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Finally… we have a GPS mapping/survey handheld capable of replacing all of the devices in the MobileMapper family!
replaces all of these:
Over the past 14 years the MobileMapper series of GPS/GNSS devices has been produced by the same design/engineering team. (Yes, the MobileMapper Pro was initially released in 2004!)
The team and product line has survived a succession of company mergers and acquisitions:
        Thales Navigation, Magellan Professional, Ashtech, Spectra Precision and now Spectra Geospatial
But the MobileMapping family has always had:
        Best-in-class WAAS/SBAS performance
        Great Post-Processed (both single and dual frequency and multi-constellation) Accuracy
        Easy to use MobileMapping and Survey field software
        With a Best-in-class price
The newest generation in the family is the SP20.
I have had my SP20 receiver for a few weeks. This device not only replaces all the handheld mapping grade receivers we have been selling for the last decade, it will fully solve most survey applications and I think that it is the solution for an entire range of geospatial applications that I can’t even imagine.
You can read extensive product notes at this [ web link ]. Here are some quick highlights:
        Full Survey (1 cm) Accuracy tracking GPS+GLO+GAL+BDS multi-frequency. The same engine that is in the SP60 Survey head
        L-Band: utilizes RTX-CenterPoint (subscription required) without a cellular connection
        Even with extremely long baselines (> 300 KM) the SP20 easily achieves decimeter accuracy with Blade’s ‘Long-Range-RTK’
        Directly supports ESRI® Collector with no additional configuration. Just download Collector from the Play Store and it works with no configuration
        Supports MobileMapper Field
        Every GPS aware software tool in the Play Store immediately enjoys 1 cm survey accuracy
        Starts at $3,495 (MSRP); the most expensive highest accuracy RTK configuration is $8,595
        Includes a 2-year warranty
If you are currently using any of the older handheld solutions or are looking for an extremely accurate platform that supports any Android software tool, you need to check out a SP20. To put a fine point this: I am positive that the SP20 is the best high-accuracy solution for ESRI® Collector available, it just works with no messing around.
Accuracy Options can be rented!
There are several real-time and post-processed accuracy options. The real-time options can be rented by the month, or purchased outright. This means if you normally just need WAAS corrected ¼ meter solutions, but occasionally get a project where survey accuracy is needed you can just rent 1 cm accuracy for the project.
In any case, the accuracy options and interactions are going to be hard to get your arms around. Don’t hesitate to call us to get clarifications, we don't want you to purchase an accuracy option that won't do you any good.
iGage Introductory Trade-Up
If you have any existing MobileMapper product that contains MobileMapper Field and you would like to trade-up to a SP20, we will transfer your existing MobileMapper Field license to a SP20 (device return required and this offer expires at the end of 2018.)
Checkout the [ FAQ ] list on our SP20 landing page: SP 20 we are updating the FAQ list daily with the answers to your questions.
Thank you very much for purchasing mobile mapping receivers from us in the past, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any SP20 questions! 
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