Hello Cat Lover!

Well, 2008 is off to a cold start! Sure hope you and
your kitties are keeping warm at your house! Since we
moved to the farm, we've had a challenge keeping
everyone warm here, including ourselves!

Thanks to everyone who sent in some fantastic links
this month! I will include them below.


I'm going to be interviewed by a new cat book author
this month and will likely have some of it included
in his book. I will let you know when, and what his
book is going to be called, and how you can get one!
Just remember, it takes a while for a book to be written,
and then published. I'm excited, and honored to be asked!


Cats cuddle in this February 2, 2007 Yahoo! News Photo:

Thanks to Judy for sharing this link.
You may have to copy then paste it into
your own browser if this one breaks up.
It's pretty long! But it's worth a look!

And another one from Judy:


I've used Classical music to calm my cats at the shelter, but most often
have played it on the radio on those dreaded visits to the vet!
It really works!


This is a fun little game you can play during a coffee break!
Nothing to download... just play it online:

(Don't let the cat escape!)


Here is a story about a cat that lived on a mountain top
and was just retired by park rangers:
[Link expires on 1-26-08]

If you miss that deadline, you can still read about the cat here:


A gift from Animal Planet: a 2008 calendar!

I sent this out before Christmas, but just in case you didn't
get it then, or missed the information, here it is again:


You need a PDF reader to use this calendar. If you need it, it's free, and
is available here:



cute video: cats chatting -


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