The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1371
Casa Watsawrong

A large contingent of walking and running hashers turned out for the most eagerly awaited hash of the year.
The tone was set by NG and Imposister who began with a few enthusiastic warm up exercises in the garden
in readiness for the arduous trail ahead.
Ably hared by Slippy and Lubri, the pack, after a quick hash flash, set off up the road, confident of the
route ahead. The hares, having deviously set a different route to the previous year, took some quiet
amusement from watching the hash disappear into the distance before recalling them to the pre-laid trail.
After running round in circles on the hill, admiring the view, failing to find flour, finding morleys,
a late arriving Misled suddenly appeared amidst the merry throng.
Turning away from the coast and the dying light, the hash lights were activated to the 'on' position  and
the pack headed downhill and straight into another sneaky Morley on the slimmest and most impassable
of tracks.
A hash traffic jam ensued before order was restored as the pack reassembled at the next check, this time
on tarmac. The hash then descended into the bowels of a local park, rudely disturbing couples hoping for a
bit of privacy. After exiting out of the park Cockatool then found a whole host of extremely well laid trail on
the local football pitch in incredibly straight lines much to Spiderman's bemusement.
It wasn't long before the pack  turning homeward for a quick beer stop, headed back to Casa Watsarong
for a slap up bbq and a large and amusing circle, complete with down down’s and songs. A memorable
evening in honour of our very own Obelix , thanks to the hares and Watsawrong for a very special evening .
Stats and Special notices
Turnout – excellent
Late comers – 4
BBQ – a most excellent spread
Mangles – 1
Morleys – 2
Beer stop  - 1
Keeno warmup's -2
Lights On -
Hash hounds - 1 plus 1 latecomer hound
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