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This Article Contains a White Paper by the Dept. of Defense Documenting that the Military is Controlling Our Weather
It Contains Irrefutable Evidence That Hurricanes Are Being Steered to Intended Landfalls And That Weather Is Being Used As an Instrument of Genocide & To Impact Food Production. Chemtrails & HAARP Are An Integral Part of This Evil System which is a Major Part of Implementation of UN Agenda 21- The Blueprint For Population Control. Hurricane Sandy is being steered right into NYC just in time for the Election.. This Article Has NEW INFO to help you and your family SURVIVE & THRIVE Despite the Machinations of the NWO. Please forward it widely! Get Sulfur to protect your self from chemtrails, which as you can see from this alert are being massively sprayed right now to create this "Frankenstorm!"
In this alert you will see why you must support this Canadian lawsuit or lose your access to dietary supplements in America and Canada!
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The Department of Defense has published this paper titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier- Owning the Weather by 2025" 
Is the shadow government using HAARP and chemtrails right now to intensify and steer Hurricane Sandy smack dab into the metro NYC area just before the election? I am certain of it. You will be too after reading this. I called this to the attention of my uncle Bob who lives in a flood plain in NE New Jersey. He has been feverishly moving all furniture out of the first floor of his house to the second floor because in a previous recent flood a few years ago he had three feet of water on the first floor of his house, and his car was destroyed by being totally submerged.
The highest magnitude waves in the history of the HAARP project are being measured right now in the Northeastern US indicating that Hurricane Sandy is being steered into the metro NYC area right before the election. Power outages on election day are expected.
See for yourself on this site. (Be sure to watch the video on this site.)The white shading on the chart indicates that the reading has gone OFF THE SCALE. Coincidence? No way! This is an example of weather being used as a weapon. This hurricane has been deliberately intensified via chemtrails and HAARP and is being steered to an intended landfall, on Halloween, on the full moon, when tides will be highest, to cause maximum possible flooding and damage including power outages. Freak fall snowstorms are expected in some areas.
Hurricane Sandy is a slow moving Atlantic storm that is unlike anything that has been seen in two decades. It has already killed at least 31 people on a trail of destruction in the Carribean, at least 21 people have already been killed along the US east coast, and its currently moving slowly up the Atlantic Coast where forecasters predict it will slam into the metrol New York City area and on up into New England.
Numerous details are provided in this paper about weather modification and what they call "national security." Weatherman Scott Stevens provides us with a look at this storm on a video that you can watch here  that you will NEVER SEE on mainstream TV!
As you can see, this hurricane was created by chemtrails that began off the west coast of British Columbia, that were directed by HAARP in Alaska to move as a weather system across the continent to collide with, and intensify this hurricane and to STEER IT into New York City by Halloween, on the full moon, when tides are highest, and it can cause the worst possible flooding, and damage- especially power outages...
I attempted to post a rebuttal to the commentary on this "debunker" website which would have you believe that everything I'm saying about Hurricane Sandy is "nonsense", but they wouldn't let me. I tried to register to post something, but was blocked. This makes me wonder who created the site?
The CIA has been known to create sites like this to throw people off track. The CIA are not part of our government, they're run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, the same people who run British Intelligence.They specialize in disinfo, especially via the Tavistock Institute.
My dad was a Captain in US Navy Intelligence and he never trusted the CIA. He had to interract with them, but never trusted them. My dad was a cold warrior. He was an expert on radar when it was a secret weapon and graduated #1 in his class out of more than 400 sailors at MIT radar school just prior to the US getting into WW2. He is one of the reasons the Russians never dared launch on us.He was an electrical engineer at Bell Labs doing defense contracting while he was in Naval Intelligence.
He told me US Navy Intelligence are the "white hats" attempting to defend the US Constitution, while the CIA are the black hats attempting to usher in a global totalitarian state (via UN Agenda 21).A battle is playing out right now between forces of good, and evil, and we are all caught in the crossfire, but we are NOT POWERLESS to defend ourselves!
Why would our own military attack us using a hurricane this way? The government is  being directed by UN Agenda 21, and we are all now regarded as "the enemy". It has become a "matter of national security" to kill and injure as many of us as humanly possible. We are all now regarded as "useless eaters", so they're poisoning our air, water and soil with chemtrails.
