Animal Holidays for June
Adopt-a-Cat Month®. AHA
Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. ASPCA
National Pet Preparedness Month
National Microchipping Month
June 2-8: Pet Appreciation Week. 1st week in June
June 4: Hug Your Cat Day
June 8: Best Friends Day
June 9: World Pet Memorial Day. 2nd Sun. in June
June 11: Just One Day. Take the no-kill pledge.
June 16-22: Animal Rights Awareness Week
June 17: Take Your Cat to Work Day®
June 19: National Garfield the Cat Day
June 24: Cat World Domination Day
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Insects in pet ingredients!?
Research and funding are making insects more viable in pet food.
Last year, insects ranked No. 1 among all pet food ingredients searched for on – more than several other ingredients prevalent in the news, such as potatoes, taurine, and CBD.
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June 7, 2019
National Pet Preparedness Month
Since June is National Pet Preparedness Month, here is a list of articles to help us all prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

A disaster can displace people and pets from their homes and they might need to be rescued and cared for to ensure they survive the event. There are things we can and must do to help achieve a positive outcome.

But here's the thing: Not everybody gets to go home and resume their lives where they left off. Because advance preparations will help, it must be noted that the "disaster" may not be what you expected either.

I'm talking about the following:
1. Natural events (Storms, floods, fires, etc.)
2. Manmade disasters (War, terrorism, chemical spills, industrial accidents, etc.)
3. The Ultimate Disaster (illness or death of the pet's owner.)

In all of these, we must ask ourselves: What do you want to happen to your pets if you can't be there for them?

To explore discussions on the usual scenarios, visit my website:

Then save the following links to consider the options and strategies for helping your animals when you no longer can:

Create Your Humane Legacy
A bequest is easy to create and flexible if your needs change.

Use Pet Planning to Ensure Your Pets’ Wellbeing When You’re Gone
Jan. 3, 2017

Protecting your pets after you're gone: How to create a pet trust
June 3, 2019

How to Ensure Your Pets are Cared for After You’re Gone
March 28, 2013

What happens to your pets after you’re gone? Here’s how to protect them.
June 3, 2019

For ALL of the above scenarios, start with an emergency plan, even if you have a will. Because probating a will can take a long time, you need to have early, short term arrangements made in advance and stated in the will. For example, it may be necessary to have a neighbor feed the dog for a few days until relatives can arrive to pick him up. Creating a trust can help by providing money early in the process to take care of any pets. Discuss these things with your attorney to be sure they are included in estate handling plans.

Otherwise, pets that are simply found on the property generally will be taken to an animal control facility, where they could be euthanized.



Cats are Seduced by Catnip

What do cats do when they are on their own?
Researchers strapped video cameras on 16 cats and let them do their thing. Here’s what they found.