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April 30th 2017 newsletter
We love this picture only because Pam hates it so much
We Told you that Pam Pollard was an Idiot and
you Just Thought We Were Being Mean…
I know, I know, STP was mostly to blame for this imbecile getting elected to the GOP chairmanship a few years back.   Yet Pollard was the lesser of two evils, idiot Pollard or illegal alien supporter Estela Hernandez who we caught red handed employing illegal aliens at her remodeling company.  And sent the County Chairmen and Vice Chairs the video proving Hernandez wasn’t following the law along with a link to the audio tape of Hernandez screeching at then GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon, proving that the cute little witch had lied her butt off on KFAQ radio and to other press outlets when she claimed that Brogdon had belittled her.  We were backing another guy, Hubbard, who melted down at the convention sobbing over the way his two opponents were stabbing each other in the back.  Dumb butt, showing weakness and empathy isn’t going to win you any votes from the county GOP officers.   That of course killed any chance he had of winning and dropped things into the lap of Pollard.
Pollard of course screwed the pooch, barely able to gather enough donations to keep the organization alive, getting down to five figures in the bank account on occasions, just enough to keep the place open for that month.   The legislators did not respect her and few of them trusted her to do the right thing, then she stabbed candidate Mike Christian in the back by releasing a copy of a letter that was privy to only three people just to make Christian look bad.  That probably cost Christian the election, keeping the evil and corrupt John Whetsel in office and ensuring that a special election would be held within months of the November 8th election.
Most of us thought that the imbecile would not run for office again after proving how inept she was at the job but she surprised many of us when she announced that she would run for office at the upcoming May 6th GOP state convention.  Yeah, an incumbent always has an advantage, if they aren’t completely stupid and irresponsible…. But Pollard managed to screw things up big time.
Speaking to the donors and party faithful at a state convention event is useful for politicians as it generates goodwill and solidifies a political base so it was no surprise that newly appointed EPA head Scott Pruitt would agree to headline an event on May 5th at the GOP state convention.    Pruitt got the event approved by his department ethics department and then dimwit Pam just had to send out a letter and email for fundraising for the event, triggering the Hatch Act that limits participation in political activities when fundraising occurs at the event or in conjunction with the event.
Pruitt was plain and clear when he announced that he had to drop out:
“What happened was the folks that invited me sent out an invitation post that didn’t comply with federal law and federal ethics law,” said Pruitt. “So we’re not going to be able to attend.”
Pollard of course, with all of her idiocracy on full display at a national level, refuted Pruitt’s statement saying: 
“We believe we know the rules,”  
Right, the recent A.G. of the state is going to be wrong on this and  dimwitted political hack, a perennial second place finisher is going to be right on this legal question.
We finally get a guy into the EPA that can back down some of the craziest regulations and Pam Pollard has to smear the guy and probably damage him a bit over her stupidity and irresponsible behavior.
With any luck this embarrassment to the Republican Party will get the boot on May 6th at the State GOP Convention, if the election is honest, if the delegates are seated and not booted out on technicalities so Pollard can pack the delegate roster with her supporters.
Dumb and Dumber
Men and women go up to the Capitol and lose their way, we have seen it time and time again and those people aren’t always elected officials.  Activists sell out, group leaders sell out even more often, but the worst are those that generate a massive ego and think they can manipulate the legislators and eventually their own members and supporters.  In that process they quickly lose the respect of the legislators and the support of their own supporters as the dichotomy builds.
An excellent case of this reared its head this week over SB6, a senate bill that started out as a way to exempt elected officials from some of Oklahoma’s gun laws and allow them to carry a concealed or open weapon when performing their official duties.  OK2A, one of the gun groups in the state had pushed for this, bragged about getting it filed actually, while a lot of conservatives looked askew at the idea of creating a special class of citizen that was allowed to have their Second Amendment rights while the rest of us remained unprotected.
Near mid week OK2A called for phone calls and emails, after earlier posting confusing messages about supporting or not supporting the legislation.   Finally OK2A made up their mind and asked members to support the legislation and then raised hell when the bill failed to pass.   Then they changed their mind once again and claimed:
 “We were inadvertently and wrongly informed because it was proper last year but the rule changed this year. It sucks but it happens, there are a lot of rules to keep up with.”
