ProFlex 500 CORS
New ProFlex 500 CORS firmware has been released on the Ashtech FTP server!
This link [ Latest Ashtech Firmware / Software ] lists all the latest firmware and software for Ashtech/Magellan/Thales devices.

Your PF500 now supports
This [ FAQ ] has details.

As one of the first beta testers, I can assure you that the new CORS firmware is an amazing update. I have been recording sessioned files on my beta CORS station for the last three months with no issues. Everything (FTP Push, FTP Server, EMail Notifications) has worked with no issues. I even updated my receiver this afternoon remotely (I am on holiday in NW Wyoming, my CORS site is back in Salt Lake City Utah. With a couple of button presses, I successfullyupgraded my PF500 to the latest firmware.)

Of great interest to me, the ProFlex 500 CORS optimizes recorded data in RINEX files. TEQC reports just amazingly low MP1 and MP2 on PF500 generated files. If you are interested, I can provide you with some RINEX files to play with.

The PF500 is just an amazing reference station solution (it is complete out of the box with no options to purchase). Prices are amazing too:

PF500 L1/L2 w/ GLONASS $11,985 (MSRP) [~$10,200 street]
PF500 L1 w/ GLONASS $8,995 (MSRP) [~$7,650 street]

A L1 only w/GLONASS PF500 is a great solution for applications where baselines are always less than 7 KM (like mining and archeology applications). And the price just can't be beat.


Well, the sky did not fall but the zombie Galaxy 15 SV has been causing all sorts of trouble. I think that these articles best explain the current situation:

[ ...Blames Solar Storm ] 
[ Galaxy 15 Still Poses Threat... ]
I noticed that occasionally PRN 138 was down a couple months ago. My PF500 began tracking PRN 133 with no issues, so hopefully the backup is in place and ready to go.
Good luck and precise positioning!
Mark Silver,
Igage Mapping Corporation, Salt Lake City Utah, USA
+1 801-412-0011 x16