Hi Cat Lover!

Everyone is having Black Friday sales today and I wasn't going to do anything,
but a few of you asked for something special to celebrate the start of the
holiday shopping season. So here's what I came up with, and you don't have to
buy ANYTHING, unless you want to.

Just submit a review for any of my books at Amazon, and I'll send you my ebook,
The Cat Lady Collection, free. It's an assortment of 35 articles I've written about cats
over the years and contains useful information on a variety of topics, such as....

traveling with a cat
moving to a new home
winterizing outdoor cats
how to name a cat
litterbox problems
finding a lost cat
catching a cat
teaching kids how to care for a pet
and much more... 79 pages in all

Just let me know when your review has been submitted and which book you wrote
about, and I'll email you the CatLady ebook.

Here is the list of books you can choose from to review, along with the page
at Amazon to write it:

1. How to Make Your Cat Adore You


2. 7 Steps to 9 Lives


3. Moving With Pets


This special deal is good through the weekend. I'll be sending out the CatLady
books to all reviewers on Monday.

Thank you, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday, if you
celebrate it, and are enjoying your weekend.