Tingle Monsters
A Film By Alexandra Serio
The Worlds First ASMR Horror Film
Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/353457507
"I firmly believe that through gender parity and telling women-driven narratives we can begin to change the world. But we must start by taking a sobering look at where we currently are." -Alexandra Serio
Official Selection for Oxford Film Festival 2020
Official Selection for Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2020
Official Selection for Cleveland International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection for 2020 Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival
Screener Link Available. All PR Inquiries to Kathryn Musilek, Shark Party Media: km@sharkpartymedia.com
Upcoming Screening Schedule at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival:
Friday, March 6: 8:45pm- Century 20 Redwood City - Screen 2
Sat, March 7: 11:30am- California Theatre, San Jose
Wed, March 11- 9:15pm- Century 20 Redwood City- Screen 2
Sun, March 15- 10:15am- Century 20 Redwood City- Screen 1
Tingle Monsters is a short film starring, created and directed by Alexandra Serio. The film features an ASMR vlogger with a devoted fan base who returns from an extended absence with a livestream that spirals out of control. Serio firmly believes that violence against women starts with words. Through the lens of an ASMR livestream, Tingle Monsters shows how what people say and think about women affects their real-world treatment. Audiences will witness the consequences of harassment turn dangerous both on-screen and off as her fans, who are watching it unfold from their own screens, comment live.
As stated in the trailer, the most common form of stalking is unwanted phone calls, text, and internet messages. The unconventional format of the film plays on this. Shot in screenlife format with no extra score or sound design, the film is designed to transport viewers into a scenario they are already familiar with—the harassment of women on the internet—ultimately inviting the audience to examine the link between what we say and think about women and their real-world treatment.
In 2014, Alexandra Serio founded Nameless Network, a production and media company that makes educational content for the smartphone generation. For Tingle Monsters, Serio was heavily inspired by her own experience making female-driven content and seeing the abusive comments that the female hosts received. They were attacked for everything from their voice to the way the looked.
Serio also drew inspiration from an Amanda Hess piece called Why Aren't Women Welcome on the Internet for Pacific Standard. In the piece, Amanda shares her own experience with online threats of rape, death, and stalking. "None of this makes me exceptional. It just makes me a woman with an Internet connection", says Hess.
Festival screening details coming soon. Screening links available upon request. 
Alexandra Serio is a Webby-nominated director, writer and producer based in New York City. She is co-founder and chief content officer of Nameless Network, a media and production company that creates video programming for the smart-phone generation. Guerrilla filmmaking and female-driven narratives are her passion. Her latest film "Tingle Monsters" examines the link between internet harassment and physical violence against women.
Dee: Alexandra Serio
Man: Kareem Rahma
Director: Alexandra Serio
Writer: Alexandra Serio
Producer: Nameless Network
Cinematographer: Maxwell Nelson

Editor & VFX: Kostyantin Bakalow
Sound Mix: Dean White
Media Contact:
Kathryn Musilek