Volume 9, Number 4                                                                                          April 2016
From the Editor
From Gloria Waryas
President of ANNR-East
Voting as a member is your right. We are a membership organization and it is you our members that are important. Even though we only have three candidates and three positions, it is still important to vote. It shows you care about those who so willingly volunteer their time. I would love to see more candidates for you to choose from, but very few people volunteer. It is heartbreaking to me that we, as nudists/naturists that we don’t stand up for our cause. We must continuously battle for our rights and we need you. We need you to vote and to volunteer to keep us strong. Please take a few minutes of your time to send in your vote. If you would like to volunteer feel free to contact me at any time.
Also your vote on the AANR Ballot is just as important. Two years ago, the votes that came in from our region were miniscule and we are a large region. Let’s make our region the greatest region and show the America’s that we care about being Nudists/Naturists and utilize our rights as members.
Sunshine and Smiles Naturally,
Gloria Waryas, President

The Sun and Our Health
The sun has gotten a really bad reputation lately. Everyone seems to be telling us and our families that "the sun is so bad for you..." Well, there is some truth in it, but you have to know the full story. Any extreme is bad for us. Our bodies were not meant to take extreme amounts of anything for long periods of time. Too much sun is no worse than too much heat, too much cold, or even too much water! As it has always been, it is the extremes that are bad for us. Our bodies actually NEED the Sun. Our bodies make Vitamin D from being in the Sun. We also need to supplement with Vitamin D and Calcium. Our bodies use the Vitamin D, in the presence of the Sun's Rays, to absorb calcium we need for bones and other bodily needs. So, instead of running away from the Sun, and all that naked fun, use some precautions, a modest amount of sunscreen, a modest amount of sun, a modest amount of fluids, etc. See the pattern there?  

Swimsuits are not natural...Really, they are not natural at all... 
Please excuse my silliness but sometimes you need to illustrate absurdity by...being absurd. The human record goes back about 7000 or so years. Of those 7000 years, we have had swimsuits around for what, maybe 150-200 years? Let us be generous here and give the most prudish naysayers a 200-year window for swimsuits for the masses. All the way back to 1816??? Anyone really think that the farm and agrarian culture that dominated the world back then had time, not to mention money or other resources, for swimsuits? We all know they did not. That amounts to less than 3% of recorded history having swimsuits for the more prudish in society. Think on that for a moment. Without swimsuits, what were good righteous people supposed to do? Go Naked! For centuries families literally shared bath tubs in the family room and swimming holes with the community. The Roman Baths were certainly used naked as the art of the time can attest. The men at the gymnasium certainly were naked too. The word gymnasium implies being naked or the place to be naked. Now gymnasiums were for mental as well as physical fitness.  Imagine that, going to school naked and not having to dress out for gym class!
Grown men took classes naked.
Grown men played sports naked. 
Grown men went to war naked.
Skipping the next 5300 years or so, good society still bathed naked and nobody went blind or turned into raving sex fiends. Guess what? You need to know about the Jewish mikveh or baptism. Tradition says that the mikveh is a common part of Judaism. The mikveh was practiced by the early church, and was AND is still done naked. Nudity was just viewed as part and parcel of the human experience. Starting in the 1700-1800s only the very wealthy women at the most elite resorts could afford what even the most repressed of our society would call ridiculous coverings that went from head-to-toe even covering the ladies' hair. Men seem to have not been affected by this craziness until the Victorian Era in the 1870s or so when all this insanity really started. 
Jumping all the way to the 1970s, naked boys and men swimming were a common sight in the YMCAs and even the public schools...AND we still did not have mass hysteria in the streets. The YMCA REQUIRED naked swimming! How did we get so off track? How did we get to where we are today? That would take a library full of books and a lifetime to study. For thousands of years mankind just accepted that naked bathing was common place for the entire world. Yes, even the most pious, most prudish, and most self-righteous among us bathed naked in the nearest pond, river, or ocean with the community watching. That is right, old Pastor So-and-So, Father Whats-his-name, Pope Whomever, Sister Whos-its, and even Old public and were still considered to be great folks. But lets us cut to the chase of the "Make Social Nudity Cool" movement. What we really need to do is "Make Social Nudity Cool...AGAIN!"


Something to think about...Do most folks secretly want to be nudists?
I recently told a friend why I thought Americans were so attracted to owning their own backyard swimming pools...Skinny Dipping! The truth is I think most people fantasize about the freedom to be nude at least in their own backyard. The sun is great on our skin and the feeling of a cooling breeze over you is just one of life's great simple pleasures. Many common folks and many celebrities extol the virtues of nude living. it has become such a part of some of our lives that we really can’t think about not being naked and certainly could not ever conceive of not being naked in the future.
The local water hole, a beach, or your own backyard is great for the first time experience. But there is nothing like having the option to strip off and jump right in. As the weather gets warmer, we look forward to Memorial Day Weekend at our house. A nice relaxing beverage, some bbq on the grill, and of course everyone naked around the pool. Does life get better than that?

Letter from the New Editor

Hello Everyone, My name is David, i have been asked to take over as newsletter editor. Gloria has allowed me to take over as the new newsletter editor. Want to thank everyone for taking your time to read this. I will try to do the newsletter going forward in at least four parts:
1) History of Nudism in Society...(Think of it as a look at how we got where we are today, and how do we get to where we need to be in the future...)
2) Happenings at the many wonderful resorts in the AANR-East Family. (This is where you can advertise your up and coming events. Give me a link, or a short article, and it will get published!)
3)  Any civil cases pending or votes that interest AANR Member Organizations or their Members. (Look at this as a call to action.)
4) A little humor, social conversation, any input from the members will also be a part of the newsletter.

A little about me...
My dad was retired Navy and raised me to be very open minded about nudism. He had been in the navy for 20 years and had little to any modesty left. After i entered the Navy, whatever my prudishness my mom had drilled into my head was permanently gone. In 1981, some Navy buddies and myself went to Sanibel Island and met some of the best folks in the world. Intelligent, funny, educated, and oh yes...NAKED. That one trip still stands out to me. We, a bunch of young sailors, were received with open arms. Being raised in the buckle of the bible belt, that was a level of acceptance that i had never experienced before. It was awesome. Blows me away today to even think about it. Almost every experience i have had since that first one on Sanibel has been the same way. There has been a little boorish behavior by others along the way, but you get that in the office, in the driveway, and even at your house of worship. But by and large social nudity has been a huge plus for me and my family. My wife has been and may go again, but she just cannot take the full sun and heat anymore. My kids are home nudists and have been to several nudist resorts and seem to love it. 

I hope that by helping Gloria, AANR-East, and AANR as a whole, i can help show the rest of the world a better, more open way to live our lives free of the constraints of a really messed up culture out there in 21st Century America. Our ancestors did not grow up and live in the crazy culture we have in America today. 

If you believe in that, then how do you go about doing that? Well, the simple truth is that some of us have careers that we would lose if our employers and/or customers found out at this point in the discussion. Our first steps should include funding those that can speakout for us and our views. Gloria and others at AANR have done that for years. We should support them in their efforts. I have been an AANR Member since 1998. I will be one until I go home. Giving money and support numbers to those in leadership positions is a way we can particiapate in the movement forward and still live in the cold hard textile world. Afterall, we dont want everyone to be a nudist just like we dont want everyone to be anything they dont chose to be. We dont want a society of Stepford Wife Clones. We want individuals to be accepted as who they are and left to do as they want. Sounds about as American as baseball, apple pie, and Motherhood to me.

More later...Make social nudity cool...
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