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Visit Our Website  01/28/16

In this issue:

  • Limitless Wings
  • Some Super Bowl Facts to Ponder

Super Sunday & $12.99 Limitless Wings:
If'n ya hadn't heard, we've been stockin' up on wings, preparin' for the big day on February 7th.  Bring your friends, bring the fun, but most importantly, bring your appetite!
During the Big Game, we'll be servin' up a Limitless Serving of those wings for only $12.99 with the purchase of any beverage for folks dinin' in.  We are Super proud of our wings and want everyone to know how big, delicious, and flavorful they are.  Never pre-cooked, always made from fresh to lock in the natural goodness.  Oh - and that's a per person price -- so you're on your own with how many you can eat.  At any rate, 'twill be a good time to try new flavors like Sriracha Lime or return to old faves like the Hot Rods.
Throwin' the party at home?  You can still get these Jumbo but Delectable bites o' Chicken to go.  In addition to our regular pricing, we're adding a special 25 for $25 option.  Perfect for partyin', watchin' and eatin'.
Of course, if wings ain't your thing - you can enjoy our full menu all day and night to your own particular delight.
Speakin' of delight, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes is settin' up all the fun and games we usually enjoy with winners occurrin' throughout the game.  Come by and get in for your own chances to win.  
Super Bowl Facts:
Did ya know (or perhaps ya remember) the Chiefs played in the very first Super Bowl following the 1966 season.  They fell to Vince Lombardi and his Packers, but made it back to the big game and beat the Vikings in Super Bowl IV.  
Len Dawson (I think ya know him) was the MVP.  That's him there callin' the plays that would lead the Chiefs to victory.
Some other Super Bowl Facts:
  • The Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with 6, followed by the Cowboys and 49ers with 5 each
  • Last year, 114 million viewers tuned in...and all those eyeballs cost a lot:  $5 million per 30 second ad
  • This year, the Panthers are currently a 5.5 favorite with the Over/Under at 45.5 (at least right now)
  • Assuming this is like any other year, there will be plenty o' prop bets proposed by the odds makers (like last year's favorite:  the color of Katy Perry's hair at halftime) 
And -- Don't Forget Lent is A-Comin':
A few faves are comin' back for a limited time only (a time better known as Lent) startin' on February 10th. In addition to our other fish dishes like our famous Fish 'n Chips, we'll also add for your eatin' pleasure:
Blackened Shrimp Skewers
Ten large shrimp blackened and served alongside our special green beans and seasoned, curried rice
Paddy’s Shrimp O’Boy
Our take on the po’boy has fried shrimp with homemade slaw and chipotle aioli inside a hoagie bun w/side
~~~~~  Final Words for Our Family n' Friends ~~~~~
Here's to women's kisses and to whiskey, amber clear;
Not as sweet as a woman's kiss, but a darn sight more sincere

Paddy O'Quigley's