Once again, hello to all you fellow cat lovers! I found some really good information for this issue, about finding the right cat for a family pet. We're all different, of course, and so are cats. It helps us all to try to make the right matches so we aren't unhappy or expecting the wrong results from our relationships with our kitty buddies. Most of you probably already know all these things, but if anything strikes a chord, it might enhance a relationship you're having now, or you might want to share this information with a friend or neighbor who is having difficulties with their cat. When I see that happening, I cringe for the cat, as it's the little members of the family who suffer the most. Let's spread the word that cats are loving, worthwhile companions who deserve only the best.

Finding the Right Companion
Take an honest look at your lifestyle

If you're a busy worker bee kind of person, you won't be doing yourself, or the cat, any favors by choosing one that requires a lot of grooming or personal attention. Cats with long hair would be better off living with someone who is home a lot, for example, so they can be brushed daily. By the same token, cats that demand a lot of attention would be miserable being forced to stay home alone for very long. Sometimes that can result in cats misbehaving behind your back as they take out their frustrations on your sofa, for example.

If your home includes some active children, especially small kids who need a lot of supervision, you would do well to avoid cats that prefer a lot of quiet time. Older cats, and some breeds such as the Persian or Russian Blue, do better in quiet homes. Not only that, but cats with longer hair are a bit of a temptation for kids to grab a handful, thus frightening and annoying the cat. Sometimes it's best to get those kids a puppy instead and wait until they are older before getting a cat.

If the house is vacated all day, a cat that enjoys being alone is the better choice. Some cats are perfectly content to lie on a window sill all day and watch the world outside, or even tuck themselves away in a corner and sleep the day away. Generally, older cats do well in a quiet home, as do the breeds mentioned above.

These cats seem to do well with busy families:

* Abyssinian
* American and British Shorthair
* Birman
* Burmese
* Exotic Shorthair
* Maine Coon
* Manx
* Munchkin
* Norwegian Forest Cat
* Scottish Fold
* Sphynx
* Turkish Van

Stay-at-home owners and calm families might choose one of these:

* Abyssinian
* Balinese
* Birman
* Burmese
* Cornish Rex
* Devon Rex
* Havana Brown
* Himalayan
* Korat
* Maine Coon
* Norwegian Forest Cat
* Ocicat
* Persian
* Ragdoll
* Siamese
* Tonkinese
* Turkish Angora

Don't forget to consider the mixed breeds, and to rescue those poor souls who are stuck at the shelters and humane societies. Too often, they are wonderful cats and certainly don't deserve to be on the euthanasia list.

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