Date: Monday 25 March 2019
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Spectra has released additional information on the WNRO (Week Number Roll Over) event that addresses these additional receivers:
  MobileMapper CE, CX, 6, 10 20
  ProMark 2, 3
  EPOCH 10,25
This link: [ Spectra Support Bulletin Update RevD ] has the latest (4th edition) of the official Spectra WNRO notice.
For the following devices:
  MobileMapper 100, 120
  ProMark 100, 120, 200, 220
I have prepared a short description on how to perform the service layer update: [ Updating the MMxx0PMxx0 ]
The status of GNSS Solutions is unknown (to me) at this time.
I have mirrored the firmware updates on an AWS server for those who are unable to download them directly from the official Spectra links: [ mirror ]
Here is a summary device status (note, you will need to click on the link [ Spectra Support Bulletin Update RevD  ] to have active links:

Good GNSS tracking to you,
Mark Silver, +1-801-412-0011