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ØThe first classroom of the Costalegre Educational Center has been made wheelchair accessible!


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Issue 11 – Fall 2008 La Manzanilla, Jalisco, México

Children’s Summer Camp – A Splashing Success!

LCEF ‘s annual Children’s English and Art Summer Camp in La Manzanilla was once again a huge success.

Registation closed 20 minutes after it opened and due to the high turn out, 12  more spaces were created for more children to attend.   
The cost of the program was 50 pesos per Mexican child for the complete 4-week program.   

Dental Health Classes & Dental Products to Elementary School Students

LCEF organized Dental Health classes in the elementary school that focused on teaching the children proper dental hygiene. The classes were taught by LCEF volunteer and local dentist, Dr. Giancarlo Medina Ramirez. As part of the program, all children received free toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste. Many families in La Manzanilla cannot afford these products and were very grateful for this opportunity.

Due to the success of this program, LCEF plans to make this an annual event and will try to include all three La Manzanilla schools next year.  If you are coming to La Manzanilla and would like to donate dental supplies for this event, please Contact us. Thank you to Estitique Dental Clinic, the Optimist Club of Auburn, and Jane Roach for donating all the dental products and to Dr. Giancarlo Ramirez for bringing dental health education to the children of La Manzanilla.

For information on dental services with Dr. Giancarlo Ramirez, stop by his office in La Manzanilla, located across the street from the laundromat or contact him by phone at 044-315-107-1249.

Fall/Winter Educational Programs Launched at LCEF`s Costa Alegre Educational Center

The first classroom of the Costa Alegre Educational Center is now in use, with a full schedule of free programs for the community.  Our current programs include:

Children English Classes

Teen & Adult English Classes

Children’s Art Classes 

Preschool & Primary School Story Telling Hour

Academic Tutoring Program


To learn more about the Educational Center and programs please click here. We are currently looking for funding to build bathrooms for the center.  To make a donation, please click here.

In addition to the programs being run at our new facility, LCEF is administering English classes in the public schools for 4th through 9th graders. Additionally, with the musical talents of our current intern Elisa de la Peña, LCEF is giving music classes to the middle school students.


Tote Bag Fundraising Campaign


Showing lots of love for her new community and the environment, June Nery and joined with LCEF to launch a tote bag fundraising campaign. The tote bags are stylish and perfect for all your shopping needs.

Make a difference to the local people of La Manzanilla and cut down on plastic waste at the same time. 100% of proceeds go directly to the next phase of construction of the Costa Alegre Educational Center.  Make your purchase today!


New Teacher Brings Smiles to La Manzanilla Children

La Catalina Educational Foundation welcomes Elisa de Peña, our new teacher intern from Mission Viejo, California.  To learn more about Elisa, please check out her bio on our volunteer staff page our or keep reading below...

What made you decide to come and volunteer with lCEF?

“Upon graduating from college, I've had this burning desire to put what I've learned into practice. I believe volunteering with LCEF is a great place to start where I can gain experience with a non-profit organization that cares about the community and individual needs, just as I do. I've been blessed with privileges and had the opportunity to save money where I can be in the position to volunteer, and LCEF worked out accommodatingly because there were no extra expenses aside from sustaining myself here. It's been extremely helpful that LCEF has granted me with accommodations like a place to call home and Spanish classes to further practice the language.”

What are your ambitions in life? 

“I wish to be in a position where I can help others on a larger scale than I'm capable of now. Whether it is being a force of healing others spiritually and psychologically or creating an organization of helping economically and socially, I'm not sure. But as for now I am still learning as a sponge, soaking in my experiences to understand the role I want to play in terms of a career. Another ambition is to be at peace and in love wherever I am in life.”  

What do you hope to offer to the community while volunteering with LCEF?

“I hope to be a helpful teacher in English. I also hope the children in the art classes will have fun with me in our creations and explorations. And I hope that the community feels my energy that is so willingly to give help and love. “



This quarter, we want to give thanks to the following part-time residents, visitors and friends of La Manzanilla who donated supplies and program materials or who made a contribution to the foundation and public schools: Jim and Susan Farrell, Tia Richardson, Kimberly Smith, Judy Rohloff, Gabriela de la Vega, Ann & Tim Edwards, Martin's Restuarant, Julie Liotta, Larry Segall,Beatriz Maizel & Family, Rusty & Julie, Jane Roach, Auburn Optimist Club, Ben & Marie McTaggart, Spencer & Colleen Colby, Carolyn & Roger deRoos, Tracy Lovell, Jonathan Hilton, Jeff Dalto, Chris deRoos, Nick & Sudi Klompas, Marcia Grothe, Deanna & Darwin Hammersly, Michael Pace, Dan, Artis Cafe, Cafe Risa, Figaro's Restuarant  and Duane & Cheryl Chaves.

La Catalina Educational Foundation, the schools and the children of La Manzanilla say, “Gracias!”