What had happened was that OK2A had come up with an idea to sneak changes to the bill at the last minute on the House floor instead of following House Rules.  The bill had passed committee with a lot of reservations from a lot of committee members because it set up a special class of citizens but the good guys voted on it because OK2A and the NRA supported the legislation and didn’t want to appear to be anti 2nd Amendment.
The problem is that the OK2A plan was to offer a floor amendment by the author Rep. Jeff Coody and that amendment was illegal as hell and against House Rules.  To pass would have required 71 votes to suspend House Rules and with the majority of the Republican RINOs voting against the amendments that would have restored constitutional carry and slashed the OSBI budget by about 15% we are certain that the legislation would not have passed.   Had OK2A lobbied to add the amendments in the House Committee the senate bill would have passed.   But they thought they could sneak it past leadership, never a good idea, and pass the legislation with 51 votes.
One legislator said the bill had gone from the Mother of All Bills to the Brother in law of All Bills, and the author had no choice but to strike the title and send it to Conference Committee to keep the legislation alive.   Keep in mind this was a senate bill that had already passed so any changes meant the bill automatically headed to Conference Committee where House and Senate members would negotiate the changes and resubmit it to both chambers.   There the bill could be gutted totally and reworked, but never on the House floor and that has been the House Rule for many, many, years.
Now, this same issue, constitutional carry, was killed in the Senate last year after the House passed the bill easily.  The Senate conferees, the Senate portion of the Conference Committee refused to allow the bill to pass through to the House.  What do you think the chances are this year of getting them to support the very same legislation?  Zero, nada, zip….
Worse was the furor OK2A stirred up after the failure of the legislation.  They couldn’t admit that their plan was flawed and useless and caused the failure so they claimed that DPS (state troopers), OSBI, Game Wardens, and a laundry list of other organizations lobbied against the passage.  And part of that was a bald face lie according to several legislative sources and even from OK2A members themselves on the OK2A Facebook page.   OK2A went so far as to claim that taxpayer money was used by the three agencies to oppose the legislation.
At the end of the vote OK2A sent out an email and posted the same on their Facebook page claiming they were done in by OSBI, the Game Wardens, and by OHP/DPS.  This is from their email:
“You may have seen the fierce opposition letters came out today including the State Game Warden Association and the Highway Patrol...all on public dollars. The complete list of the opposition will be listed.”
Almost immediately OK2A’s own members rebelled at the misinformation.  Here is some of the comments off the OK2A's own Facebook page:
“I don't like the county elected official’s bill, they need to live by the same laws as the rest of us. THEY ARE NOT SPECIAL.”
“Twice now this site has led me astray and embarrassed me. OK2A tells me certain agencies like Game Wardens and OSBI are trying to block Constitutional carry. You ask me to write them letters so I do. I then get returned emails stating the info you put out is false and the agencies are in full support of 2A. You guys need to get your act together. I'll not be getting upset and sending emails to folks you advertise are standing in the way of 2A ever again.”
OK2A replied and dug the hole deeper:
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association You have NOT been lead astray. We have provided of the (sic) email put out by the organization just yesterday morning against SB6! They are telling you one thing and doing another!! We have provided proof they are against your rights. Hillary said she supported the Second Amendment too.
That led OK2A members to lash out even harder as their leaderhship wouldn't accept responsibility for the untruths told:
“I had the Director of the OSBI call me and explain they are forbidden from expressing opinions on legislation but he personally supported Constitutional carry. The Wildlife Dept said they are totally in support of pro 2A laws, they hold firearms training for youth and would never support anti 2A legislation. They said the Okla 2A (sic) claims were totally false.”
“The game wardens association sent me an email saying that they were not lobbying anything on it.”
And what was the real truth?  Who was and who was not against SB6?
Officially OSBI did not take a direct opposition stance:  neither did the Game Wardens Association; however a few of the Game Wardens did talk to a few of their supporters in the legislature.   Keeping in mind that the Game Warden Association is a private group, not tax dollar supported, and they have a right to do this.  OHP and DPS, they were quite as a church mouse as they knew some of the supporters of this bill held their agency budget in their hands.  There was zero real opposition from DPS and the State Troopers that we have found out about.
Yes, there was a long list of RINO and liberal organizations and lobbyists that did lobby against the bill but that is always expected and had the bill changes occurred in committee 51 votes would have passed the legislation and there were 51 votes to pull that off.  After all the same legislation passed the House last year, right?
