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NursingCAS News
December 2011

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NursingCAS & WebAdMIT Support Team

Applicant Video
Important Announcement
Year One Quick Facts
NursingCAS Network
Course Work Entry Service
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Applicant Video
Feel free to link, post, or share this six-minute video overview on how to complete and submit an application through NursingCAS with your applicants, prospective students and staff.
There is also a  four-minute video available on the verification process. View the video. What is verification? Click here for more information.
View a flow chart of the entire application process.

Applicant Tip: Click here for instructions on how to attach and submit a program specific essay/personal statment. Feel free to share these instructions with your prospective students and applicants.
Year One Quick Facts
According to NursingCAS Cycle/Year One data report of October 10, 2011:
Total number of applications: 9,945
Total number of graduate applicants only: 1,357
Total overall cumulative GPA for all NursingCAS applicants: 3.2
Average age of all applicants: 28 years old
Average number of designations an applicant applied to: 1.29
During the first year of NursingCAS, 15% of applications were submitted by men and 34% of applications were submitted by minority students.
In comparison, minority RNs account for only 16.8% of the workforce, and only 6.6% of RNs are men.
Housekeeping Items
Do you need to update your program listing and deadlines? Have there been staff changes at your institution?
Please contact Caroline to update or edit your program listing and deadline(s). Be sure to let her know if there have been staff changes or if a new administrator needs to be added to access your school’s applications in WebAdMIT.
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Caroline Allen
NursingCAS Manager
202-463-6930 x 258
The NursingCAS Team Wishes You a Very Happy Holiday Season and a

