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April 2014
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    Randy Blanchard
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Annual Meeting
April 24 - 26, 2014
Hosted by GL Region

WR Derby/Zuchtschau
May 16 & 17
Walla Walla, WA

WR Training Day
May 18
Walla Walla, WA
September 6 & 7
Walla Walla, WA
September 27 & 28
Brewster, WA

October 24, 25 & 26
Eastern Washingon 

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Message from the Western Regional Director
By Frank O'Leary

The first test of the year will be the Derby/Zuchtschau which will be held in Walla Walla, WA, on May 16th & 17th.  The 2014 Western Regional Test Schedule is available by clicking the highlighted link.  For the Derby and Zuchtschau we have secured the services of Herman-Josef Schomakers, insuring there will be no breeder’s conflicts.  For the Derby the Judges will be Herman-Josef Schomakers, Jeff Martin, and Roger Green.  

                          Member Profile
By Mike Kennedy
I am 64 years young; a member of NADKC for the past 8 years and wish I had been a member for the past 37 years.  I began hunting upland birds seriously 37 years ago. I can thank my grandfather’s Collie, Dixie, who used to run through the willows and spruce groves, flushing ruffed grouse into trees in northern British Columbia for introducing me to that wonderful man/dog partnership in bird hunting.

By Rolf Benseler
I was born in San Jose, CA and grew up in Santa Clara County when it was the “Valley of Hearts Delight”.  The first German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) I met was Jack. He belonged to the Jones family who lived up by the San Jose Country Club.  This was shortly after WWII and I was a young, curious teenager.  Mr. Jones was an ambitious, successful building contractor initiating the conversion of the county into Silicon Valley but most importantly to me; he was an avid hunter.  Mrs. Jones was a busy homemaker and community activist and they had a twenty-something year old son afflicted with Down’s Syndrome.  It was Jacks primary duty to hang out and watch over Junior within a cyclone fenced yard.  Jack was very protective as the mailman, milkman and anyone coming through the gate soon found out.  
                     New Member Profile
By Tim Kallas
I started walking with my Dad for pheasants when I was 5.  He was new to hunting and not very passionate about it but he could tell I liked it so we would hunt a fair amount.  I grew up mainly in Wisconsin and Illinois and by the time I could drive I hunted everything I could.  From Woodcock to Whitetails from making my own duck and goose decoys to wading for ducks with no waders, I did it.  We never had a trained dog but I still killed my share of grouse, pheasant, woodcock and waterfowl.  I hunted slowly and quietly.  Do you remember how pleasantly crazy you were when you were young!

By Phil Kress, DVM
Fishing with your DK
For those of you who take your dog with you on those steelhead or salmon fishing forays, beware of a disease commonly called salmon poisoning.  We see it often in the Northwest.  Neorickettsia helminthoeca, carried by the Nanophyetus salmincola fluke, causes the disease, and is picked up by the dog upon ingestion of dead salmon or steelhead, and commonly from the head and viscera left behind after cleaning the fish.  
Working with the Deutsch-Kurzhaar
in Germany
By Randy Blanchard
At the end of February I had the opportunity to spend some time with noted trainer Hermann-Josef Shomarker at his home in Surwold Germany.  Surwold is approximately a one hour’s drive north east of Bremen.  The purpose of the trip was to deliver my friend’s dog, Duke, to prepare him to run in the 2014 Kleemann Prüfung.  Hermann-Josef entertained me for five days.  During that time we talked dogs, did a little training and he took me around to a number of his training sites.  The time was a real education and gave me a perspective into how the Germans work their dogs.  
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