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April 2015
Wildlife Crime Conference - registration now open!!

Wildlife Crime Conference (12th & 13th Sept)
The programme, speaker details, and more importantly registration are now online on the Conference website www.wri.ie/conference

To Register for the Crime Conf CLICK HERE and click on the 'Registration' tab.
This Conference has been convened to discuss wildlife crime in a comprehensive all-island context.  It provides a unique opportunity for government agencies, NGOs, professional bodies, voluntary and community groups, veterinary professionals and general public to share their experience and expertise in this field.
Topics include: bird and badger persecution, multi agency cooperation in the fight against wildlife crime, misuse of rodenticides, poaching, illegal traps and snares, dangers facing Irish butterflies, habitat destruction, pesticides poisons and the law, and other crimes against our wildlife and environmental heritage.
The Conference is accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland for 21 CPD credits !!, and the Law Society of Ireland
Your experience of Wildlife Crime in Ireland - survey

Have you ever witnessed a wildlife crime in Ireland?
Results will be collated for discussion at the Wildlife Crime Conference in September - www.wri.ie/conference

To fill it in CLICK HERE

Do you know someone else who's witnessed a wildlife crime? Please forward this survey link to them. We can't fix the problem if we don't know what it is.. 
International Otter Awareness Day – 27 May 2015
photo © Andrew Kelly
Otter madness!
What do all these places have in common: Scotland, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Cambodia and the Czech Republic? - they're all holding otter awareness activities on the 27th MAY 2015!

Show that Ireland cares too every little bit counts, show that Ireland cares too; just telling your friends about otters or putting up a poster will help.  The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) can supply posters and other materials for you if you contact them at enquiries@otter.org

If you do organise an event let the IOSF know and they will put promote it on their website Click HERE 
Become badger aware

photo © Andrew Kelly
Keep a look out for badger cubs

Badger cubs are born as early as late Dec, although peak period is start of Feb, and cubs can be born as late as April. Litters range from 1-5 cubs, but 2 or 3 are most common. Cubs stay below ground; emerging from the sett at around 8-10 weeks old. They continue to be dependent on their mother for some time. Badgers and their setts are protected by law under the Wildlife Act.

If you see a lone cub in immediate danger (such as by a road), sick or injured, or there are obvious signs that the sett has been damaged, keep a safe distance and call your nearest rehabber/vet from the contacts page of Irish Wildlife Matters website Click HERE
If you're concerned about a badger, don't touch; get advice first. Please don’t try to rear a cub yourself! They need expert care to survive.
For more information on badgers see Badgerwatch Ireland’s website Click HERE Or Northern Ireland Badger Group’s website Click HERE

Irish Hen Harrier Survey 2015
photo © Shay Connolly

Help this 'Species of Conservation Concern'
Hen Harrier's need your help
The Golden Eagle Trust, Irish Raptor Study Group and BirdWatch Ireland have formed an exciting conservation partnership and collectively are co-ordinating the 2015 Irish Hen Harrier Survey for the National Parks & Wildlife Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.
Click HERE for identification tips, to report sightings and to find out about “sky-dancing”...
Dalai Lama helps protect endangered animals

 photo © Radio Free Asia
Animal furs publicly set on fire
The Dalai Lama first appealed in 2006 to Tibetans to protect endangered animals in Tibet and stop using animal skins on their clothes. Many Tibetans heard his instructions via Tibetan radio broadcasts from overseas.

Tibetan villagers living in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan have marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year by vowing to give up the wearing of animal furs and by burning those already in their possession. Click HERE to read the full article

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