May 2013
Welcome to Purse Patterns and ePurse Patterns Newsletter!
Fun new patterns have been added this month for both and, including 2 from Ghee's in paper format.  These 2 new patterns have unique features including the ability to unzip completely.  We also have added more patterns to our sale page, including a bag pattern that looks like a  cat!
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  We have received 3 new bag patterns for our site by Aunties Two, including the Atlantic Tote Pattern, the Big Sebago Tote, and the Adorable Bag Pattern!
Adorable Bag Pattern by Aunties Two...
New Downloadable ePursePattern Designer...
Emmaline Bag Patterns have just been added!  Currently, this talented designer carries 5 bag/wallet patterns with complete instructions, photos,  illustrations, and pattern pieces!
Emmaline Bag Patterns...
Henrietta's Handbags, 9660 Falls of Neuse, Ste. 138, #403, Raleigh, NC 27615