Dear MACRO members,

I am pleased to announce the MACRO Student Honorarium Award winners for 2007. Congratulations to all of our student winners, and their sponsoring faculty!

Megan Arns, Truman State University
Megan is an undergraduate student at Truman State University, majoring in percussion performance. She is a very motivated and talented performer. She is a strong supporter of new music and is currently studying composition.
MACRO member sponsor: Warren Gooch

Jack Ballard, Kent State University
Jack is a doctoral student in music theory/composition at Kent State University. He enjoys working in film and time-line scoring, and is exploring the acoustical properties of extended tertian sonorities as a dissertation topic.
MACRO member sponsor: Ralph Lorenz

Joshua Baum, Truman State University
Joshua is currently working on a masters degree is vocal performance at Truman State University. He is a very talented vocalist and also a very active composer. He is currently in the process of composing his own musical.
MACRO member sponsor: Warren Gooch

Joshua Bornfield, Eastern Michigan University
Joshua is working on two masters degrees at Eastern Michigan University, one in guitar performance and one in composition. His work reflects the value of combining varied aspects of the study of music, namely performance, theory, and composition. This is one of the most fundamental missions of the MACRO organization.
MACRO member sponsor: Marilyn Saker

Stephanie Goodwin, Truman State University
Stephanie is an undergraduate student majoring in vocal performance. She is a very talented and creative vocalist. She is involved in the performance and composition of new music, and also wrote a set of poems for five new songs that she will perform on her recital this spring.
MACRO member sponsor: Warren Gooch

Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful future to all of our honorarium winners!