Greetings friends,
It's hard to believe that Patty and I are leaving for Afghanistan again tomorrow... we're so eager to be going back we can hardly stand it!
This is a "test" message of sorts.  You're receiving this email because you've either asked to receive regular updates from us while we're over there OR I thought you would want to receive them and added you to our list.
If you want to change the email address I'm sending these updates to, you can do so by clicking the CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS link at the bottom of this and every message.  If you simply don't want to receive the daily updates, just click on the LEAVE MAILING LIST link at the bottom of this and every message. 
Shortly after we return I will post our journal and lots of photos (most not included with these updates) to the website so you can always find out what we we're up to at your convenience.
You can also follow the team's progress on a blog set up on the Flatirons Church website following this link.  Updates will be sent back daily (hopefully) by a variety of team members so you'll get a slightly different perspective on life in Afghanistan through others' eyes.
It is my HOPE to send an update directly to this list almost every day during the 11 days of the trip, but that won't necessarily always be possible due to time constraints, available power, internet service interruptions, etc.  So don't worry if you don't hear from me for a couple (or even several) days... it doesn't mean anything bad has happened to us!
We truly value your continued friendship and support.  Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel and for the people of Barek Aub, Kabul, and throughout Afghanistan.
Hopefully my next update will be from the Dubai airport on Thursday letting you know that we're well on our way!
--Bob & Patty
The March 2010 Flatirions International Partnership Team