Save the Date: NursingCAS Open Conference Call for Participating Schools 
Tuesday, January 17, 2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern Time
The NursingCAS Team and the NursingCAS Advisory Group invite all participating schools to join this open dialogue to discuss pertinent issues, provide updates, answer any questions you may have, and give you the opportunity to connect with other NursingCAS users.
To register for the call, click here. The agenda and call information will be sent out in January to those who register. Attendees should bring questions or comments to the call relevant to other NursingCAS participating programs, rather than individual issues specific to one program. Individual issues should be directly e-mailed to Caroline Allen at callen@aacn.nche.edu so they can be addressed. All NursingCAS users at participating schools are welcome to join this call. We hope you can join us.
NursingCAS & WebAdMIT Support Team
NursingCAS is administered by AACN in conjunction with its partners, Liaison International and Academic Software Plus (a subsidiary of Liaison International).
Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Caroline is your main point of contact for any questions or concerns, especially if you are unsure of whom to direct your questions to specifically. You can reach her via phone at 202-463-6930 x258 or email at callen@aacn.nche.edu.
Tania Zavarelli, Manager of Application Services for NursingCAS, Liaison International. As many of you know James Ford, Liaison’s former NursingCAS Manager, left his position at the end of July. We are happy to announce that Tania has been hired to fill this role and is now part of the NursingCAS team. Tania has been working with pharmacy schools and PharmCAS for the past three years and is looking forward to working with all of you. You can reach Tania via phone at 617-612-2058 or email at tzavarelli@liaison-intl.com.
Nora Minassian, Coordinator for NursingCAS, Liaison International, has been working with NursingCAS for the past nine months. She previously worked as part of the verification team so she has a lot of knowledge regarding the verification and application process. Nora can be reached via email at nminassian@liaison-intl.com or phone at 617-612-2046.
Contact Tania or Nora with questions regarding the NursingCAS application, verification, or applicants.
On the WebAdMIT Support Team, we recently welcomed a new Support Manager, Josh Huber. You can reach Josh and any of the support team members (including Chris Ferraraccio, Reggie Ross, Dave Potocki, Jeff Brown, and Mike Gilbert, the Product Manager for WebAdMIT) at 716-636-7777, option 7 or via email at webadmitsupport@academicsoftwareplus.com
Contact the WebAdMIT Support Team with any questions regarding your Web-based admissions management software or to schedule training.
Important Announcement
Some schools have been experiencing problems with applicants not attaching their essay/personal statement to their designation prior to e-submitting. Currently, applicants cannot log back into their application and attach or resubmit their essay/personal statement after they e-submit. The Advisory Group discussed this issue at their last meeting on December 12. The developers have come up with a solution to this issue and are working on getting the changes made so applicants can log back into their application after they e-submit and attach an essay/personal statement to a designation they have already e-submitted. A separate e-mail will be sent out to everyone once the change is complete and informing you on how to access these updated essays/personal statements in your WebAdMIT portal. Additionally, NursingCAS will send an email blast out to all the applicants to inform them of this update, along with instructions on how to attach their essay/personal statement if necessary.
In the meantime, if your program requires an essay/personal statement, you may want to send out an email blast to your in progress applicants informing them that they need to attach their essay to their designation prior to e-submitting and can follow these instructions or to contact NursingCAS Customer Service with any questions at 617-612-2880 or nursingcasinfo@nursingcas.org. If you need assistance with how to email your in progress applicants please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team.
The NursingCAS Network Will Open in January 2012
We are pleased to announce the opening of the NursingCAS Network is scheduled for January 2012. This network will be an online collaboration community for NursingCAS and WebAdMIT users. This innovative service will provide an interactive, social media platform that enables members to establish collaborative relationships and share knowledge and best practices with peers. The network is not a public domain, and all information within the community may be viewed only by NursingCAS users.
The NursingCAS Network will offer many exciting and interactive features such as:
  • Member Directory
  • Resource Center
  • Discussion Forum
  • Calendar
The purpose of this network is to facilitate better communication between NursingCAS and its users and also for colleagues to connect with one another. Look for more information about how to join the Network in early January. There will be no cost to participate in the NursingCAS Network, and all NursingCAS and WebAdMIT users will be invited to join. For more information or questions, contact Caroline.
Course Work Entry Service
Thank you to those that completed the NursingCAS Cycle 1 Survey, which resulted in 58 responses. The NursingCAS Advisory Group met in Washington, DC on October 24, 2011 and used the survey data collected in its discussion of current issues and the future of NursingCAS. We also surveyed the NursingCAS Applicants from Cycle 1 and 889 responded. One of the key issues discussed at the meeting was course work entry.
According to the participating school survey results, 80% of respondents answered yes to the question “Is the course work data valuable to you in making admissions decisions?”. According to the applicant survey, the majority of applicants reported that it took them 2 hours to enter in their course work. Schools use the course work information and the GPAs calculated by NursingCAS to make admissions decisions.
There is now a NursingCAS Course Work Entry Service available to applicants. Applicants have the option of paying a $150 fee (regardless of the number of transcripts submitted) to have a NursingCAS application processor enter in the applicant’s course work on their behalf. The course work entered by an application processor will be verified by a member of the NursingCAS team.
Applicants using this service will need to allow ten business days for their course work to be entered, and all official transcripts must be received before the course work entry service can be initiated. Applicants must pay the regular NursingCAS application fee in addition to the course work entry service fee if they choose to use this option, both payments must be received to initiate this option. Applicants can access the Course Work Entry Agreement and instructions by clicking on this link. Applicants can contact the NursingCAS customer service team at 617 612–2880 or nursingcasinfo@nursingcas.org with any questions about the course work entry service.
WebAdMIT Resources
Here is the link to log into WebAdMIT 2011 - 2012: https://nursingcas2012.webadmit.org
Please note that to access applicants from cycle 2 (those that applied after August 15, 2011) you will need to log into WebAdMIT 2012. The designated administrator for your school should have received instructions via email on August 31, 2011 regarding how to log into WebAdMIT 2012 and transfer settings and users from WebAdMIT 2011. Here are the instructions on how to transfer settings.
End of Year (Cycle 1) Reports Are Available:
The WebAdMIT Support Team sent out an email on September 21, 2011 regarding the release of End of Year reports and how to access the reports in WebAdMIT 2010 – 2011.  Please note that this feature is only available to programs who participated in NursingCAS for the 2010-2011 admissions cycle. Read instructions on how to access and download end of year reports and learn about what information is available in the reports. To access any of your applicants from cycle 1 (those who applied before August 1, 2011) of NursingCAS, you need to log into WebAdMIT 2010 – 2011.
Data Dictionary:
WebAdMIT Custom Export Field Layout (data dictionary) is available for you and your IT staff to use if you would like to choose the data fields you want to export into your institution’s ERP or Student Information System (such as Banner, Datatel, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, etc.). This data dictionary is for this current cycle of NursingCAS (cycle 2). Click on the “Change Log” tab of the data dictionary to view what changes have taken place from last cycle to this current cycle. This will help with the data mapping process.
Training or Questions
Please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team with any questions regarding your WebAdMIT portal or how to use any of the features in the system at webadmitsupport@academicsoftwareplus.com or 716-636-7777, option 7 or to schedule a training session. You can access the WebAdMIT Help Guide here.
Remember you can now access and contact in-progress applicants in your WebAdMIT portal. Contact the support team if you need assistance with viewing and contacting in-progress applicants.
202-463-6930 x258
Visit the NursingCAS Resource Center:  http://www.aacn.nche.edu/nursingcas/resources
Watch the NursingCAS Video Overview: http://tinyurl.com/nursingcasvideo
Visit NursingCAS: http://www.nursingcas.org