Refirement Network :: April 2016


Dear Refirement Members

We live in uncertain times. This uncertainty is not just around our current political crisis but also around how the world is changing and being impacted by technology.

The key is to take ownership of your situation, simplify your life, spend less and understand what you can do to improve your life and that of your family. We have arrived at a time in our lives where we are in transition and making decisions is not always easy. An unmade decision becomes a problem. Deal with the decisions that are critical in your life and the problem will disappear. This process is not easy but necessary for survival.

There is much content on the website. Articles to read, videos to watch, social media pages to follow. The webiste offers of coaching and courses as well as the Skills Directory and Skills bank.

Please spend time looking around and understanding what we offer and share with friends and family. Together we become stronger and can support each other.

Have a fabulous month.

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.

Preparing and simplifying your life as you retire

There are two things in life that we are sure of- death and taxes. My article this month is one of reflection and lessons learnt after my mother died. I am the executor of her estate and it certainly has been a season of learning and frustration. I plan to learn from this and make sure my children have a better experience when I die. - Read More




Current Events

This month we have two events happening in the Cape. One in Cape Town and the other in Hermanus. Please click on the relevant event to learn more and make your booking. Share with friends who may live close by in that area as well please.

Hermanus : Your next chapter- come and think about your next season of life

Cape Town : Your next chapter- come and think about your next season of life

Upcoming Events

There are two other events on offer this month but only happening in August and October. However booking early is key as there are only a few places available.

  1. A beautiful two night stay at The Cavern in the Drakensberg. Come and enjoy time with other people 50+. Come with your partner, friend or on your own. Read more.
  2. In October I will be hosting a two day workshop at The Cavern for women 50+. This is a Christian workshop on finding your purpose in this new season. Come with a sister, a friend or alone and spend some time growing in your destiny. Read more


In March I co-facilitated two webinars with the fabulous ladies from FAB, Joni and Celynne.

If you were not able to watch here are the links to the webinars. Each one is 30 minutes long and will give you a great overview of why we should be planning our lives around health, vitality and finances much younger than most of us do.

Refire for Longevity | Refire for Energy and Resilience



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