Media Statement
Friday March 24th 2023
Just.Equal Australia has slammed the decision by World Athletics to exclude trans and intersex women from elite athletics, labelling it simplistic and discriminatory.
The group has called for a case-by-case approach with far greater nuance and fairness than the blunt instruments implemented by World Athletics (and FINA in relation to swimming in June 2022). 
“The idea that any person or group is ostracized in any way is cruel and inhuman. It is unacceptable that trans and intersex women are being ostracized from sport, thereby denying their participation in community and society, and the achievement of their human potential” said spokesperson Sally Goldner AM. 
“Simply using testosterone as the only measure to determine participation is simplistic, discriminatory and fails to consider all aspects of the situation” 
"Some of the most prominent intersex people in elite sport are also people of colour (South African athlete Caster Semenya being an example) and Just.Equal Australia rejects any possible racism, whether conscious or unconscious, in these decisions."
“We call on the federal ALP government to take swift and concrete action, beyond words and gestures, to truly demonstrate their support for intersex, trans and gender diverse Australians."
"Starting points include urgently implementing reforms to Medicare processes, particularly regarding surgeries, to make health care affordable and equitable for trans and gender diverse people; following the excellent lead of the ACT government in legislating to ban unwanted surgeries on intersex infants.” 
Ms Goldner said transgender people are frustrated with imbalanced debates and fabricated issues, while issues for people of intersex experience have been ignored for too long. 
“We call on the Albanese government to urgently appoint and fund an LGBTIQA+ commissioner and also appoint trans and intersex advisory groups with direct access to federal Cabinet.
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For more information contact Sally Goldner AM on 0407946242.