The real problem was this is not an election year and this is an election year bill.   You want the legislators terrified of their vote on the bill being used against them in a primary or general election.    You keep your powder dry and time the legislation accordingly if you have any brains.  Besides, with the budget occupying center stage and hundreds of millions of dollars in funding still missing this is not the time for a pissing match against legislators that didn’t support a bill that was illegally amended and had zero chance of passing with 71 votes to suspend House Rules.
We heard some scathing comments from legislators against OK2A and specifically against one of their leaders Don Spencer:
“I was disappointed in OK2A after seeing the way this was handled, not impressed at all."
“The Game Wardens said they had nothing to do with this, the ones that I know were silent and didn’t call legislators.”
“This comes after they blamed the entire freshman caucus for another bill dying, lied about it, then they took down their Facebook posts after a few legislators confronted them.”
“If OK2A says NRA sponsored any particular legislation most legislators will call the NRA to check if that is true.”
The reality is what we have been saying for over a year, OK2A and the two men running it have worn out a lot of welcome with a lot of legislators over their scorched earth tactics against legislators that generally support what they do.  The problem is that OK2A asks for the impossible, then resorts to lies to cover up their inept leadership.  The simple fact is that SB 6 couldn’t be amended on the House Floor without a super majority vote, OK2A should have known this basic rule, a rule that hasn’t changed in many years.  Was OSBI losing a large chunk of budget?  Yes.  Was the OSBI involved at the Agency level?  No.   Were the Troopers involved?  No.    Were the Game Wardens involved at the Agency level?   No.
I’ve heard that Will Rodgers once said that he had given himself more grief than any man he had ever met and I suspect that this is the case with OK2A’s leadership.  Thanks to their ineptitude any chance of constitutional carry is most likely dead for 2017.
Driving Like Hell Once Again,
Rep. Leslie Osborn
Showing Massive Disrespect for Speaker McCall
You gotta say this about Leslie Osborn, she isn’t an enigma.  Busted a few years ago for driving at over 100 miles per hour on a highway she pretty much does as she wishes and the last few months she seems to revel in tweaking Speaker Charles McCall’s nose.    It is also no secret that Osborn is angling for the Insurance Commissioner race next year and she is using her position as House A&B Chairman to pave the way for special interest campaign donations.
The author of over a dozen new taxes, tax increases, or fee increases, Osborn is pushing for the cigarette tax increase and many, many other ways to raise taxes on Oklahomans.  She probably figures that is if she get a million dollars in campaign donations from the players and donor class she can lie her way into office in 2018.    Damn the truth when you have an ad budget and a gullible public.
Osborn has her A&B Chair position for one simple reason; she traded her chance to run for Speaker to McCall in return for the powerful position that sets the state budget and funding so the position gathers a LOT of campaign donations from the donor class.  But many legislators are saying that Osborn is off the reservation, openly disrespecting Speaker McCall, even using her position to lobby Agency heads to go public poor mouthing the budget and pending cuts in an effort to pass as many tax increases as possible.  Osborn surely has been publically vocal all session for more taxes,  higher taxes, and higher fee increases.
Speaker McCall for some reason is taking the abuse laying down.   Perhaps because he has plans to run for Congressman Mark Wayne Mullin’s seat if Mullins bows to public pressure to keep his initial campaign promise to only serve a few terms.   Perhaps Speaker McCall doesn’t want to create an enemy, perhaps he is afraid of Osborn’s influence should he be challenged as Speaker.  Keep in mind that any state rep in the majority Caucus can stand up at any point and challenge Speaker McCall’s right to lead.    McCall might have found himself hemmed in by some of his own supporters that have a different agenda.  Keep in mind that Speakers are rarely strong individuals and are mostly weak, photogenic, or connected individuals that serve as a figurehead while the real power is held by the lieutenants below.
Speakers that find themselves in this position are usually trapped.   They must act to avoid continuing to be viewed as weak and disrespected.   However that would require making a risky move to pull the fangs of his original supporters, who by the way initially supported Scott Martin for Speaker.  A more clever move is to slowly bring in outsiders and gradually displace the clout of those lieutenants that initially propped him up but that would require Speaker McCall to reach out to someone with an existing caucus group and in the process to support their agenda in exchange for their protection.  Remember that these Speaker races nearly always depend upon three to five votes as the margin of victory or loss.
