AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Friday 22 March 2013
In This Issue:
New FAST Survey version 3.1.1 Available
GNSS Solutions Dongles (L1/L2) 'End of Sales' Near
Insuring L1/L2 on PM100 and PM200 (not L1/G1) for OPUS
Check your PM100 / PM200 Firmware Version
FAST Survey 3.1.1 Released
A FAST Survey version is now available. Version 3.1.1 is available in all supported langauges for these devices:
FT1  -  MobileMapper 10   -  MobileMapper 6  -  MobileMapper CX  -  
ProMark 100/120/200/220  -  Ranger 3  -  T41
This link:
[ folder ]
will take you directly to the latest software versions.
The L2 dongle that enabled L2 processing in GNSS Solutions is near end of life. If you think you want one, you need to purchase one As Soon As Possible. (Like today.)
This link: [ 702081-4 ] will get you the current L2 dongle price from us.
Is GNSS Solutions dead? I think ultimately—yes. That said, it currently works well and has a great baseline processor. The current free version will do you a good turn for processing L1 vectors. And, at (under) $1,000 it is just-fine for processing L1/L2 vectors. It is a great deal considering the alternatives.
Will there be new updates? I don't have ANY inside information on this, however I suspect that the current version will not be updated again. It is, what it is, and what it will be.
What is the alternative? SPSO Spectra Precision Survey Office (PN 63700-00) MSRP $2,795 + $350 / year maintenance.
What is the difference between SPSO and TBC (Trimble Business Center)? TBC includes support for a few instruments which are not supported in SPSO and it is possible to purchase a roaming network license of TBC. 
If I think that I might want to own a copy of GNSS Solutions that processes L2 vectors, what should I do? I would purchase a L2 dongle today. Immediately. This link: [ 702081-4 ] will get you the current L2 dongle price from us. As you consider putting off purchasing, I would remind you that several years ago, in this mail list I suggested that everyone with a Parallel Port dongle for GNSS Solutions immediately update to a UBS dongle using a special factory promotion. Few people did and over the past years, I think I have spoken to more than 25 customers who wished they had.

MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100/200 Devices
Recently I have spoken with several PM100 users who don't have the latest firmware.
The correct GNSS Service Layer is: [ W143Hq25 ]
The correct GNSS Toolbox is: [ V3.0 ]
Is My PM200 Tracking L1/L2 or L1/G1?
Yesterday I placed some notes about 'Making Sure your Receiver is Tracking L1/L2'  on my blog [ here ] If you are collecting data for processing in OPUS, take a moment to read it.
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