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                         October 21, 2014
My New Kitten is tearing up the miles running around me as I write. Yes, I just rescued a 7-week-old black ball of energetic fluff. She and her 2 siblings could not be kept at the shelter much longer as they all have ringworm. I agreed to take one and the other two went to experienced animal caregivers, too.

Ringworm is not fatal, but it is a common reason for immediate euthanasia in most shelters. It causes skin problems and is hard to eradicate. It is easily spread
between all species, meaning that all the animals in one's care, as well as any humans who might touch them, can get it. Thus, drastic measures are usually implemented.

Left alone, ringworm will clear itself, but it takes many weeks. Due to the discomfort and the resultant scratching, the clearing time takes longer because of self-reinfection. Because of the risk of spreading it during this time, it's extremely important to treat it right away.

Read more about this condition here:
This is "Dash," named for her constant urge to dash around the room!
Halloween precautions

Not only am I caring for a cat with ringworm (I've done this before with good results), but I am keeping a black cat out of circulation for Halloween (Oct. 31). This yearly holiday is
one of the worst for cats in the U.S. or any country that enjoys pagan celebrations that might involve hurting animals due to superstitious beliefs.

Be sure all your pets are kept indoors or are well supervised during the Trick-or-Treating ritual on that day.
Unfairly Put Down
This story is about two dogs, but it could just as well be about cats....your cat, or a friend's cat. While this type of tragedy may not be completely preventable, those of us with pets need to be as careful as possible to keep them from falling into the hands of others who do not love them as we do, or possibly even hate animals.

Even a microchip is no guarantee your pet will be returned, since many places don't even bother to check for one.
For this reason, I recommend a collar and tag, too, and it's still no guarantee. We must also put pressure on our local officials to follow the rules! If there is a holding period, raise a fuss if it's not being observed. 
Read the story here:
Thanks to Paul DeCeglie for sending in this story by Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News. Stu is the featured author in my book, Our Amazing Dogs, available at Amazon.  (C)2014