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Issue #165 -April 2019
 Hello and WELCOME!
Thanks for checking in with us because we've included some FUN stuff in today's edition that sure to kick your day off in a good way!Be sure to scroll all the way through to find out about a new pattern release coming us soon as well as a flash sale on the most popular pattern we've EVER created!
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April 2019 "Eye Candy"
The bags you see below are among those that customers have shared recently on either our FaceBook business page, our Instagram feed or on our Group page on FaceBook. So thanks to EVERYONE! They were ALL great & here's a few of my favorites!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Kim Mills said that this probably is the most challenging bag she's ever sewn but that she's REALLY happy with how her Sling Along turned out! (and by the way, this excellent model is her daughter!)
And here's Celia Ann Oliver's latest Bellagio Bag. This time she used her usual tweed and also for the first time, some cork for the flap with the usual LOVELY result!

Therese Weyland created this fun Sling Along for her granddaughter who lives in Alaska and loves wolves.
Gail Kelly said that she luv, luv, LUVS this Sling Alongdesign! She did a good deal of fussy-cutting & was especially pleased with how her strap looks, & actually that's MY favorite part as well!
Bunnie Cleland stopped by my booth at the MAQF specifically to show me this spectacularly pieced HipBag Hybrid. I tried to photograph this beauty but I'm afraid these pictures really don't do justice. It was THAT good!

And here's Sandra Doty's color-coordinated
Everyday Attache
. Sandra brightened my day by stopping by our booth at the MAQF to show us this beauty!
This is Karen Pennington's 1st Flaptastic bag! I like the fabrics Karen chose for her bag. It's the perfect combination of neutral yet compelling!
Delores McCann posted this picture of her totally YUMMY Walkabout Wallet on our FaceBook Pattern Group page with very little explanation but I absolutely fell in love with it! It looks like a wallet you'd find in a department store, no?
I flipped over this beachtime Go-Go Compact when Angelia Loggie proudly showed it to me in Hampton at the MAQF.

And finally, isn't this monogram to die for? Mona Ward shared this picture of her Sling Along recently on our FaceBook Group page & it created quite a sensation! It's beautifully constructed and the embroidery is impeccable!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Cat Picture of the Month-
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Trending on our Website this Month-
Just in case you missed any of our posts this past month, you can easily catch up with the rest us because they're ALL listed below!
And now... Check out the "Oldie but Goodie" from our Archives
12/16/14-Eight Reasons to Make Your Own Bias Tape
TWO for your Viewing Pleasure-
Click image or HERE to see this kitty rescue!
Click image or HERE to see who wins this fight, the fisherman or the crocodile!
Coming SOON at StudioKat Designs-
We're putting the final touches on our brand new pattern for Spring 2019, the Bangle Buddie, and if all goes well we should be ready to release it sometime in mid to late May!
The Bangle Buddie is great for everyday or for traveling with 2 completely separate inner storage compartments! It can be worn as a shoulder bag of course, but it can also be carried by the grab n' go handle. PLUS- by simply adding a 2nd shoulder strap and an O-ring, this bag can be worn as a backpack which I know many of you enjoy! For more details and to see more pictures just click HERE to read one of our latests posts about it!  
Quote of the Month-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
The "Tech" Desk- YouPatch.Com
Designing pixel quilts used to be tedious and time-consuming. But YouPatch makes it FAST, fun and accessible!
I haven't tried this service, but the moment I heard about I figured that many of you might be interested in it. Find out more HERE!
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Cats in the News- Remy, the Humanities Cat
Remy's real home is about a mile away from the Harvard University campus, where he lives with his family (and a less-adventurous feline brother), but he loves to roam- and when he does the Harvard campus is his favorite go-to visiting site where he has become a much-celebrated unofficial mascot!
Click HERE to find out where you'll find Remy!
When I was a kid, I often heard the phrase, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Like many millennials-- who are now of course accused of wanted too much in terms of job satisfaction and security-- I was encouraged to view any of my interests or talents as a possible career.
So how did we get to the point where free time is so full of things we HAVE to do that there's no room for the things we GET to do?
 Click HERE to read more.
This Month's Featured Product- Porta-Pockets Purse Insert
This month we're featuring our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert which has the honored distinction of being the overall best-selling pattern we have EVER released. This pattern was released in 2006 and probably was singularly responsible for "putting us on the map", but here's the thing...
Since that time however, we have released the Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert which has somewhat overshadowed its predecessor. Frown
And so with this backdrop in mind, if you'd like to pick up a copy of this oldie but still a goodie, why not take advantage of this terrific discount offer while it lasts! Just use discount code ITSSPRING to get $5.00 off the retail price of the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert pattern!
But please don't delay-this discount offer will expire at midnight on Friday, April 19th!
Please note that this offer cannot be used in combination with any other discount offer nor can it be applied to purchases made prior to April 15th
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