As dusk falls over Victoria on the last weekend in October, the team at Twisted History will be ready to celebrate Halloween. For over 2000 years Halloween has been a time to remember and commune with the dead. And here in Victoria it's no different, as we invite you to meet some of Victoria's most famous ghosts. Believer or not, one can't deny the strange sightings and paranormal activity across the state ..........
History of Halloween - October 31st
Everyone has been out trick or treating, or seen fun costumes and decorations around when it’s getting close to the 31st of October, but have you ever wondered why we celebrate halloween, and where all of the traditions came from? 
Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain, which means "summer's end" in Gaelic. As well as gathering resources for the coming Winter, it was also a time for communing with the dead. The word "Halloween" has Catholic roots. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as a time to honour all saints and martyrs and called it All Saints' Day. The night before was called All Hallows' Eve, which eventually became known as Halloween. A direct connection between Samhain and Halloween has never been proven, but they are so close together on the calendar that scholars believe that they influenced each other and have combined into the celebration now called Halloween. 
But why do we wear costumes? It is believed that people wore costumes at Samhain to scare away the ghosts. How about “Trick or Treating”? It’s said to have come from the practise known as “souling”, where the poor would go door to door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for soul cakes.
Geelong Gaol Halloween Lockdown - Friday, October 28th
Start the the creepiest weekend of the year with a tour designed for the die hard Paranormal investigator who wants to spend a night in a haunted convict gaol. 
Spend time in cells where hundreds of criminals, lunatic and murderers lived and died. Known as the Prison of the ill, the Geelong Gaol has seen more deaths than any gaol in Victoria. Come and explore the gallows, hospital and morgue for an overnight investigation provided with state of the art paranormal equipment and a premier investigation team to lead you to the hot spots. 
Pizza and finger food supplied. All groups will be provided with night vision cameras, infrared goggles, laser grids, EMF detectors, spirit boxes, motion sensors and a range of other equipment. 
This Lockdown is at a special Halloween discount of $150 and is limited to 15 places.
Bookings essential on 1300865800 or online at

Chinatown Murder Tour 28th - 29th October 
Have you explored the dark lanes in the heart of Melbourne's Chinatown, the oldest Chinese community in the western world.  Be guided to hidden places on our 90 minute walking tour where once stood opium dens, cocaine houses and brothels as we share stories of ghosts, murders and prostitution.  Halloween weekend is perfect time to explore Victorian crime and Littles Bourke Street’s connection to Eureka Stockade, Ned Kelly, Jack the Ripper and Squizzy Taylor.

You won't believe what has happened in just three blocks of Little Bourke Street!  
Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800 or online at
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour 28th - 29th - 30th October 
Explore the Geelong’s Prison of the Ill after dark and be haunted by stories of convicts, murderers and lunatics who once called this three story bluestone prison home. The Gaol opened in 1853 and is the second oldest gaol in Victoria. The tour will take you back to a time when the building housed male and female prisoners, as well as children from the Geelong industrial school. Stand on the Gallows where convicts have lost their lives or explore the prison hospital or be locked in the loss of privilege cell. 
Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800 or online at

Geelong Gaol Ghost Paranormal Investigation Tour 28th - 29th October 
Join the team at Twisted History on Halloween weekend to explore the old Geelong Gaol after dark and be haunted by stories of convicts, murderers and lunatics who once called this three story blue stone building home.  This building has witnessed scores of deaths, assaults and murders, which makes it perfect to investigate. Tiny cells, no toilets and freezing cold conditions made the Geelong Gaol a virtual dungeon till the day it closed in 1991. Groups will be provided with Night Vision Cameras, Infrared Goggles, Laser Grids, EMF Detectors, Spirit Box, Motion Sensors and a range of other equipment. Tours run 7 nights a week.
Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800 or online at
Blackwood Hotel Investigation - 30th October
Join the team at Twisted History for the night of All Hallows' Eve at one Victoria's most haunted hotels followed by a lantern tour of the Blackwood Cemetery.
Nestled in the Wombat State Forest, the town of Blackwood has an interesting past from the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush to the present.  This hotel opened in 1868 and quickly became the heart of the community.  Being the office of the Cobb and Co, coroners court and even the town morgue.  This building has seen more than its fair share of death and claims a number of resident ghosts which makes it perfect to investigate.  
Laura Dalton lies in an unmarked grave in the Blackwood Cemetery, after an accident at the Blackwood Hotel.  Laura was the single mother of two young children earning her keep as part of the domestic staff at the Hotel.  In 1948 she was using a petrol iron in the kitchen when it exploded, severely burning the young woman, where she would die of her injuries the following day.  Over the years many people have claimed to see Laura at the Blackwood Hotel.
Start the evening with a meal before beginning the investigation of the parlour, dining room, cellar and more before a tour of the hilltop cemetery.  Groups will be provided with night vision cameras, infra red goggles, laser grid, emf detectors, spirit box, motion sensors and a range of other equipment.
Bookings essential for all tours on 1300865800 or online at

