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Hi Friends!
This is not my usual email, but I have an unusual situation and so I'm reaching out to you... 
An awesome cellist singer-songwriter, Anna Fritz, who I know through mutual musician friends, will be touring through Santa Cruz & the Bay Area the second weekend of November. She had reached out to me about the possibility of setting up a show for us to play together, and the original venue space I thought I had has fallen through.
So I'm wondering if you might be interested in hosting a house concert, on Friday Nov. 7th or Sunday Nov. 9th, anywhere in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, or San Fransisco Bay Areas.
How does a house concert work? As host, you make a little space in your living room, set up some chairs, and/or throw some cushions on the floor, then invite over 10-30 of your friends. People gather, maybe bringing some snacks or just tea & cookies, then everyone quiets down and the musicians play, usually an intimate acoustic set. Sometimes a basket is passed, or a donation of $10-$25 is asked for at the door and given to the musicians. Afterwards there is more time for chatting and snacks and everyone goes home happy and full of music.
If this sounds like something you'd enjoy hosting, or if you know someone who might like to do that, please let me know. And if it's something that sounds fun to you, but those dates don't work, we could talk about doing it another time.
Thanks for listening. I hope you're having a great fall!
in love & song,
~ Amanda
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