years ago. We already knew that there is a significant connection between the immune system and the central nervous system. They communicate. You cannot influence the immune system at the periphery without changing something in the brain……[and]… if you increase an immune response artificially at the periphery, you are going to mess up the brain.”  

Even the partial list of ingredients disclosed in vaccine product inserts should put every parent on high alert.  “Excessive vaccination can result in brain inflammation and brain swelling that can be prolonged, even lasting years, if not decades”, warns neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD
Health officials encroaching on parental rights

Health officials have been encroaching on parental rights for a long time in violation of the informed consent ethic. Our right to determine what medical treatments our children receive was compromised years ago when provincial governments embedded the “mature minor” ruling into health care Acts. This ruling allows minor children to make medical decisions without parental knowledge or consent.  For example, In 1993 the British Columbia Infants Act, gave health care providers the right to determine what is best for your child. Under this legislation, doctors or other “health care providers” will NOT have to seek parental consent or even notify parents of services given to children as long as they are “satisfied” that the child understands the “risks and benefits” of the medical procedure.

Similar “mature minor” rulings have been embedded in other provincial health care Acts.  Unbeknownst to most Canadian’s the “mature minor” ruling removes parental decision making and enables their minor children of no defined age, to access birth control devices, abortion services and vaccines without their consent.  Public Health has unfettered access to children as young as eleven in the school setting where it applies coercive means to induce children to sign vaccine consent forms under threat of suspension from school.

Isn’t it time for Canadian parents to rise up in vocal opposition to any plan that would undermine our most basic human right to protect our children from medical and government overreach?  Isn’t it time for parents across the country to protect their inalienable right to determine which medical treatments they and their children will or will not receive?  The CMA resolution intends to eviscerate our right to Informed Consent to medical risk taking, and to remove our right to say “NO” to invasive medical procedures and drugs that carry a risk of injury and death.  Vaccines are such drugs!  

Please voice your concern to the CMA board of directors. Let them know that you are vigorously opposed to their “mandatory vaccination” resolution coming up for vote on August 23-26, 2015.

Address your comments to:
Dr. Cindy Forbes – President Elect of the Canadian Medical Association
1867 Alta Vista Dr.
Ottawa, ON K1G 5W8

Dominique Jolicoeur - Communications Officer
Tel: 613-731-8610 x2038
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Current President (to August 2015) Dr. Chris Simpson
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