Zombie Fright Night at Geelong Gaol- 31st October
Do you have what it takes to survive 60 minutes of a Zombie attack in the Old Geelong Gaol.  Find the key to open the box to find the anti-venom is your only way to escape the Zombie attack…..
Join the Twisted History team at the Geelong Gaol this Halloween on Monday 31st October of the long weekend for a 60 minute fright night you will not soon forget.  This tour will take you to the creepiest and must terrifying parts of the gaol.  But we can't guarantee to keep the zombies away. 
From the Gaol hospital to the morgue you will be guided, before being incarcerated in a dark cell for a fear test to find the key to freedom.  Zombies brains, intestines, eye balls and creepy crawlies.  Will you be brave enough to trust your hands in the dark?
Find the key to escape and win a ticket to one of Twisted History famous tours......
Do you have what it takes to survive ......
Three timeslots at 8pm, 9pm or 10pm start
Bookings essential on 1300865800 or online at under Special Events
Halloween Night Deadtime Tour - 31st October
Join our team of Investigators for a 3 hour investigation on the creepiest night of the year - Halloween
This 3 hour investigation beginning at 11.30pm, will lead you to a number of hotspots in the gaol where you can use our equipment to attempt to capture evidence that the paranormal truly does exist!
Are you brave enough to spend 3 hours in a haunted gaol .....
Customers need to be aged 18 and above to take part
Bookings essential on 1300865800 or online at under Special Events

Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
7 nights a week!!
Chinatown Murder Tour
Friday and Saturday nights
Carlton Murder Tour
First Saturday of the month or by appointment
Melbourne Murder Tour
Third Saturday of the month or by appointment
Blackwood Hotel
First Tuesday of the month
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Friday, 28th October
 Chinatown Murder Tour
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour Geelong Gaol Halloween Lockdown
Saturday, 29th October
Chinatown Murder Tour Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Sunday, 30th October
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Blackwood Hotel Halloween Investigation
Monday, 31st October
Zombie Fright Night at Geelong Gaol
Halloween Deadtime Investigation
Tuesday, 1st November
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour

On this day ........ 21st of October 1978

The Valentich Disappearance occurred on the 21st of October 1978, when 20-year-old Frederick Valentich disappeared while piloting a small Cessna 182 aircraft over Bass Strait to King Island (Tasmania) after reporting a strange craft flying nearby. The disappearance generated significant press attention, both throughout Australia and internationally. No trace of Valentich or his Cessna has been found, and his description of a large, unusual object has earned his vanishing a place in UFO lore. A Department of Transport aircraft accident investigation concluded the reason for the disappearance could not be determined. His last words were "My intentions are to go to King Island... That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it's not an aircraft. Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne"

On this day ........ 20th October 1858

Convict Owen McQueeny was executed at the Geelong Gaol, Victoria, on this day in  1858, after being found guilty of murdering Elizabeth Lowe.  After the execution an elderly woman applied for permission to have her hands stroked by the hands of the dead man to help with her arthritis. 

On this day ........ 17th of October 1950

A man's false teeth saved him from being killed by a bullet near Woollahra golf links, Sydney, on this day in 1950.  Police found Beverley Graham Solomon's shattered teeth on the grass near where they discovered him crawling along a footpath with blood pouring from his mouth.  Police found the shooter's riffle near a tree on the golf course.  Doctors later removed a .22 bullet, which had lodged in Solomon's nasal cavity.

On this day ........ 7th of October 1910

Jack Carodini met his death on this day in 1910 in a lagoon near the Ovens River at Wangaratta, Victoria. In a drunken state, Carodini had cruelly beaten and stabbed his pony while riding home.  In it's death throes, the pony, still carrying Carodini, jumped into a lagoon, keeping it's body on top of the rider until both were drowned. 

On this day ........ 3rd of October 1950

Arthur Walder from Narromine in New South Wales, was accidentally shot by his own dog while rabbit shooting on thus day in 1950.  Walder, 23 was sitting in his parked truck 10km from town, when his dog jumped into the cabin and hit the trigger of his .22 riffle with his paw, firing it into Walder's chest.  Lucky for Walder' his father was with him and was able to drive him to hospital, where he was flown to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

On this day ........ 19th of October 1946

A STARTLING STORY of the gold-rush days, and a woman's resourcefulness, is told by a friend of mine about the new gold signet ring he wears. While his grandparents, then a young couple newly arrived from England, were on the Bendigo goldfields, his grandmother entered their tent after a short absence one night, just in time to see a knife slitting the canvas over the spot where her husband had hidden a sizeable sum in nuggets. As a hand appeared through the slit she grabbed the handiest weapon in sight, a carving knife lying on the table. An agonised oath from the marauder accompanied the split-second withdrawal of the hand, minus- the greater part of two fingers - one of which wore a heavy gold Signet ring - Haddon Morrison, Ascotvale.