The drought in the US midwest was caused by chemtrails in order to drive all small farmers out of business so giant corporate agribusiness can buy up all the land and plant it with Monsanto's genetically engineered seed that is patented to germinate despite the changes in Ph caused by the aluminum being sprayed on us. You must ingest sulfur to protect yourself from chemtrails!
It is important for the Bilderberg Group (the shadow government) to keep Obama in power for another 4 years because his deficit spending is destroying America just the way they want. The ruling elite's goal is to destroy America in order to merge us with Canada and Mexico into a North American Union collectivist dictatorship modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship.
Friends of mine who support Obama get very pissed off at me when I tell them all of this, especially when I flat out declare that Obama is a cross between Adolph Hitler and Lenin, but the facts speak for themselves. The EU is a collectivist dictatorship. See this documentary film The Real Face of the European Union. 
See this book The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU. The whole book can be read for free on the web, it was written by Dr. Rath who has helped me for years against Codex. Obama is part of the shadow government plan to destroy America in order to force us into a North American Union modelled after the EU, and to harmonize our law to the EU where the unelected European Commission makes the laws, the so called "European Parliament" rubberstamps anything the Commission decides, and the people have been totally disenfranchised. Fits right in with the UN's eugenics agenda when they can so easily ban our access to high potency vitamins and minerals and to the most effective dietary supplements.
Canada is falling right in step with this scam. Since '97, two thirds of the products that used to be for sale in Canadian health food stores have been banned, and right now, via UPLAR, they're looking to wipe out the supplement industry ENTIRELY north of the border. Nattokinase and Butchers broom were the two most recent products to be BANNED in Canada, and unless people on both sides of the border support this Canadian lawsuit, the train wreck will roll south into the USA and we will be screwed unless you help me wake people up by mass forwarding this and by taking action!
This threatens to destroy our access to dietary supplements also because Canada is harmonizing to the EU via the CETA trade agreement, and the US has set us up to harmonize to Canada and Mexico via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is a framework for harmonization that is waiting in the wings. I have been bocked from getting Congressional oversight on this due to massive corruption in congress. For this reason, I have been urging people on both sides of the Canadian border to support this lawsuit against Health Canada to defend access to supplements on BOTH sides of the boder.
With this hurricane, we are seeing an effort to influence the election by causing chaos in a densely populated part of the country. Will FEMA have to be called in? Will we see martial law imposed and the election be suspended so that Obama can become Czar? (The Department of Homeland Security sure is ready for martial law, look at all this ammunition they've been stockpiling!  Will opponents of the UN and the NWO start being rounded up and put into concentration camps? Anything is possible, the US Army has had want ads on the web for a while now looking to hire guards for Obama's concentration camps. See this video...
Recently I heard a very good lecture about UN Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21. You can view the youtube of the lecture I heard Rosa give on October 2 at this link.
Although Rosa is a dyed in the wool liberal, and a lesbian, most of the organizations that have been inviting her to speak have been teaparty groups. (The Republican club of University of Western Washington sponsored the talk I heard her give.) She has broken ranks with most Democrats by opposing UN Agenda 21, correctly recognizing it a a communist  attack on private property rights that totally threatens the US Constitution.
By creating her organization Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, she helps us to have bipartian opposition to the New World Order's evil takeover plans, and I'm very greatful for her efforts! (Also see www.freedomadvocates.org and http://americanpolicy.org for more on UN Agenda 21)
Its anyone's guess what will happen when this HAARP, CHEMTRAIL generated Hurricane Sandy slams into the NYC area in a few days just in time for the election, but I guarantee this was a test of weather as a weapon, and awe can expect to see far more chemtrails, and far more use of HAARP to steer weather as the NWO goes into high gear!
You will need plenty of sulfur on hand to protect yourself from all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us! Get some for yourself, your family, and please alert your neighbors! It will help neutralize acid caused by stress being dumped into your small intestine to keep you very calm and grounded so you can make your best decisions as we come under increased government attack!
You are NOT POWERLESS to fight back against the NWO! Please forward this alert widely, and encourage everyone you know to sign up for their free IAHF alerts at this link and to see our archived e-alerts here!