We don’t know how Speaker McCall is going to react but Osborn’s actions are a direct slap in his face.  We haven’t said a lot about this mainly because it has been gratifying to watch after Speaker McCall bought his Speaker position; and bought politicians rarely stay bought for long once a better offer shows up.  
Another thing that we know is that the House of Representatives is in chaos right now and Speaker McCall is floundering as a leader.   One legislator in particular made the comment:   "If they aren't worried about the budget deficit why should I be worried about it?"
If Speaker McCall continues to dither without a coherent plan other than what Rep. Leslie Osborn has put forward, tax, tax, and more tax, then Speaker McCall will lose many a Republican seat in the 2018 House races.
Loveless, Prater, Newberry, and______
Just fill in the blank and complete the headline for us.     Ninety percent of the 149 legislators at the Capitol and probably most if not all of the elected state officers are all living to some extent out of their campaign donation bank account.   Look up nearly any of them, especially the RINOs and Democrats, not so much the conservatives, and you will find them paying for tires, toll roads, vacations, expensive meals, oil changes, donations to local groups, food, drinks, car repair, sometimes just plain uncategorized expenses or funneling money to cronies or family under the guise of services or labor.
The fact is that former Senator Kyle Loveless was blackmailed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater simply because Loveless threatened one of Prater’s lucrative slush fund income streams; civil asset forfeiture, Loveless was making some headway into exposing the legalized extortion and highway robbery for what it is so Loveless needed to STFU in Prater’s mind.
Prater has had a long line of political victims, Tim Pope, Pharmacist Ersland, Randy Terrill and Susan Leftwich, the entire Pardon and Parole Board, TW Shannon, STP’s own Al Gerhart,  druggie Chad Alexander, Stephanie Milligan, Fount Holland,  Joyce Hoffmiester, Gus Blackwell, and now Senator Kyle Loveless.     Some on the list did something actually that could be construed as a crime but most were trumped up charges that few Oklahoma legislators would have been innocent of participating in including Prater who was dragged kicking and screaming before a Multi County Grand Jury by STP back in 2012.      What did Prater do?   How long do yah have to listen?
Refusing to prosecute campaign donors that had bribed police officers, allowing if not encouraging his #3 girl Jennifer Chance ability to funnel cases to her husband who then got sweetheart deals for the criminal clients from the Oklahoma County D.A. office, receiving illegal campaign donations from maxed out political donors, and Lord knows what would come to light if Prater and his office was actually investigated?
Prater’s M.O. has always been to set up someone low in the food chain and squeeze them for info to lead him to the bigger players.  Like in the Tea Party case Prater has zero qualms about breaking the law and bastardizing the court’s integrity in order to pursue his corruption.    Then Prater throws the kitchen sink at his target, piling on the charges and potential prison term until his victim rolls over to avoid risking what some crazy jury might do when the judges refuse to follow the law and higher court precedents.
The end goal for Prater is to build a belt of scalps and use the notoriety to climb the political ladder along with forcing the legislators to pass his legislative agenda or find themselves the target of a trumped up investigation released right before the primary or general election in order to sway the voters at a critical time.
Prater is a cancer upon decent government in the State of Oklahoma.   He is a thug, a blackmailer, with zero integrity or morals, determined to stomp anyone that gets in his way as he terrorizes the legislators using a system that even our State Constitution says ought to be used only by the Attorney General of the state.   Our founders here in the state realized that a local D.A. could blackmail legislators so the Oklahoma Constitution reserved the right to prosecute legislators to the Attorney General Office yet a powerful prosecutor backed up with the largest police force in the state running the jurisdiction where the legislators meet and do state business is a powerful  force.   Prater’s M.O. has always been to troll for leads from the cops, calling in favors when he has a victim in his sights, orchestrating the arrest and then squeezing the victim hard enough to let them know he owns them before slapping them on the wrist and letting them get back to their public duties.  Knowing of course that Prater owns them from that point forward.
A case in point is former Sheriff John Whetsel, nailed to the cross with solid evidence and proof, the man embezzled from the state and county, yet Whetsel has yet to answer to a grand jury for his crimes despite Prater telling the Oklahoma County Board of Commissioners that he would refer the case to a Grand Jury in January of this year.  Instead Prater has allowed Whetsel to escape justice by resigning while the taxpayers of Oklahoma County will pay for the embezzled tax dollars that were misspent and misappropriated.
