NEWS & ADVENTURES of a philosophical folk songstress mama                                 Jan. 2015
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Dear Ones,

Happy 2015 to you!
I want to give you something to help start your new year off right – new music!
Ok it’s not exactly totally NEW music. But it is my most recent album which is finally FINALLY up online for your listening pleasure (up until this point it has only been available at live shows). Please listen and share to your heart's content, and if you’d like it for your own, I ask for a small donation honoring the work that went into making these songs.

Here it is!   "LIFE HAPPENS" the album

If you know me at all, you know I am a list maker. I am the kind of person who loves to assess and review and evaluate and then draw up charts and maps and goals. But last year, my second year into parenthood, I didn’t write any list, at all. Nothing. I needed time to honor the lack of control which comes with parenthood; the magnificent force of responsibility and devotion that is being a guardian to a little person.

For me, motherhood and music occupy similar spaces in my life. These are not the tasks or commitments written on the calendar and confined within certain hours, rather, they are the things which fill every single blank space day hour minute moment in between. They are what I am constantly doing when I am not doing something else. It is the work that is never done.

And I get tired of the struggle and pull between the two. So this year again, I was thinking I might jot down some suggestions, some things that MIGHT happen, but goals? I didn’t want to disappoint myself or anyone else. Then a conversation with a dear creative soul friend of mine swayed me. “Sounds like not trying because you’re afraid of failing,” he said.
“How about something like, shoot for the stars and reach the moon?”

So, here is my intention this year: Each month I will release one new recording. It may be a polished studio recording, or it may be something totally rough and thrown together the night before. But I want us (you, my fans and I) to reconnect. Last year I conducted an experiment – I dropped my newsletter from once per month to once per season, and I stepped way back in my performances. This was helpful for my sanity, not so much for keeping my music in the world.

Oh how much there is to learn about being human (my essential course of study), particularly from the little ones: the power of emotions and attachments, the way change is hard, rituals are appreciated and magical thinking is easy to come by.

Life Happens! Yes it does. And on it goes.
Looking forward to a wonderful year together.
with peace, love & music,
your Philosophical Folk Songstress Mama,

~ Amanda

~ Life Happens ~
available NOW for streaming & downloading

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Saturday February 21st @ 5pm
Neighborhood Preschool Benefit | Westside, Santa Cruz, details TBA
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Sunday February 22nd @ 9am & 11am
San Jose Center for Spiritual Enlightenment 
Inspiration for morning services.
Ongoing Mondays @ 7pm 
WOMB SONG | Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz
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