Somehow other state officials are term limited for 12 years but the D.A.s are not, who are also state officers that just happen to work for the county.  It is high time that the legislature set term limits on District Attorneys as too much time in office creates monsters and corruption.
Don’t you love it when individuals that are supposed to be very intelligent in a certain field can argue about a subject and leave the biggest monkey on the back of the subject completely out of the discussion? We do. In fact we like it so much that it keeps us laughing all year long. Not only is our state morally bankrupt, but it’s beginning to look like it’s intellectually bankrupt, on the governance side, too.
We first became interested in this story when we read this John Tidwell: An irresponsible solution for Oklahoma's budget shortfall | Other voices | tulsaworld.com. He starts his article off by saying that it’s time for a dose of honesty and we would agree to a point. He does bring up the center piece of the problem. That is the tax credits given to the Oil and Gas industry. The numerous tax proposals that have been made are ludicrous. Uncontrolled spending is no reason to tax your citizens out of state. The claim that raising the taxes on the oil and gas production is something that must be done. When the citizens of Oklahoma were hurting as much as if not worse than the oil and gas companies the received nothing.
There was a counter point to the above subject here David Blatt: State giving up hundreds of millions in petroleum tax giveaways | Other voices | tulsaworld.com. He is absolutely right. Something we all must face is the simple fact that our political leaders have done a very poor job of attracting and diversifying the economy of Oklahoma. The cry here seems to be to let the one industry system that the state has been built on pay its fair share of taxes. We agree. We do have a problem with a system that seems to favor one industry and makes little to no effort to recruit other industries to the state.
Then we found this article When oil boom went bust, Oklahoma helped drillers and squeezed schools. We find this to be ironic that this article is being written on the same day that the Senate killed any hope for a pay raise for the teachers this year.  There was an extensive lobbying campaign by both the oil industry and the State Chamber of Commerce for them to get this tax credit. The amount of money they are talking about is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but folks that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While our legislators are up there figuring out what taxes to and fees to raise on us every day Oklahoma Citizens, most are making the case against cutting the tax exemptions to the big dollar companies that bankroll their campaigns. That figure is a startling $2 billion dollars a year.  How in the world are we allowing them to get away with it?
These are all signs of a failing state. Our legislators are no longer listening to the People. They are listening to the lobbyists out there who help them get elected. Our Governors use the Turnpikes as a way to leave a mark for themselves in state history. Governor Fallin has the dubious distinction of having been governor when the state approved enough mileage to become the distasteful title of having more turnpike miles than any other state in the union. Public input on the new mileage had no effect what so ever. The reddest state in the union is following the Democratic party line in regards to raising revenue. It is no wonder we hear more and more talk of dissatisfaction within the rank and file of the Republican Party.
Here’s an idea for all of you less than know it all legislators at the state capital. A study was released by the federal government today showing that drought and all other severe and extreme weather is on the decline. That should be enough to eliminate the Department of Environmental Quality. How much would that save tax payers.
There is a simple way to make this state more business friendly also. Stop building Turnpikes. In fact the way it should work is as the current bonds used to construct a turnpike are paid off they should be turned over to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the tolls removed. Since the Governor and the Secretary of Transportation both sit on the Turnpike Authority Board, it shouldn’t be that difficult to coordinate the event. The fewer roads under the fees of Turnpikes the more businesses will consider moving to Oklahoma. It needs to stop making the same few people richer than they were before the next turnpike is built.
While the two gentlemen who wrote the original articles both had valid points, those points were only valid until the legislature granted the tax credits to the industry. Both left that out and both eliminated it as a solution. They are not alone. It is our opinion that the only group in the state that is deserving of a tax exemption are our 100% Disabled Veterans. Even they don’t use the benefit all the time. The only tax credit we know that they have taken action on is the Wind Energy credit. It’s a start but you alleged geniuses make enough to do better than that. It’s obvious in the amount of trouble you’ve gotten into this year.
In closing all we can say is these two commentators seem to feel that the people of Oklahoma don’t understand the budget process. Their condescending attitude and lack of knowledge has made their remarks pointless. They should learn to do their homework before speaking or writing on any subject. We only needed one article to debunk them both.